Summary – Wismann101

“Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world”

It seems counterintuitive that a port town of Vancouver became a hub for drugs that come by boatfrom the Pacific, including pure heroin. The harm that people can cause to themselves and society is reduced if the drug simple will be given.

People that are now getting free heroin prescribed by a doctor, two or three times a day as needed, are people who were in those two research studies and are now simply getting heroin on a daily basis as what their doctors describe as treatment. Schauffler says these are the heroin addicts who didn’t seem to take to heroin alternatives in an effort to get clean.

The Vancouver men, and the heroin addict whom Schauffler profiles in his story, speaks glowingly of the program.

A certain number of them, the most severely addicted are heroin addicts, will always be heroin addicts, there is no hope of them getting off heroin, therefore let’s provide them with heroin so they are the least dangerous drug addict they can possibly be.

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