Visual Rewrite- beachgirl04

Play Catch With Her

0:00-0:03- Five steps away from the high tide ocean and a very calm sea, an apparently teen-aged boy in long pants and a long- sleeved shirt with sunglasses to block the glare of the sun kicks a beach ball into the air over his head. The camera shows us a wide view of the beach to show the boy as well as a girl. It is either dawn or sundown and we are aware of that because of the long thin shadow. The boy is only paying to attention to what is in front of him because the girl is running toward him and makes an attempt to jump upward to get the ball he has kicked. The girl is younger than him, she is dressed in pink knee-length leggings and a loose pink top. She runs towards the ball and is very happy, she throws her arms above her head to track the ball’s fall in order to catch it. After the boy kicked the ball into the air he follows it to watch where it will fall but lets the girl catch it after a small bounce. He kicked the ball up for the young girl and wants her to enjoy the time they are spending together on the beach. She puts her tiny arms around as much of the ball as possible as the scene shifts.

0:04- The scene shifts and moves from a beach scene to an open field with a white sided house in the background behind multiple different bare trees. There is a man who looks to be in his 20’s or 30’s standing in the dew-covered grass wearing a hat, a jacket and light blue jeans. He looks as if he is about to throw something winding up with his right arm as his throwing arm and the left arm in front, putting more pressure on his back-right leg while the left leg is lifted off of the ground a tiny amount. The season looks to be as if it fall due to the jeans and jacket the man is wearing and the lack of leaves on the trees that are near the house. The man quickly releases the baseball with not much force behind his throw, I do not know where the ball is going it could either be to another person or just to open field. The camera is at a little bit below eye level a good distance away from the man.

0:05- The scene changes again and shows a young girl around the age of 4 or 5 of color dressed in flips flops twice her size, a blue and white skirt and a light grey short sleeve shirt catching a small blow up colorful beach ball in a fenced in backyard from another person but the other person is not pictured. The sun is setting behind her and she looks frightened and squeezes her eyes shut as the ball is coming into her bent arms. The grass is not the healthiest grass, there are many patches of dead brown grass and very few patches of healthy green grass.

0:06- The camera shifts over to show the other little girl who is smaller than her sister dressed in a short-sleeve shirt and long blue jeans. She is having a catch in the same backyard with her sister using the small colorful beach ball. The father who is a big man of color wearing a short-sleeve button up black shirt and dark blue jeans strots out to the backyard to see his two daughters spending time together. He looks interested in getting involved with his arms out to receive if they decide to involve him in their pass and begins having a conversation with his daughters.

0:07- Change of scenery again, the camera moves inside to a very nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and the fridge has magnets all over it which shows there are most likely children who live in the house. There are white cabinets with silver knobs throughout the kitchen. There is a young girl with dirty blonde hair past her shoulders dressed in a blue princess dress who is running out of the kitchen very quickly as if someone is calling her name or the doorbell just rung.

0:08- A teenage boy in a dark long sleeve shirt is standing outside of a nice set of garage doors with the windows at the top and the door panels below it, the garage doors are tan.  The teenaged boy is outside during the night time tossing a small item up to himself.

0:10- The camera shifts back inside into the kitchen, stainless steel refrigerator, white cabinets and granite counter tops behind the young girl with of a father and a daughter in her teenage years having a pass with a volleyball outside of their house as it gets later into the night, it is not extremely dark out but the house light is helping these individuals see what they are doing. The blue sky is still pictured and shows through some of the trees. They volley the ball back and forth while moving around. The father is in gray shorts and a white t shirt while the daughter is in a pink hoodie and dark shorts which makes me believe that it is a summer night.

0:16- The scene changes and there is a teenage girl at sunset jumping into a backyard pool about to catch some sort of ball from an individual not pictured. She is midstride into the pool wearing a bikini and her hair pulled back with her arms fully extended into the air. There is an umbrella and a pair of chairs that are placed at the end of the pool along with a couple different planters on the cement that surrounds that pool, there is a big white fence that encloses the pool with a few trees and a red roofed house on the other side of that fence.

0:17- The girl wearing a blue bikini with her dark hair pulled up into a bun catches the ball and jumps into the pool, she is submerged under water and pops her head back up with her hair in her eyes and has a huge smile on her face and looks like she is ready to laugh about what had just happened. I am sure she is shocked that she actually the ball that was thrown. The pool has a glare on it that makes the water look a lot darker than normal light blue pool water.

0:19- The camera changes scenes again and moved to a softball field, where a tall girl with dark hair in a baggy grey t shirt and navy blue softball pants is winding up to pitch a bright yellow softball at a very fast speed. She is right handed and holds the glove in her left hand. Blue skies and a few clouds are in the sky.

0:20- The girl who just released her pitch on the softball field is pitching to her father who is dressed with a navy blue polo, navy and white hat, sunglasses and shorts who caught the ball while squatting behind home plate with the glove in his right hand. They are practicing his daughter’s pitching skills and he looks like he is ready to compliment her on her last pitch because he uses his left hand and points to her and begins speaking.

0:23- The camera moves to an older man with grey combed over hair dressed in a light blue short-sleeve shirt in the night time who has a football in his right hand. He is ready to pass it to someone who is not pictured. The houses behind the man look as though they are in Florida because of the palm trees pictured. There is a white house behind him as well as a black mini-van.

0:24: The camera zooms out and shows the man throwing the football to a woman with her hair pulled back and shows the back of her head as she puts both of her arms in the air to intercept the pass. The man and the women are about 15 feet apart in the middle of a street, it looks as if they are in a colt sack because of how the two houses pictured are positioned.

0:25- The ad transitions into a black screen with white writing for the remainder of the video “It only takes a moment to make a moment.”

Visual Revised–NamasteBean


Seize The Awkward

00:08: The frame is centered on a young woman, from the top of her shoulders to her knees. She is wearing jean-overalls, with a white tee shirt underneath; her hair is long and blonde. The girl is sitting on a green couch inside what we can perceive to be her parents home, based on how comfortable she seems; her left side is resting on a vintage, paisley pillow. There also seems to be a decorative duck on the end table next to her, which millennials most likely would not choose to decorate their home with. From all of this, we can conclude the girl is most likely a teen to young adult. She seems to either be texting, or typing in elsewhere on her Iphone, based on how both her hands are gripping the phone: both thumbs on the screen.

00:10: The frame is now zoomed out and we can see what is now clear to be a living room. The house is very lived in; books stacked on the coffee table (with another miniature duck sculpture) and a coffee cup paired with an empty plate sitting on the opposite end table from where the blonde is sitting. On the opposite side we can now also see a second girl, sitting to the right of the blonde (her elbow is now resting on the left arm of the chair, as she continues to text.) There is a large space on the couch between the two girls, perhaps indicating to us their emotional detachment from one another, as they are not paying any attention to each other. The new girl on frame does not look comfortable at all, as she is looking down, but not at her phone. Her hair is curly,full, and brunette. She has on a pink sweater and light skinny jeans with speckled white paint; for aesthetic. An embarrassed/regretful look is on her face and she seems to be hugging her body. Her legs are crossed, while the blonde girls legs are relaxed and has an emotionless look on her face, almost in a zombie like state on her phone. We can conclude from all this that the two girls know each other somehow and are most likely not on the greatest terms.

00:11: The blonde looks up from her phone, with her eyes slightly veering towards her right. Her mouth seems clenched. She is suddenly annoyed, like she heard the uncomfortable girl sigh to perhaps begin a conversation, which she has no interest in. 

00:12: The blonde now slightly turns her head to the right, giving the girl next to her a quick glance; perhaps thinking about giving in to having conversation with the brunette, who still hasn’t moved

.00:13: The blonde is now looking back on her phone, once again, in a zombie like state. The brunette’s eyes are now open, they seem wide; a hint of shock appears on her face. It seems that she knew the blonde was looking at her and is now disappointed that she chose to keep the silence between them. Perhaps we can conclude from this intuition that these girls were once very close, and most likely were until a short time ago from the present moment. 

00:14: The blonde looks up from her phone and pouts her lips; she seems regretful. The brunette still seems quite bothered, with her eyes open, staring blankly at nothing. The silence seems hard for them both to endure much longer; we have to be moments away from them reuniting

.00:15: The blonde brings her phone into her chest, still pouting, as her eyes begin to gaze towards the brunette. It seems like this could be the beginning of a reconciliation, but the brunette is now uncomfortable and is looking the opposition direction instead of meeting her estranged friends gaze.

00:16 The blonde seems immediately discouraged, as she is now looking towards the floor and no longer at the girl who she is trying to reach across the couch. The brunette seems to be looking towards the floor as well, her face clearly showing emotional pain; disappointment in herself, perhaps that she missed out on another chance to speak with her friend. We can conclude that the brunette is definitely the vulnerable one in the situation and that we may be witnessing a crisis situation instead of a disagreement.

00:17: The blonde is now hugging the phone to her chest, her eyes are shut, and her face softens. The brunette still has not moved. We can speculate that maybe this whole time the blonde has been trying to reach the brunette via text message, and her efforts have failed.

00:18 The frame is now similar to where it first started, however you can now see half of the blondes face, and her left arm as it reaches towards the end table with her phone, preparing to set it down and give up her efforts. It is clear her friend deserves more effort.

00:19: The phone is down and you can now see the blondes entire face and she is pouting, seeming remorseful. Perhaps she is having trouble mustering the confidence to speak out loud to her friend and that is why she resorted to the phone, though she knew it would not be effective.

00:20: The frame is now beginning to pan out, and the blondes eyes begin to look toward her friend again. It is clear it is up to the blond to reconcile their relationship, whether that being because she is the reason for the brunette being upset or she has to be her savior

00:21: The blondes face is now turned slightly to her friend, seeming upset. Is she unable to comfort her?

00:22  The frame is now just on the brunette, who seems to still have not moved. Her eyes are low and looking down at the floor; her face seems flushed and unnatural. Has her friend given up on her?

00:23:  Surprisingly, the brunettes mouth now is beginning to open, but she seems hesitant to use her words.

00:24: The blonde is now completely faced towards the brunette; she had noticed her friends small effort of speech and in result seems more comfortable talking. Her back is leaning towards the left arm of the couch and her legs are curled up with her hands in her lap; she has a slight grin on her face.The brunette is looking back at the blonde with wide eyes, but only with her head turned; she is still feeling vulnerable. Nonetheless, the long waited conversation is about to begin.

00:25: The frame is now just on the blondes face; her eyes seem serious as they are glaring at the brunette. She is happy the conversation was finally going to happy, but she is aware that this is no walk in the park.  Her left shoulder is slightly hunched up as she seems to be mustering the confidence to speak herself now.

00:26: Finally, the blonde begins speaking the first words between the two so far. Her eyebrows are raised as she begins to speak, showing genuine intent and seriousness; the way her mouth is only opened slightly shows she is being cautious with her choice of words.

00:27: The frame is on the brunette’s face who is now grinning with a “kermit smile” in reply to the blonde’s words. She seems pleased; suddenly much more at ease.

00:28: The blonde still has the same look of seriousness, but now with a slight smirk, as if she is surprised at the brunette’s reaction.They’re going to figure whatever is going on out, together.

00:29: The frame is now on a completely different person, that seems to be in the same basement at the girls, but in a different corner not shown yet with a fish tank . He is definitely older than the girls and more likely than not is the fictional host in the clip. He is a white male with brown hair, very similar looking to the original star of “blue’s clues.” He is wearing a brown turtleneck, brown khakis, and pristine white sneakers. He is sitting in an armchair with his legs crossed and both his hands giving a “thumbs up,” likely referring to the improvement in socialization the girls have made.

00:30: The man is still holding his “thumbs up” pose, with his eyes wide and mouth in a small grin, showing satisfaction. This is just his latest triump.

00:31: The frame is now frozen with yellow text reading “Find out how you can help a friend with their mental health at seize the” Behind the text is a blurred image of both of the girls, same as they were positioned last.  

00:34:  Old text disappears and new text appears: “Seize the awkward” in a quotation bubble.


Visual Rewrite – jeprr1271

End Family Fire | Gun Safety

00. The first second looks like a cartoon animation riding a train carrying over what looks like yellow blocks as cargo. There is black smoke coming out of the train. The character seems to be happy. The train just exited a tunnel and seems to exit out into an open marsh field. The whole frame seems to look like it’s being shown in a TV.

02. There’s a little boy laying down on the floor. The boy seems to be playing with his toys and now switched to watching TV seeing all the toys all over the floor. Some couch pillows are also all over the floor which suggests that the kid likes to make a mess. The table has notebooks and writing utensils. Looks like the kid in the video is either doing his homework or he’s doodling. It looks like it’s late morning to early afternoon and the family seems to be part of the average middle-class. They have a couple paintings, a chandelier hanging over the dining table and some nice organic decoration by the TV. It also seems that the kid rides a skateboard which is placed next to the door. The father goes up to his son.

03. The father seems to be bonding with his son. The ad shows the father tickling his son. It seems that the father caught his son by surprise.

11. The frame shows that the father is going to the kitchen. The kitchen windows seem to have curtains. The table has a half glass of what seems to be water.

14. The father goes to the sink and wants to go and wash his hands.

15. The father looks which suggests that someone or something caught his attention. The father also has a concerned look on his face as well.

16. The kid seems to be asking his father for something and is concerned as well.

17. Based on the messages that were displayed, it seems the kid is asking his dad something related to the topic of firearms.

Visual Rewrite – WaywardSundial

0:01-Opens with text in the center of the screen saying “Want to help in the aftermath of a hurricane?” with a gray background. The only thing that was in the frame was a folded dollar bill in the shape of a heart. Due to the money being the only physical object in the frame along with the text, it can be assumed that perhaps it is a donation ad? Is the fact that it is a dollar bill rather than a bill of higher value important? Is the fact that it’s a USD important? The heart shape could signify the “love” or caring of people that would donate money for relief efforts. Perhaps they want to “pull at the heart strings” of people in order to get them to donate to their specific cause, as the heart does have a ribbon that could be pulled.

0:04- The dollar heart unfolds to show the fully unfurled bill with no crinkles whatsoever. It may be that it was reversed in filming. As it unfurled, more text appeared saying “Together, you and I can really help.” addressing the viewer directly. This scene also leads to the bill being folded once more. So far it seems like an ad of some sort.

0:09- The bill transforms, seemingly from stop motion photography, into a shape of either a bed or a car. It is unclear, as it even somewhat looks like a “flying car” with wings on the side and a spoiler in the back in the shape of generic flying futuristic vehicles. In my opinion I believe that they made this shape vague on purpose, in order to allow the largest amount of viewers to interpret it in whatever way they want. There is also text that says “I am fast and versatile.” maybe it definitely is a vehicle of some sorts, although that is vague in itself.

0:10- it unfolds once more and turns into the shape of a stethoscope, and then into a regular rectangular shape. It is also important to note that so far the background has not changed and has remained a grayish color with no additional objects or words.

0:14- Text saying “I can be whatever is needed.” The rectangular shape turns into a nail in the rectangle with a hammer appearing hammering it in. Perhaps this is significant to show that the money donated will go to rebuilding things, as that is what hammering a nail could signify.

0:16- The rectangular shape turns into a house, with the words “to help you provide important relief when its most critical.” This puts the viewer in the position of power so to speak as it tells of how the person donating has to ability to provide relief to whatever the donator deems necessary. Although this is a nice concept, it may not always turn out the way the donater wants as any donations usually end up in a giant pool where it is distrbuted from there, unless there is a very specific delivery system where every dollar goes to a very specific place with a very different system for normal donation systems. The specifics is yet to be explained, and it doesnt provide much information on this so far. With the house and this text it could be said that maybe one would want to donate to help houses that suffered a natural disaster, although there isnt much to prove that.

0:23- The bill unfolds, turning into a origami hand with text that says “if you want to lend a hand, I can help you reach out and truly touch lives.” This seems obvious as “touching” with the imagery of a hand are very much in the same category, so it may lead one to think of their own hand personally helping lives. This gives the ad a humanization factor, as before now there were no dollar bills in the shape of human body parts, aside from the personification of a heart, albeit it being the love type of heart and not the anatomically correct human heart. The text brings to mind, who is this “I” character? Who is the person that will help us reach out so that we may touch lives? There are many unclear elements to this ad so far, although the general message is quite clear; if you donate money, even a dollar bill as so overly imposed on the viewer, then it can help people in need.

0:26- The ad fades to black with bold white letters saying “EVEN A SMALL DONATION CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.” This summarizes the entire ad, especially the whole theme of the dollar transforming into a tool of imagery that guides a viewers mind, that even a dollar donation is still something that can benefit relief efforts. Of what, it was not clear besides in the title as nothing throughout the video suggests anything about relief from hurricanes. There also is a link to the donation link; the only clue in the video that this in fact talks about a hurricane relief website.

Visual Rewrite- beachgirl6


A car is driving down the road very late at night. The sky is pitch black, there are no streetlights, and the only source of light being provided is from the car’s headlights. The view shows the car as if the viewer is on the left side of the road watching the car on the right side of the road drive pass them. It seems to be a highway as there are no buildings in sight, just some fields and trees. The view changes and is shown as if the viewer is standing on the other side of the road, looking at the car driving. The car isn’t driving too fast, but it does feel as if something unexpected is about to happen.


There is now a front view of the car driving down the road. It is on a highway, so it is going quite fast. It is still pitch-black outside, with the only light coming from the car’s headlights. All of a sudden, a person from the side of the road appears. The only part of the person visible is their lower body. They start walking onto the road. The gives the viewers some anxiety as the person is probably going to get hit by the car.

The view now changes as if the viewer is in the driver’s seat. There are still no other cars in sight. There is a yellow line with yellow dashes on the road, which means cars can come from both directions. The car’s headlights provide light to show that the human is now in the middle of the road, right in the car’s path. The person is a guy looking down, his arms out in front of him, not realizing there is a car.  He is dressed in casual clothes such as a long sleeve shirt, a pair of long pants, and white sneakers. The car is still driving quite fast, which is terrifying as it seems they are about to hit the person.


The view is on the side again, with the guy on the left and the car on the right. The car comes to complete stop so that it doesn’t hit the guy. This gives a sense of relief to the audience as the person did not get run over. He is still looking down while he is walking, and it appears that he is holding something in his hands.


The view changes to where the guy is center of attention and the car is in the background with its headlights shining on the guy. His hands are holding something, and a faint light is coming from whatever he is holding. It is most likely a cellphone, as he is also moving his thumbs, indicating that he is texting. This shows that the director wanted the guy to keep texting, as it seems on being on the phone is more important than being aware of what is going on.


The boy now looks up from his phone and looks at the car. The view is shown from the driver’s perspective now. His hands are still out in front of him holding his phone. He seems to be around 16 or 17 years old. He is wearing a brown shirt, a sweatshirt, a leather jacket, and jeans. His facial expressions seem neutral, as he isn’t scared. Perhaps he is confused or shocked why the car is right there in front of him. This is shown to indicate that the person is supposed to be acting like an animal, as animals have no expressions.


The view now changes to show the front of the car looking at the driver and passenger. The driver and passenger, however, are deer. They are just staring straight ahead at the guy. This is ironic as people are the drivers and the deer are the most common animals to be hit by cars. The director definitely wanted to show the irony in this by showing that no matter who the driver is, texting will always be a distraction. The lights of the car are still on. The antlers of the deer stick out from the top of the car, as if there is a sun roof that is open on the car. The lights inside the car are on as well. Although the deer have no facial expressions, it seems that they are confused as to why the boy in in the middle of the road.


The boy is now seen from the driver’s point of view. He is till staring at the car with a blank expression. It seems confusing because the boy was about to be hit by the car, but didn’t seem shaken by the incident.

All of a sudden, however, he starts running across the road very fast. The car still isn’t moving. He keeps running until he is at the other side of the road.


The view is very up close and personal to the two deer in the car. The deer in the passenger seat turns to look at the deer in the driver’s seat. Both deer to shake their heads back and forth as they seem annoyed, probably because the boy was texting and didn’t realize where he was or the dangers of being hit by a car.


The car is now viewed from behind. Three more people come out from the same side of the road where the boy appeared. They are running with their knees are up high, trying to copy some sort of startled animal that is running. There is one boy and two girls, and all three of them are dressed in very casual clothes like the first guy, like jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers. They also seem like are also 16 or 17 years old. The car on the road is still stopped but turned on, as the brake lights are on. The people are running to the other side of the road where the first guy went. They also all have phones in their hands and are looking down at them while they are running.


The frame starts to fade away while the group of people are running to the other side of the road. Text pops us in a white, simple font that reads “Don’t text when on the road.”

Once the people are on the opposite side of the road, the car starts to drive off. The text starts to fade away. The only light that is provided is from the car’s headlights and brake lights, as well as from the phones of the three people.


The group of people are now off the road, and the is till driving. It is driving at a slower speed than the beginning of the clip, probably to show that the deer are being more careful in case there are more people that come onto the road. The last thing seen as scene fades away into a black screen is the car driving away. Text pops up that reads “It’s not safe for deer…” then right after, “or humans.” This is to show that both animals and people can be injured by texting and driving, and that the bad action can lead to serious consequences.


A black screen appears with the website “” as well as names of companies that help bring awareness about texting and driving. Besides this text, the other graphic Is yellow dashed lines in the center of a screen, just like yellow dashed lines on a road. They are moving to act as if someone is driving on a road.


Overuse and misuse of antibiotics leads to increased occurrences of antibiotic resistant bacteria. We have an infestation of some mutant bug, a spider-cockroach hybrid that isn’t afraid to charge at us when we try to kill it. So, we call a professional to exterminate the hybrid monster bugs. The exterminator uses a substance that kills 95% of the spider-cockroach mutants but leaves 5% not killed. Now imagine, not only are these hybrid bugs not dead but they are now stronger. They have been exposed to the substance that killed the other 95% and have evolved to defend against that lethal substance. In addition, they are multiplying and passing their enhanced defense against the killing substance to their young.   Antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infection. Not unlike the substance used by the exterminator. They attack bacteria within the body by either killing the bacteria or stopping the bacteria from multiplying. Antibiotics are meant to be used as a last line of defense. The human body can usually stop an excess of harmful bacteria from multiplying without the use of antibiotics however, there are instances when the bacteria becomes too great for a healthy immune system, this is when antibiotics are effective.

Antibiotics are only effective when prescriptions are followed through. A doctor will prescribe a specific number of pills to rid the body of the infection. If we fail to follow though and take all the pills, then the above analogy proves true. We will have exposed some bacteria to the drug meant to destroy them but not enough to kill them. Now exposed, those bacteria grow stronger. They will no longer be killed by the antibiotic first prescribed. Thus, this misuse of antibiotics increases the likelihood of an antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is also contributing to resistant bacteria. Most of the meat found at the local grocer is contaminated with antibiotics. The farmers we buy our meat from are using these antibiotics to increase their profits. Antibiotics both aid in weight gain of their livestock, giving them more inventory, and keeps their livestock healthier, giving them more inventory. The situation: animals take antibiotics, whether needed or not, increasing the likelihood of developing resistant bacteria, we eat the animals containing resistant bacteria resulting in the introduction of that resistant bacteria to our system. The microbial ecosystem of the animals we eat is interwoven in such a way that it is unable to be separated from our own. This makes this passing of resistant bacteria impossible to negate unless we were to not feed livestock antibiotics.


Visual Rewrite — Kevinbacon

0:00 – The ad starts out with a cartoon of a man wearing a hat driving a small train. This train looks to be carrying either gold or wood planks. The train is coming out of a tunnel and blowing smoke out as it moves across the TV screen. The cartoon looks very happy, bright, and childish. This cartoon is probably being watched by a child, this signifies who the ad will be emphasizing.

0:01 – Train continues to move across TV screen bouncing up and down. You can tell its on a TV screen because of the distinct lines and colors of the screen. The director most likely includes this cartoon to signify innocence and childhood through the beginning of the ad. The cartoon gives us a sense that there will be a kid in the ad, or at least someone of innocence.

0:02 – Camera zooms out to confirm the train is a cartoon on the TV. We can now see an entire living room which looks quite messy. There are toys on the table and scattered on the floor. There are pillows on the ground and the couch looks disturbed. All of these aspects give a homey type feeling, maybe a Monday morning  perhaps after the weekend. Laying on the carpet in front of the TV is a little boy wearing pajamas. The boy is laying in an unnatural position almost as if he is shaped like a dead body outline at a crime scene. The director might have done this on purpose to foreshadow some type of danger. Next, an adult man wearing a blue button down long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and work boots kneels down to get the boy’s attention. This is most likely his dad or older brother. The cartoon of the train is still displayed on the TV. In the background we can see some art in what looks to be a living/dining room. The director of the video displays the scene like this to show that they are situated in a home. Also they are most likely family.

0:03 – The camera begins to zoom into the man kneeling down to the boy, and the man shakes the boy at his sides. He does this to wake him up most likely. At first it seems like the man is concerned about the boy because he is lying in such an awkward position. He kneels down rather quickly to move the boy. The man then begins to tickle the boy. This shows that they have some type of relationship, probably father and son. The boy’s father might want him to wake up for school or breakfast.

0:04 – The boy gets up after the man shakes him. The camera then shows a close up of the man’s face. He appears to be smiling and happy as he tickles the boy. This further strengthens the fact that this is the boy’s father or close family member. The boy and the man must have some type of bond. There was no concern on the mans face as he moves the boy, even though he kneeled down with concern.

0:07 – The man gets up after a few moments and walks away, as the camera pans down on the boy. The boy is laying on his back facing up looking at his dad as he walks away. The way the boy is looking almost signifies that he is thinking about something. Perhaps he has a question for his dad. This also signifies that the boy looks up to his dad.

0:11 – The camera angle changes to show the man walking into what looks like the kitchen. On the table there are cups and bowls stacked in one another, probably dirty. In the background of the kitchen you can see what look to be like a lot of dirty dishes. The man’s wallet and some silverware are on the table next to the cups and bowls. These dirty dishes are probably from Sunday/weekend dinner and now its the beginning of the week so they will be cleaned. These dishes show the transition from a relaxed weekend to the reality of the work week. This mess could also signify the amount of leniency the dad has towards the boy. Perhaps his dad is not strict and the boy can get away with leaving his toys and dishes out.

0:14 – The man continues to walk further into the kitchen. You can see he is wearing a dark blue grayish long sleeved collard shirt. As he gets further into the kitchen he begins to roll up his sleeves, perhaps to wash his hands. As he rolls up his sleeves the man looks over from the kitchen. He is looking back at the boy who is still in the room where we first saw him. The man looks over as if he is being called or being asked a question. At this point his son is probably asking him a question. His view diverts from the sink to looking in the other room. The man’s clothes indicate he either got back from work or is going to work. These clothes and the attention he gives his son show that he is a family oriented man.

0:15 – The camera angle changes once again to a close up of the boy, now standing up in the same room. The boy’s focus is an upward glance, most likely looking at his dad. The boy almost looks worried as if he is asking his dad a serious question. The look on the boy’s face shows fear and makes it look as if hes concerned with what his dad has to say. Having this sudden camera movement and angled at his face shows the serious inquiry the boy has. Standing up also shows he has a serious question for his dad.

0:16 – The boy mouths a sentence quite quickly and continues to look up at his dad. This reassures us that the question he asked was directed towards the dad. The entire time the boy is asking the question he looks nervous or worried. At the same time there is a sense of curiosity/unknowing coming from the boy. Possibly whatever the boy is asking is very serious. The question is directed at the dad from the boy, so he knows his father has the answer.

0:17 – The ad then transitions to a black screen with white writing. We now learn that the ad is about gun safety.