01 TUE SEP 04

I write to discover what I know.

—Flannery O’Connor

Welcome to your New Class

  • Class Photos
  • Text your Professor at (856) 979-6653
    • Text your Name plus C2 FA18

Get a WordPress Username

  1. Navigate to wordpress.com/start/account/user

Wordpress Usename 2

2. You’ll get this confirmation notice.

Wordpress Usename 3

3. Proceed to your email account to answer the Confirmation Email.

Wordpress Usename 4


5. Your professor will invite you to the podium to enter your username into the course blog Author list.

Introduction to Blogging

  • Open and Write a Post
  • Check off the appropriate Categories
  •  Publish
  • Open in Edit, Revise, Update
  • Find in the Sidebar


  • Lecture/Demonstration:
    • Narrowing your Overbroad Topic to a Counterintuitive Hypothesis


  • Exercise E01: My Hypothesis
    • Post a draft during class today.
    • FINISH the exercise by 11:59pm MON SEP 09



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