22 THU NOV 15

Writing Advice

Just Passed Scenic Views

The problem with this sign should be obvious, but just to be sure, let’s talk about the serious mistake it makes.


Any writer making the same mistake would have to return her reader’s attention back to the material he’s already read and analyzed, draw his attention to things he might have missed, prepare him after the fact to receive information in the most effective way, and talk him out of conclusions he’s already drawn. All because she failed to put the sign AHEAD OF THE SCENIC VIEWS instead of behind them.

This paragraph makes the “Just Passed Scenic Views” mistake:

In a recent poll, 51% of Americans estimated that most or some of the food they is genetically modified (or contains GMOs) while the rest claimed that they eat “no GMOs” or “not too much.” Further, 65% of those who eat a fair amount of GMO food claim to have read a lot about genetically modified foods, while a whopping 75% of GMO-abstainers admit they have read nothing about these foods. You would think these results would be the other way around if modified organisms were as terrible as some perceive them to be. Instead, the poll revealed that most of the people who are consuming GMOs have gathered a lot of information on them, while 75% of the people who stay away from these foods admitted to reading absolutely nothing about them.

This paragraph tells readers to watch for “Scenic Views Ahead”:

Evidence shows that adults who are educated about genetically-modified foods (GMOs) accept their safety and consume them without hesitation. In a 2018 Pew Center Research Poll, 65% of respondents who eat a fair amount of GMO food report that they have read a lot about GMOs and feel well-informed. Those who admit ignorance about GMOs, on the other hand, fear and avoid them. Among GMO-abstainers, many of whom admit to having “health concerns” about the products, a whopping 75% admit they have read nothing about genetic modification or GMO foods.

Help when you need it.

Located in the Campbell Library, the Writing Center offers help to students from experienced tutors eager to assist their peers by appointment.

Rowan Writing Center tutors provide opportunities that enable student writers to discover and develop effective writing and composing practices. We offer a space where writers of many genres can find support at any stage of the writing process.  From brainstorming ideas, organizing them, revising drafts and checking citations, the RWC and its tutors provide a comfortable environment for students to improve and succeed.

Link to the Rowan Writing Center website. Register here, “meet the tutors,” and make an appointment.

Prepping for the Portfolio

White Paper—Annotated Bibliography

Until now, your White Paper has served as the repository for sources you found to support your Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal Arguments. As such, it should contain roughly 15 sources, many of them academic.

It should also contain Purposeful Summaries of those sources, Practice Openings, maybe a section called “Current State of my Research,” or “What I’m Still Looking For,” random notes about searches you’ve conducted, and for each source you’ve consulted, sections called “Background,” and “How I Will Use it.”

But it probably doesn’t. You’ve been busy.

As you construct your Portfolio, you’ll be adapting the contents of your White Paper into an Annotated Bibliography. The more complete your White Paper is, the easier you’ll find this process.

Let’s look ahead to the transition from a working document to the Annotated Bibliography you’ll submit as part of your Portfolio.


Annotated Bibliography

  • DUE TUE DEC 04 before class

Writing Advice

Examine an Argument

  • Ag-Gag Laws
    • Follow the link and examine the linked documents before class on TUE NOV 20

23 thoughts on “22 THU NOV 15”

  1. Nov. 15 Notes
    -It’s a big mistake for a writer to return their readers attention back to material they already read and analyzed. The readers have already drawn conclusions at that point.
    -State your conclusions, and then provide the evidence is the best approach.
    -For the white paper, even if you don’t use some of the early chosen sources, they can still be useful.
    -Be sure when annotating your bibliography to correctly annotate the information from the source that will be used in your essay.
    -Statistics are tools, until you use them to guide them to your argument. You need to put a spin on them.
    -My number is a good number. Tell how your numbers compares to the range of possible numbers. The stats don’t mean anything until you place it in context. Or it could also be a bad number. It’s up to you to persuade the reader which one it is.


  2. -Tell the reader what conclusion to draw before presenting the evidence rather than after.
    -Annotated bib can have as many sources as you found, even if not referenced.
    -APA format citation, then background, and how it was used.
    -10 or 15 sources, broad range of sources.
    -Statistics need direction and velocity.


  3. Notes:

    Any writer that tells you to pay attention after you read is telling you to go back and see what you missed the first time. It’s like telling someone that they’ve just passed the scenic views. There was no sign before.

    Rowan has a writing center, which is a good form of help for improving papers. (I need to go.)

    No fewer than 10 sources. It tells that you didn’t do much research at all. (I have about 7 right now.) Use automatic citation machine online.

    Annotated bibliography is due December 4th. 10-15 sources.

    Statistics are pointless if you don’t know how to use them.

    Approximately 10% of American woman between 18 and 45 who attempt to conceive, experience infertility to some degree.
    The percentage is higher for African American woman.


  4. – When writing a paragraph within my essay, make sure you dont use the “Just Passed Scenic Views” method by telling convincing your reader after all the information. Try to tell them evidence first and then a conclusion so they don’t make their own.

    – Find time to utilize the Rowan Writing Center to help improve my paper

    – Have a broad range of Source types within my annotated bibliography

    – When stating how I used a source, talk about the portion I utilized to put into my essay and when giving the background of the source, use information as to why it was a good choice and the general point of the source.


  5. Talked about advice we can have with writing. The first example was the “just passed scenic view” sign, which demonstrated that we shouldn’t discuss the major points of our argument and then have writing that serves the same purpose as that sign. Then went over the portfolio task and where we should be with our white paper. Talked about statistics and how they are useless if one doesn’t know the proper way to utilize them. Were assigned a reading assignment due next Tuesday.


  6. – Tell your readers what they are looking about before they draw conclusions. Do not make a reader go back and reread.
    – Once you draw your reader to the conclusion you want, you then provide them with the facts and statistics.
    – Tell them want you want, tell them what they should think, then give the information.
    – We talked about the ag gag laws and reporting animal cruelty. We argued animal cruelty.


  7. – Tell your readers what they’re looking at before they jump into conclusions.
    – Rowan Writing Center: Tutors enable students to develop effective writing techniques.
    – Annotated bibliography:
    o Make sure that your sources are annotated.
    o The annotation indicates your interactions with your sources.
    o It should contain around 15 sources.
    o Explain how those sources were used during your research.
    o Include as many academic sources as you can.
    – Statistics are useless tools until they are used wisely.
    – Describe evidence to demonstrate its value.


  8. 1) We discussed about when to discuss what you’re about to talk about before. Don’t talk about something then explain what you just talked about.
    2) If you need help, seek help with the Rowan Writing Center.
    3) We talked about the bibliography and have to use 10-15 sources, must cite the source, write a summary and finally say how you use the article.
    4) We talking about statistics you have to be specific with numbers. When you say 10% you have to say things such as if that’s a good number or not and if that 10% is just for one section of people/things or all of them in the world.


  9. -Provide the reader with some desire, with some questions, then answer those questions by providing your information or date.
    -Do not provide answers and follow the answers up with questions.
    -It is not illegal to report a crime but it is illegal to hinder an investigation by lying to law enforcement.


  10. -Tell your readers what they’re looking at before they get there and draw their own conclusions
    -Lead the reader to what they should conclude and provide evidence

    Writing Help
    -In the Campbell Library
    -Writing center tutors
    -Can help with brainstorming ideas, organizing, revising drafts, and checking citations
    Annotated Bibliography
    -10-15 sources
    -Range of source types(academic, news website, surveys, interviews)
    -Give background information about the sources
    –Make sure the background provides some detail and is related to your topic
    -Discuss how you used it
    -Due Tuesday 12/4 before class


  11. 11/15/18
    -Most effective way is to prepare the reader before he makes up his own conclusion.
    -Go to writing center to help with your essays.
    -White Paper should have sources, background, and how I will use it.
    -Turn White Paper into a Annotated Bibliography.
    (Computer is dying and I don’t have the charger, I have to end my notes early.)


  12. Work on the annotated bibliography for my upcoming research paper. The bibliography must have between 10 – 15 sources. We must indicate how we used the sources in our annotated bibliography. Be specific when stating how a source was used. In summary, we are transforming our white paper into an annotated bibliography.


  13. – Annotated bibliography due Tuesday December 4th.
    – State your conclusions, and the provide the evidence in the best approach.
    – Even if you don’t use some early chosen sources, they can still be useful.
    – Statistics are tools, until you use them yo guide your argument.
    – APA format citation, then background, and then describe how it was used.
    – 10 or 15 sources, broad range.
    – Statistics need direction and velocity.
    – Rowan has a writing center, which is a good form of help for improving papers.
    – Statistics are pointless if you don’t know how to use them.
    – Went over the portfolio task and where we should be with our white paper.
    – Tutors enable students to develop effective writing techniques.
    – Describe evidence to demonstrate its value.
    – For statistics, you have to be specific with numbers.


  14. -Tell your reader what your claim is from the very beginning
    -It will help them not with der around and lose interest
    -Anotated Bibliography as a part of portfolio; use 10-15 sources
    – Ag-Gag Laws


  15. Writers shouldn’t take their readers on roundabout journeys. The writer should start with a solid, bold claim that hooks the reader in. Once hooked, then the writer should provide evidence, and supporting claims. Providing evidence first then making a claim turns off reader to the opinions and arguments of the writer.

    The 10-15 sources that go into an annotated bibliography don’t all have to be cited in the research paper.

    Statistics are powerful when used properly. Statistics are nothing in a vacuum though. “50 % or 25%,” don’t mean anything, unless these numbers are put into context by the writer. The language surrounding the statistic is what puts the spin on the numbers. It helps the writer lead readers to same conclusions that the writer makes.


  16. Annotated Bib should have between 10 and 15 sources.
    Make sure the background is clear and reflects your essay
    The writing center can help better your essays.
    When using statistics in a paper, be sure to be specific with the numbers.


  17. 11-15-18

    Just Passed Scenic Views
    -Don’t come to a conclusion before providing all your information to the reader.
    -Don’t make the reader go back to the material he/she already read and analyzed

    Go to Rowan Writing Center for help

    Keep modifying your white paper
    -Add sources even if they did not make it into your argument
    -This will turn into Annotated Bibliography, 10-15 sources
    -Model under Annotated Bibliography link

    Annotated Bibliography Portfolio Task

    Word your statistical numbers in a way that improves your argument, whether they are good or bad

    Examine Ag-gag laws links


  18. Tell your reader what to think before you provide evidence. If you provide evidence first they will come to their own conclusions before you can persuade them. The annotated bibliography can include sources you found that were not cited in the short arguments. Your White Paper turns into the Annotated Bibliography. Must have at least 10 sources but no more than 15 sources. Annotated Bibliography is due December 4th. Ag-Gag laws. Do the Ag-Gag laws assignment for next Tuesday.


  19. Rowan writing center is beneficial to help you write your essays. Schedule now before finals.

    Tons of resources available for you to use.

    Annotated Bibliography: 10-15 sources, Have a wide range of source types, Give background about sources, Make sure background provides detail related to your topic, Discuss how you use it

    “It was really helpful for my essay” “I used it for my essay” etc are all pointless and an instant fail.

    It’s due December 4 (almost December wow).

    Statistics without direction are useless. Plugging in a statistic without it being able to provide evidence for something devalues the entire point of the statistic.


  20. State your conclusions, and then provide the edvidence is the best approach. It’s a mistake for a writer to return their attention back to the material they already neeed and analyzed. Statistics are tools until you use them to guide them to your argument. 10 or 15 sources, broad range of sources. Statistics need direction and velocity.


  21. 11/15/18

    Never tell your readers they just missed out on scenic views; never tell the reader to go back.
    Make important content known.

    *Make an appointment at the writing center in the campbell library for assistace with your writing!*

    Due 12/4 *Portfolio Assignment*
    Turn white paper into annotate bibliography
    -APA style
    -10-15 sources
    *Give a background of each source; how did you use it?*
    *Include a variety of a different sources (interviews, academia, journals)*
    -Title as: Bibliography, username & post in the same titled catergories


  22. 11/15/18

    Never tell your reader what they should think after you have offered them the facts. A conclusion is most likely already drawn. Instead tell them what they should be thinking in the beginning before the information is introduced.

    Introduce your claims and statements first, then follow it up with the research. Direct readers attention to where they are going.

    Difference between cited sources and annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliography consists of all the sources you’ve collected that have been somewhat useful. They can be included in the bibliography even if it was never fit into the essay. Could of provided some type of benefit, but did not make the cut. Adapt the white paper into an annotated bibliography.

    Annotated bibliography due Dec 4th before class.

    At least 5-7 sources for long paper

    10 sources at least for annotated bibliography

    Long argument not due for a couple of weeks

    Visual rhetoric due now, but no consequences for being overdue


  23. – Writers should draw their readers’ attention to the conclusion by talking them through by telling them what to think, providing a desire for the evidence on their part, and then providing the evidence.
    – When forming the bibliography section of the bibliography assignment, providing some background information that is of relevance with readers is required. Providing information on how the source was used is also required.
    – When showing statistics, it’s good to place numbers into context by telling readers if the number is an improvement and relating it to some sort of reference.


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