My Hypothesis—paolor9

  1. Higher Education
  2. The cost of higher education
  3. The cost of higher education is an obstacle
  4. Higher education’s expensive cost makes it challenging for some people to enter and as such walls out many people from better paying jobs.
  5. Higher education is in high demand and removing the economic barrier would make it as rudimentary as passing high school for those who need it.
  6. Online education is the solution for the rising cost and demand for education.

My Hypothesis- Dirtyjerz065

  1. Concussions in Football
  2. Concussion and helmet design in football
  3. The number of concussions suffered by players with the new improved helmet design.
  4. Helmets that absorb the impact will reduce concussions with football players.
  5. Reducing helmet to helmet contact will reduce the amount of concussions football players will get.
  6. Eliminating helmets from football will reduce concussions more than helmet improvements.

Hyposesis- Wiseman101

1. Do steroids need to be band from professional sport?

2. Steroids in professional sport.

3. By legalizing steroids in professional sports would it change the overall performance?

4. How professional sport will change after legalizing PED?

5. Health benefits of professional athletes by unsing legalized steroids.

6. By legalizing steroids in professional sports will improve athletes’ health, performance and media.

My hypothesis—Wildwood

  1. Executive power
  2. Executive power and the ease of overreach
  3. Overreach and new regulations to maintain checks and  balances
  4. Ways executive power is abused and what constitutes overreach
  5. Ways to emphasize limitations on the privilege and close loopholes
  6. Ways executive power is abused and the pathway for Congress could take to keep better checks and balances on the policy

My Hypothesis – muggastackz

  1. Crime rates in the United States
  2. Crime rates decrease and increase
  3. When crime rates decline, crime will also increase over time.
  4. In the United States, there is a decrease in crime rates even as the crime goes up.
  5.  When society plays a key role, crime rates are decreasing and also increasing.
  6. The community and other social outlets affect the decrease in crime rates as well as crime increasing each day.