12 THU OCT 11



Definition/Categorical Argument

  • Your Professor’s Model Definition Essay
    • Attempts to answer the question, “Does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?”
  • Model Definition/Categorical Essay
    • The editors of the New York Times defines a crucial constitutional term: protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny.


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  1. – The goal of all our arguments is not to join a black-or-white debate, but to create a color. The gray area of an argument is not where we want to go.
    – The most common misconception with someone who is happy is we think that person has meaning in his life. Someone who is happy may even have less meaning in their life than others around them. Our happiness doesn’t necessarily define meaning, but it does define contentment.
    – We are just satisfied with our points in life.
    – A compromise is supposed to be the gray area of an argument, but an argument usually ends in someone losing. (Giving a gun to some teachers still is on the pro-gun side. The anti-gun people lose.)
    – Some words have multiple different meanings, so they are worth defining. Inoculation can be talking about vaccination a single person or vaccinating a community so the one person who is not vaccinated is safe.
    – The period goes in the quotation marks even though it looks weird.


  2. First 1000 word essay due next week.
    we have to define what we mean in a certain context. Basically remove the grey from an argument. Define your meaning of a given subject in a given context.


  3. Did an exercise where we compared the metaphor of black and white shoes with a compromise of gray shoes to writing and the different ways we can think about things. We then looked over Professor Hodge’s Polio essay to talk about the definition essay. Then talked about some examples that we can take a look at to help us with the definition essay, such as the lady who wanted wireless internet or the gay marriage essay. I believe that I fully understand what is needed of us for the definition essay; define a key statement that is essential to our white paper, and explain what it is not just physically, but also socially, how it can affect people, and other ways of defining such as environmentally or politically.


  4. – Within the definition essay, try not to just define the word I am discussing, use a debate in which a reader can communicate with the essay.

    – I can find the link to the definition essay assignment and an example with sources on the date of October 11, 2018

    – Within the definition essay, make sure to portray very specifically what I am trying to explain


  5. Notes:

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker. Read to yourself and reply with comments.
    Defintion/Categorical argument due Thursday October 18. 1000 words.
    7-8 paragraphs and some big quotes.
    Take a look at the Model Definition Argument and review the essential qualities.
    The assignment page is filled with more things to keep in mind when writing our argument.
    Won’t you be my wireless neighbor? A term is being defined. Is she stealing?
    “But the Pension Fund Was Just Sitting There.”


  6. definition essay
    no point to write a 1000 word definition of things like polio
    a word like immunity can be defined in multiple different ways so that would work
    define the terms in the debate so the readers understand what you are writing about
    a definition essay is an argument
    it has real world relevance

    for the task use atleast 2 sources
    reference sources in text in a informal manner using said language
    example said language author publication and quote


  7. Did an in class assignment on arguments and what makes a good argument that has backup reasons instead of just saying YES or NO. We also went over a model essay and how the Prof. wants a general essay to look. With the proper citing, references, facts and other things that make a good essay.


  8. Oct. 11 Notes
    -Classify items that are subject to debate and framing the subjects of debate.
    -We should categorize the different parts for that definition.
    -Figure out what is needed to be decided in our specific case.


  9. – Did an in class exercise
    – Definition/Categorical assignment due next Thursday
    – Many words have multiple meanings
    – Don’t define words like polio


  10. 1. Sometimes, the essence of an argument is to specifically take one path that favors more one side of the argument than the other. This is because there are some arguments that forces you to take one side, these arguments may be the ones that involve a life-and-death line.
    2. Arguments are like pieces of art that depicts how colorful and vivid our ideas are. Combine all of the colorful, unique ideas that live inside your mind to create interesting discussions.
    3. Definition essay: It is not about defining a term using a dictionary. It is more about discovering a unique way to define a term using both creativity and logic.


  11. Definitions are arguments that establish what a thing is or not.
    Citation styles: The title of the article or piece is placed in quotes. And remember to put all commas, and periods in quotes.


  12. Removal and elimination to eradicate the desiase.
    •We ask a little question to took from many angels to see if we need a criteria.
    •APA References Format


  13. -definition or categorical argument is due next week on October 18 (before 11:59 on October 17).
    -Some words have multiple different meanings so they are to be defined.
    -We should categorize the different parts for the definition.
    -we should take a look at the Model Definition Argument and review the essential qualities.
    -instead of naming the publication, we use the name of the title also.
    -for the first 1000 words, it should contain block cotes, the italics turns to roman and vice versa.
    -for help of 1000 words essay review, ‘modern definition essay’ and also ‘model definition or categorical essay.’
    -for the assignment task we have to use at least 2 references.
    – we should define the terms in a debate so the readers can understand what you are writing about or trying to say.
    -there is supposed to be a categorical question which needs to be answered in your definition or categorical argument.


  14. • Definition Argument Assignment (1000 words) due next week. At least 2 sources cited in reference list.
    • “Put periods inside quotations, we fought a war over this if you don’t do it this way then go back to England.” Professor Hodges
    • When writing our definition essay, try not to just define the word but use a debate so that the reader’s can communicate with our essay.
    • The link for the definition essay assignment along with an example is attached to the agenda for October 11,2018
    • Make smart commentary notes on The Opposite of a Black Sneaker page


  15. 10/11/18

    -After your meeting with Hodge, be sure to enter the results under your appointment.

    *everything is an argument*
    -Provide 2 sources
    -Choose a category argument that is is essential to proving something vital to your research paper
    -Define the term/concept to help prove your thesis
    -You want your readers to completely understand the concepts you are proving.
    -This is one of 3 essays that will be written to collectively make your finished reserach paper.
    *Post Under Defintion Argument Category & your username*
    *Title: Defintion–your username*

    I saw Hall & Oats in 2016 😀


  16. After meeting with Professor Hodges make sure you go back to the scheduling page to post results. “Melt” is the concept of inviting a larger amount of people and hoping that a smaller number of people show up. Definition argument is due next Thursday. Sample definition about polio on Professor Hodges page. Theft of peaches off the lawn. Hodges’ neighbor had an above ground pool and he would sneak out of his house at night to trip the circuit breaker for the pool filter. Chinese people want to eat pork. They are no longer in poverty if protein is in their diet. Reply on the sneaker page.


  17. We should categorize the different parts for that definition. The most common misconception with someone who is happy we think that the person had meaning in their life. Definition essay is due next week. A definition essay is an argument it has real world relevance.


  18. Oct. 11 Notes
    -HQ Class
    -“According too….” Said Language
    -Defining theft by using peaches
    -Discussing Thesises


  19. Definition essays challenge the contemporary idea of everyday things.

    When writing essays, use APA instead of MLA.

    We touched on references and quotes in our essays again.

    Even a 500-600 word essay can have boatloads of categorical claims in a definition argument.

    Define terms carefully. If it’s something like jaywalking despite not being a serious offense it is still a crime.

    Big positive social transformations like getting some sort of protein in poor people’s diet will take them out of poverty but pigs fart methane gas which is 100x more harmful to the ozone layer than CO2 is.


  20. A definition essay never says “the definition of (blank) is…” It classifies and item and tries to categorize a subject. It should be an argument claiming that something is something else.
    Nobody wants to settle for the gray in argument. It is seen as a loss for one side despite the fact its suppose to be a middle ground that satisfies none. Therefore, arguments should be make radically different claims that can’t be viewed from either of the sides.


  21. *The whole point of an argument is not to be black-and-white, but to create some color in your argument.
    * The grey on grey model showed that happiness is just satisfaction at one point in time. People who are happy may be less pleased with the life they have. The world around us defines happiness differently from what it truly means.
    *When writing the definition essay, make sure there are quotes, paraphrases and be sure to include sources.
    * Definition/Categorical assignment is due Thursday, Oct 18


  22. 10/11/18

    “As our knowledge expands we change our definition of things.”

    Definition argument due next Thursday.

    Polio example: Did not define polio, this would be a waste of time. Defined eradicable and non eradicable diseases.
    What causes disease?
    Obvious symptoms
    Remove and eliminate all sources of contagion
    Cheap way to fight it
    Political problems?

    Does it meet the criteria? If it does then there is a sophisticated argument generated.

    At least two sources cited in your reference list. However one can add as many quotes as needed.


  23. – Went over who is doing professor conferences
    – Make sure to post results after meeting.
    – Showed us a map for where the conferences are.
    – Definition argument is due next Thursday
    – Can polio be eradicated?
    – “According to” is the said language.
    – “The American Journal” is the publication.
    – Put the period inside the quotes
    – Have to have at least 2 sources
    – Is it criminal to take peaches from someone’s tree?
    – If the peaches fall to the ground, then a person would be able to pick them up.
    – But if the tree is hanging over someone else’s property, then the person who’s property it is can take the peaches.
    – Did the opposite of a black sneaker exercise.


  24. 10-11-18

    Definition/Categorical Argument Essay DUE Thurs. October 18
    – Try to answer the question your hypothesis poses
    – 1000 words, at least 2 sources mentioned
    – Not a dictionary definition, look at the topic from different angles
    – Don’t forget said language, author, publication,and quotation in referencing sources
    – No need for italics in block quotes
    – Link authors to article


  25. -Make sure to write the results of your meeting in the schedule page
    -Definition essay is an argument, not just a definition
    -Portfolio assignment
    -Make sure the definition is being put into a category so it can be argued
    -Define terms to help the argument
    -Need at least 2 sources and a references list.
    -Decide whether a term fits into a category or not
    -Make sure there is color in your argument so it doesn’t end up gray


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