My Hypothesis – roc050


  1. PTSD and depression
  2. PTSD and depression lead to substance abuse
  3. A combination of ptsd/depression and drug use can have serious and deadly effects on people.
  4. Those who suffer from ptsd/depression use drugs and alcohol to cover up feelings and thoughts associated with ptsd and depression, which often makes symptoms worse.
  5. Some drugs, like anti-depressants however can help individuals control the symptoms of ptsd and depression.
  6. Psycho active drugs such as mushrooms, mdma, and lsd are the most effective way to cure extreme cases of ptsd and depression.

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – roc050”

  1. Please begin your sentences with initial capitals, ROC.
    There’s a subtle shift in your sequence that is either deliberate or accidental. I don’t know which. Does one method of coping with the underlying syndrome cure it while others only provide relief from its symptoms?
    I look forward to seeing the research on this hypothesis, but I want to nail it down before we proceed.
    Respond, please.


  2. Sorry not capitalizing, I think I am used to applications such as word that will do it for me. I think my change in tone was a little accidental and a little on purpose. My mind tends to think in sporadic ways and as I was going through the steps I wandered off a little. As far as different effects of the drugs on whether they cure or just suppressed I want to find out more as a research. Really this is just a general idea that I have seen and heard about and really am interested in finding out more. I can narrow my hypothesis to say one way or the other I guess and then as I research refine it. I guess that really is what you taught in the first class.


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