Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – Ivonid12


0:00 – The video starts with a completely dark room along with a plain black canvas. A single spotlight shines on the canvas as the only light on the room. Surely somebody will come to write on the canvas, but why is the room dark and why is the canvas black? Possibly to set a dark tone or talk about a dark subject.

0:02 – A woman with blonde hair approaches the canvas with a marker as more spotlights are illuminated. She is clearly going to write on the canvas but what is she going to write, or draw, and why?

0:03 – The video cuts to other participants drawing on the canvas as well. What is noticeable is that each person has a different color. This obviously is intentional and probably signifies different writes so it’s safe to assume that the previous writers’ work will remain.

0:06 – The writers are now gone and only the black canvas with now writing remains. The writing is a variety of colors signifying different writers and includes some insulting language such as weirdo, lame, and gross.

0:08 – 0:28 – The video cuts to those who have previously written on the canvas, as they seem to be expressing their opinion on a topic or preaching a message. Their expressions look serious but also supportive and judging by the insulting language written on the canvas, I assume the video is about preventing bullying or harassment.

0:29 – The video ends with #BeMore and a Twitter handle to follow or search. My assumption on the topic of bullying seems to be correct judging by the handle, which is @ISeeBullying.

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