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  1. Rebuttal arguments are not looking for the opposite. In fact, there may not be a specific opposite for a given hypothesis. Instead, it is a nuanced counter argument by a reputable author, that actually may threaten your hypothesis that can be rebuked.


  2. Initially discussed the question if evolution exists, why are there still monkeys. This question is similar to the claim “if there are wiener-schnitzel dogs or poodles, why are there still wolves”, it simply isn’t a solid counterargument because over time certain groups of life were not co-mingled with those of a mutating group, and who’s genes were passed down in other ways regardless of it they are “evolving” or not. This shows how there are ways to shut down arguments that initially take some thought. Then went over the rebuttal essay and the concept of composing a correct rebuttal. Tried refuting the nuclear power plant article to help better understand the ways we can shut down fallacies. The refutations come down to having more evidence in order to shut down their illogical flaws. Then went over an exercise where we pick apart short paragraphs and rewrite them concisely. The rebuttal essay is due next Thursday.


    1. Love the dog/wolf analogy, Sundial. While nothing in your notes is wrong, you do apparently claim the only good refutation is competing evidence, when in fact, offering other conclusions, third alternatives to false choices, recasting of irrelevant evidence to show its relevance, and others, are techniques you didn’t record. (Granted, your Notes can’t do everything, but reading these might deter you from looking back at the full range of strategies.)


  3. – In an argument, your rebuttal cannot be that the other person’s opinion is stupid. You have to have facts to prove them wrong.
    – Insufficient evidence will not convince someone of an idea. It’s not an effective rebuttal to request more evidence from the author.
    – False analogy rebuttal: When comparisons are very close, an analogy is a powerful argument. When comparisons are made between two ideas have seemly similar characteristics, but the comparisons do not hold up.
    – Irrelevant evident rebuttal: It’s not an effective rebuttal to complain that you really don’t see what the evidence provided has to do with the argument. Nothing would prevent you from refusing to acknowledge obvious facts. Logic should tell you what you what the evidence does prove.
    – Inconclusive evidence rebuttal: It’s not an effective rebuttal to say that the evidence provided doesn’t quite add up to a proof. If the author offers substantial evidence that doesn’t actually support the argument though. No where to go with our objections.
    – Stacking the deck rebuttal: The author does not have an obligation to present evidence to you. You can’t win by pointing out someone’s missing information. It’s not an effective rebuttal to say that the author is unfair to your “side” of the argument and should offer evidence to support your position.
    – False choice analogy: Once a false analogy has been made, almost certainly a false choice will follow.
    – Some claims are not relevant and therefore do not hold a true comparison. Having more evidence refutes illogical ideas.


    1. These sound like complete summaries of the rebuttal strategies, pink, but in fact they’re summaries of INEFFECTIVE strategies. They don’t actually contain advice about how to EFFECTIVELY refute the failings of other people’s arguments.


  4. Oct 25 Notes
    -The point of the rebuttal is the anticipate the best argument that is against your argument.. The “oh yeah what about this” response. You need to know how strongly respond to this.
    – The argument against your claim is not just the opposite of your claim. There are plenty of ways to refute an argument without just saying the opposite.
    – In the Nuclear Power article, the author states claims for not having nuclear power plants.
    -If an author offers insufficient evidence, one good piece of evidence can easily refute it.
    -If there is irrelevent evidence, show what the evidence does prove or could prove.
    -If someone stacks the deck, provide evidence to call them out. In Herbert’s essay, he only states one advantage on nuclear power over greenhouse gases, when there are more.
    -If you find a false analogy, just don’t say its false, but actually find the right analogy.
    -If someone offers two bad choices, find a better third choice.


  5. Rebuttal Argument
    – Anticipate the argument of the reader(oh yeah what about…)
    – Figure out strongest argument for rebuttal
    – Not looking for polar opposite of your argument
    – Assignment due Wednesday 10/31 @ 11:59
    Rebuttal Techniques
    – Insufficient rebuttal
    – If you think there isn’t enough evidence then provide the evidence
    – Irrelevant rebuttal
    – If you think the author’s evidence isn’t relevant provide your own
    – Inconclusive rebuttal
    – Demonstrate how correct interpretation of the evidence proves something other than author’s argument
    – Stacking the deck rebuttal
    – provide evidence that the author suppressed
    – False analogy rebuttal
    – Make the right analogy if you believe the author made the wrong one
    – False choice rebuttal
    – Find the unnamed choice


  6. – When responding to a rebuttal argument in your paper, make sure that your response is polite and clear.
    – A rebuttal argument does not have to be the completely opposite of your thesis. We are not looking for black and white arguments.
    – Insufficient and irrelevant evidence rebuttals give you the opportunity to find data/evidence that will help you refute specific arguments that are not backed up by enough or relevant evidence.
    – The purpose of building a rebuttal argument is to anticipate well-stablished arguments that contradicts your thesis in order to have a strong response to those contradictions.
    – A rebuttal argument that offers false choices can be refuted by offering a better choice by your own.


  7. There is no right or wrong in a reduttle essay.
    In order to reduttle strongly, writers need to find the best possible argument that contradicts their own.
    Having one piece of evidence of your own can make a significant difference in readers heads.
    Finding a solution that doesn’t compliment both sides.


  8. • Stay on track it may seem like a lot of work but stay in touch with Professor in order to get help
    • Rebuttal argument due a week from now November 1st . Rebuttal argument does not mean to argue the opposite side of our argument, acknowledge there are opposing views and refute them. Post ass Rebuttal- Username. Additional information on Thursday October 25th agenda.
    • If you come across a false analogy, don’t just say it is false but search for the correct analogy.
    • If someone stacks the deck, provide evidence to call them out.
    • If there is irrelevant evidence, make sure to show what the evidence proves or could prove.
    • Complete Editing for Logic exercise before leaving class


  9. -for a rebuttal argument, You need have to have facts to prove someone’s opinion wrong.
    -you need to respond a rebuttal argument strongly.
    -the argument which is against your claim is not just opposite to your claim.
    -If there is a false analogy, then we don’t say its false, but actually we have to find the right analogy.
    -Insufficient rebuttal:- will not convince someone of an idea.
    -Irrelevant evident rebuttal: – it is an argument which complains that you don’t see any proof or evidence which has to do with the argument.
    -Inconclusive evidence rebuttal: -It’s not an effective rebuttal to say because it doesn’t provide evidence which quite adds up to a proof.
    -False analogy rebuttal: -When the comparisons are very close to each other, an analogy is a powerful argument.
    -Stacking the deck rebuttal: – in this, you cannot win an article just by saying that someone’s missing information.
    -The rebuttal essay is due next Thursday (wed 31, 11:59).


  10. It’s best to figure out the biggest objection the reader has to your thesis.
    Once you do you take it head on and cut the head off of it.

    There’s always going to be one reader that has a trump card that will destroy your argument.
    It is the author’s job to address that issue the reader may have in a worthy rebuttal.

    (Opposite of my argument: Immediate policy changes are beneficial all the time to the country.)

    In order to address the readers who have objections to your essay you need to think like the reader almost. What goes on in their head?

    The evidence is insufficient is not an effective rebuttal. The author could provide you the missing link to prove the theory of evolution to be valid yet the reader may still believe that isn’t enough evidence.

    Tell your audience what your evidence does prove instead of telling them their evidence is not enough or not valid.

    Inconclusive evidence could devalue your entire rebuttal.
    The only way to fix this is to create conclusive evidence.

    It’s not fair to say that you found some evidence that isn’t addressed in the parent argument instead of addressing the evidence that is in that argument.

    False analogies hurt the rebuttal.
    It’s like saying the third Matrix movie will be as good as the first two given that the first two were so successful. The same can be said about Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy as well.

    If you’re given a situation between two horrible outcomes an effective rebuttal points out the unnamed third choice.

    Shrinking your essay down to 500 words once you remove wordy language frees up room for you to be able to use persuasive, visual language.


  11. You want to find the best possible reason against your topic. You have to address the biggest reason a reason has against your argument and obliterate it. Carseat demonstration in rebuttal argument page. Lack of evidence is always used as a rebuttal. Must provide plenty of evidence in your own work. Sometimes evidence can be irrelevant. Do the editing for logic task with the rest of time in class then leave when you’re done.


  12. -a real rebuttal argument takes on the strongest opponent you can find.
    -a strawman argument for your rebuttal isn’t going to fool readers, and you will seem like a fraud.
    -confront the strongest rebuttal head on.
    -essays should have an appropriate title for the arguments.
    -requesting more evidence in an essay in a rebuttal is not a good rebuttal. Anyone could say that with any amount of authorities.
    -in order to counter “not enough evidence”, provide evidence of your own. It’s much more credible and easier to believe.
    -to claim that the facts lead to the wrong conclusion is ineffective by itself. Demonstrate the correct interpretation in order to be effective instead.
    -to say that the original author is “unfair” to your point of view is ineffective. The author is not obligated to refute your point specifically.
    -Specifying what was left out is much more effective, pointing out the information that the original author ignored in favor of his or her argument.
    -false analogies are caused by comparing two things for a “common trait” that they don’t actually carry.
    -pointing out a false analogy is not effective by itself, however. Pointing out WHY it is a false analogy is the important part.
    -false choices are a set of choices that all seem like bad choices and risky solutions.
    -an effective rebuttal points out a third option and explains how and why it could work.
    -freeing up space adds more ability to add more persuasive work. Try to limit fat and “fluff” in writing.


  13. 10/25/18
    *Sorry for strolling in a few minutes late!*

    -Instead of requesting more evidence from the author, provide evidence of YOUR OWN
    -If the information given by the author is irrelevent to the argument, point out what conclusion the inforation does draw.
    -Specify what’s been missed out; don’t just point out that something is missing
    -When faced with false analogies, point out the differences in the information given when being compared instead of calling out the author
    -Point out the unnamed third choice when faced with a false choice


  14. 10-25-18

    -Continue to keep communication with Professor about arguments
    -Schedule second or third conference if you have not already

    Rebuttal argument:
    – Put titles to all argument essays
    -There is no “second side”, acknowledge opposing views and refute them
    -Seek the strongest argument you can find that contradicts yours
    -This is what readers are thinking

    -Insufficient evidence: provide your own stronger evidence for your argument
    -Irrelevant evidence: show that the evidence may support a conclusion different than the author was getting at.
    -Inconclusive evidence: demonstrate a correct interpretation of the info that is proving something different from the author’s argument
    -Stacking the deck rebuttal: Call out the author for the information he may have suppressed that help your argument
    -False Analogy: Show that the analogies the author is trying to make are not as related as the author perceives them to be.
    -False Choice: Point out an unnamed third choice that was not mentioned


  15. 10/25

    Rebuttal arguments don’t argue for the other side of the argument. They take a look at the counter arguments, and refute them so the reader cannot use them against the writer.

    There’s no benefit to choosing a lousy argument for your rebuttal. Weak arguments do not pose a real threat to your own. By choosing the strongest counterargument one can more effectively support a claim. Once the biggest objection the reader has towards the thesis is obliterated, the audience can be effectively persuaded.

    If the author has insufficient evidence, then to refute, you should offer more evidence supporting the other side. Show one side is stronger than the other.

    Instead of arguing about the author stacking the deck, offer more effective and stronger arguments to refute this stacked deck.

    False analogy: Analogies can be effective in arguing a side, but sometimes things cannot be compared in an analogy due to a lack of similarity. For example: U.S power plants are not positioned on fault lines so close to the ocean like Fukushima was. This shows that Fukushima’s location was a huge factor in the catastrophe that occurred once the plant had a melt down. A plant in upstate New York which is not near a fault line, would be much safer.


  16. -We usually think a rebuttal is to argue the opposite side of an argument. However, there is no opposite side of an argument.
    -Acknowledge different views and refute them
    -The best rebuttal argument takes on the best opposing view you can find.
    -Find the best possible argument that contradicts your own, as that argument is the one your audience will have in mind. The audience will hopefully start to change their mind and understand your point of view
    -Make sure to have a title
    -It is common for critics to say there wasn’t enough evidence. It is not an effective rebuttal to say there needs to be more evidence. You just need a better piece of evidence
    -Come up with a different conclusion. Demonstrate a correct interpretation of the evidence
    -Persuasion depends on illustration or examples. Freeing up space makes room for more persuasion work


  17. – Find the best argument that contradicts your own.
    – Rebuttal argument due next Thursday, November 1st by 11:59 Wednesday.
    – It is not an effective rebuttal to request more evidence from the author.
    – One good piece of evidence of your own for an opposing point of view can easily refute it.
    – Point out that the evidence supports a different conclusion than the author’s .
    – When the similarities between causes are false or irrelevant, the argument fails.
    – An effective rebuttal of a false choice is one that points out the unnamed third choice.
    – Classwork for today was posting a reply to the Editing for Logic task


  18. – Given two false choices find another
    – Editing logic task
    – Rebuttal argument due next Thursday
    – In class task was editing for logic


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