Summaries – aloofgemini

Summary 1: “Do Multivitamins Really Work?”

It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins should serve the purpose of improving one’s health and provide our necessary daily supplements but they actually provide no health benefits. Taking multivitamins can actually provide excessive amounts of nutrients and can be detrimental to one’s health, such as causing birth defects, colorectal cancer and heart disease.

Kiera Butler goes on to say that with all the studies that have been conducted on multivitamins, there is no virtual evidence that they improve people’s health and that it’s pretty much a money grab for the supplement industry. Stores like GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe make so much money off of selling multivitamins and supplements to people that don’t provide any benefits while getting people’s money in return. In addition, the FDA doesn’t regulate the labelling of these types of products either, which makes it look like the government and the industry just want our hard earned money.

Summary 2: Elderly Animals

It seems counterintuitive that this photographer takes pictures of animals because of their emotions, but it feels wrong to photograph humans for their emotions. Isa believes that by doing this, it provides her comfort and is like “therapy” to her. However, when her mother had Alzheimer’s she said she stopped taking pictures of her family completely. It would normally be that you would take pictures with family because you know and have a personal connection with them, but instead of that, take pictures with animals that don’t have the ability to agree or disagree with having their photo taken.

Summary 3: Heroin addiction in Vancouver

It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver combats their heroin issue by providing addicts with more heroin. Although the purpose of this is to help facilitate the rate and amount of heroin consumed for addicts, most people in other places would make people cut it out altogether. Insite, a safe zone in the city of Vancouver, is a center open to only 26 heroin users in the city. At this safe zone, nurses supply Vancouver’s worst addicts supplies, such as clean needles, disinfectant wipes, and top of the line heroin. This way, these users can shoot up without fear of being arrested.

This solution came about when Vancouver tried supplying a heroin substitute, such as methadone, but was not successful. With this new alternative, the city doesn’t have to worry about addicts out on the street overdosing and or dying, committing more crime, and engaging in prostitution.

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