22 THU NOV 15

  • Exercise E09: Editing for Logic
    • DUE in class today WED MAR 28
  • Portfolio Assignment P10: Causal Argument Rewrite
    • DUE MON APR 09
  • In-Class Exercise
    • Argument Analysis, Live Sales Presentation
    • Take Notes in the Reply field below during the presentation
      • Identify the Clear Thesis Claim
      • Follow the Argument Path
      • Analyze the Appeals to Logic, Emotion, Ethics
      • Definition: Are the terms clear?
      • Causation: Are the results clear?
      • Refutation: Are objections raised and nullified?

Revision Reminders

White Paper. By now, your White Paper has served as the repository for sources you found to support your Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal Arguments. As such, it should contain roughly 15 sources, many of them academic. If you haven’t already, beef up your White Paper now and change its name to White Paper 3—username. DON’T CREATE A NEW POST. Just Update and change the name. Update your thesis statement to reflect your current thinking. Add or update your “What I’m Still Looking For” and “Current State of my Research” sections too.
For the official assignment, click here: P07: White Paper 3rd Draft.

Visual Rhetoric. In the first storm closing, we missed an official assignment for your Visual Rhetoric arguments as well. I think I’ve done a good job explaining the amount of detail and analysis needed for a Portfolio-ready VR post in my Lecture post “How Much Detail is Enough?,” and in a companion post about analysis called “From which we can conclude WHAT?,” but if you disagree, please let me know. We can review those requirements today in class (unless it’s cancelled for snow.) I won’t enforce a specific deadline for your Rewrites, but this item goes in your Portfolio, so ask for feedback unless you’re sure your first draft is ready to go.
For the official assignment, click here: P08: Visual Rewrite


Link to the Daily Class Agenda

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