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Pharmaceuticals vs. Marijuana

There are different forms of anxiety but the most common is generalized anxiety. This can be caused by stress or a traumatic event and it sometimes can be genetic. The anxiety caused by mental illness can interfere with relationships, job performance, academic achievement, and the simplest of daily activities. While some resort to smoking weed, pharmaceuticals are more effective at reducing anxiety.

Anxiety causes a feeling of constant worrying or fear. These feelings can then make it hard for the person with the disorder to complete daily activities. It can also bring hardship to their families. In the article “Causes and Effects of anxiety,” it states, “He or she fears the worst outcome in every situation, even if it is illogical… person may even admit or know logically that such fears are irrational, he or she will be unable to stop the persistent worry.” Those who have anxiety experience that constant fear every day. They are not able to disregard their feelings even if they know they are being illogical. Anxiety can lead to sleeping issues, trouble interacting with others, no motivation, and disruption in other daily activities like work and school. Having trouble making it through the days without a sense of fear or worrying is rare for someone with anxiety.

Marijuana is used by a number of people. It can be smoked, an edible, or can even be a supplement. Prescriptions for weed can be filled out for medical reasons but for the most part, it is smoked recreationally. Some people with anxiety smoke weed to get high because the high is what does the reducing and relieving. However, smoking marijuana does not fully help reduce anxiety. Smoking it, in fact, can cause more anxiety or even heighten it. This can happen if it is smoked in low or high dosages. In the article, “Marijuana and Anxiety | Does Marijuana Help Anxiety or Cause it?”, it says “… marijuana can bring symptoms of anxiety or can heighten their existing anxiety.” For some, it can even bring about mental disorder. There are short and long-term effects that occur when using weed. The short-terms consist of but are not limited to heightened anxiety, short-term memory, increased heart rate, and a short attention span. The long-term effects are a little more alarming. These effects consist of breathing issues, depression, and changes in brain functions. Marijuana is not the drug to resort to when trying to reduce anxiety.

Pharmaceuticals are the most effective way of reducing anxiety. Those who have anxiety have many medication options to chose from. The most common medication choice is Benzodiazepines. This medication is used a lot because it is faster acting than the other anti-anxiety medication. Benzodiazepines alone have many different types of medication that can help with anxiety. Some of those include Xanax, Valium, and Ativan. All of these drugs are effective for treating anxiety. The cause of using Benzos is to reduce anxiety and to be able to daily activities with more ease. Using these medicines can significantly help relieve anxiety. In the article “Benzodiazepines(BZs),” the author states: “Studies suggest that they are effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety in approximately 70-80% of patients.” These medications have helped more people compared to marijuana. Medications reduce anxiety, bring a sense of relaxation, and can make it easier to get through the day. Those who use pharmaceuticals experience instant relief from anxiety. Taking medication can allow someone with anxiety to not have to go around with that constant fear and worry.

When it comes to deciding how to reduce anxiety the best way to do it is by taking pharmaceuticals. The medications are fast acting and bring relief instantly versus weed which could take awhile. Anti-anxiety medicines also do not tend to heighten anxiety like marijuana does. Having anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals guarantees a life filled with more ease.



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