My Hypothesis – landingzone210

  1. Ingredients in food and drinks
  2. Ingredients in professional cooking/bar tending
  3. The importance of proper preparation of ingredients when creating dishes/drinks
  4. The quality of the preparation of a dish or drink is more important than the quality of the ingredients
  5. General culinary awards should judge a dish/drink mainly on its taste with some emphasis on the skill and ingenuity of the chef and without consideration for its composition

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – landingzone210”

  1. It’s time, LZ.
    Don’t fall behind early, please.
    My attention will go to students who permit me to engage in the process.
    Early leads compound. Those who start behind tend to fall farther behind.
    Respond, please.


  2. Getting scary, LZ. No Hypothesis and your White Paper is due Thursday. You may be the one writer in class who can pull together a 3000 word essay in a week and make it look as if it took 10 weeks. I have no idea what your skills might be. But you might fail anyway because you didn’t “show your work.” A semester’s worth of drafts showing improvement is required for top grades in this curriculum. I’d like to help, but I need to see what you’re up to.


  3. Dude. That is incredibly specific and deeply intriguing.

    I once watched an episode of “Top Chef” in which the contestants had to create a dish using as a primary ingredient something they purchased from the vending machine in the hall. It was thrilling. And I concur with your overall position.

    What I’m wondering, of course, is how this intriguing hypothesis qualifies as a RESEARCH project. There’s not likely to be a lot of academic research on the ability of talented chefs to innovate culinary masterpieces from mundane ingredients.

    But I’ll cut you some slack until you either show me you’ve got a plan or fail to do so.

    Wherever did you come up with this idea?

    Respond, please. I’m really eager to have a conversation about this. 🙂


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