Summaries- Dirtyjerz065

What Life Lessons are counterintuitive?

It seem counterintuitive that the less you need something the more it’ll present itself to you. Most A-list celebrities worth multimillions have access to free clothes, free food, and free drinks wherever they go. Its easier to make friends when you already got some. Its easy to get a girlfriend when you already have one. The people in need have to struggle everyday to get what they need when the people who have everything has easy access to whatever they want.

Men Defining Rape

It seems counterintuitive to claim that women bodies magically fend off rapist sperm. According to the code of Hammurabi which dates back to 1780 BC, defines rape of a virgin as property damage against her father. During the 13th century punishment under the Saxon Law varied according to the type of woman that was raped. A virgin, wife, widow, nun, or whore all had different punishments. Some states in the 90s had laws that held statutory rape wasn’t rape if the women was impure. Females was viewed as property. A married women can not be rape by her husband because the wife give up herself once she legally signed to be his wife. An 19th century gynecologist stated that if you don’t squirm a lot, its not rape.

That Daily Shower Can Be A Killer

It seem counterintuitive to believe that its a huge risk when showering everyday. Falls are a common death for elder people. In a 15 year life span, its 5,475 showers if showering everyday and the risk of slipping in the shower is 1 in 1,000 chance. That means someone can die or be crippled about 5 times in a 15 year span. Studies have compared Americans perceived rankings of death with the ranks of real dangers and let say that we underestimate the risks of events that we can control.

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