Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – Pinkpineapples23

Know your girls :30|Breast Cancer Risk Education| Ad Council 

0:00 – 0:03 – It starts out zoomed in with the spotlight on an African American woman wearing what could be a gold shirt and in the background behind her are multiple African American women gathered around her. As the picture zooms out you can see that the women are arranged in a way like they are taking a picture. They have on coordinated colors of brown, white, and gold and each of their faces are serious. The frame zooms out into darkness.

0:04-0:07 – A new picture is now on the screen. It shows the same main women in the spotlight but this time she is wearing a graduation cap and gown. As the picture zooms out, it shows that she is with her friends who have also graduated. They are taking a picture with the congratulations banner hanging in the back. The screen then fades to black.

0:08-0:10 – Its now night time and the main woman is now seen at home laying down with her pajamas on. Her facial expression shows that she is upset about something. As the it zooms out, she is laying on an older woman, who could be her mom or grandma. And she is surrounded by a handful of her friends who are consoling her. Screen goes back to black.

0:11-0:14 – This picture shows the main character in a wedding dressing holding a bouquet of white flowers. She is looking down at someone or something. As the frame moves out, she is with those same handful of women who are now her bridesmaid. She is looking down at her friend who seems to be helping her with her shoe. Three other women are helping with her veil and the other three are in the corner sitting down taking a picture.

0:15-0:17 – she is now sitting down in a chair holding her child. On the right of her is an older woman who could be her mom standing over her, admiring the baby. On her left is a man, who is sitting on the floor with his arms rested on arm of the chair. He could be her husband or her brother, he is also admiring the baby.

0:18-0:21 – The spotlight is just on her. She is in her natural sate with some makeup on, the focus is from the shoulders up with a gray background. She is upset about something. Her facial expression shows that she is holding back tears. At the end she slowly puts her head down.

0:22-0:23 – As her head is down and her eyes are still closed but her expression still shows she is upset. The way her forehead is wrinkled, and her eyebrows are scrunched shows that she has her eyes shut tight.

0:24-0:26 – She slowly looks up at the camera. Her eyes first and then her head follows. As this is happening words come up on the screen that says, “knowing your breasts can save your life”. Her facial expression now shows that she is upset but also in fear.

0:27-0:37 – the screen is now all black. A website is on the screen with words underneath that say, “for the facts you need on breast health.”

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