Visual Rewrite – jeprr1271

End Family Fire | Gun Safety

00. The first second looks like a cartoon animation riding a train carrying over what looks like yellow blocks as cargo. There is black smoke coming out of the train. The character seems to be happy. The train just exited a tunnel and seems to exit out into an open marsh field. The whole frame seems to look like it’s being shown in a TV.

02. There’s a little boy laying down on the floor. The boy seems to be playing with his toys and now switched to watching TV seeing all the toys all over the floor. Some couch pillows are also all over the floor which suggests that the kid likes to make a mess. The table has notebooks and writing utensils. Looks like the kid in the video is either doing his homework or he’s doodling. It looks like it’s late morning to early afternoon and the family seems to be part of the average middle-class. They have a couple paintings, a chandelier hanging over the dining table and some nice organic decoration by the TV. It also seems that the kid rides a skateboard which is placed next to the door. The father goes up to his son.

03. The father seems to be bonding with his son. The ad shows the father tickling his son. It seems that the father caught his son by surprise.

11. The frame shows that the father is going to the kitchen. The kitchen windows seem to have curtains. The table has a half glass of what seems to be water.

14. The father goes to the sink and wants to go and wash his hands.

15. The father looks which suggests that someone or something caught his attention. The father also has a concerned look on his face as well.

16. The kid seems to be asking his father for something and is concerned as well.

17. Based on the messages that were displayed, it seems the kid is asking his dad something related to the topic of firearms.

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