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plane armor


It seems counterintuitive that you wouldn’t armor the planes that dealt the most damage. mathematician Abraham Wald during world war 2 had an idea to put more armor on the planes that came back with holes on them. but on the other hand it would be a waste of money to add more armor on the parts of the plane that had more bullet holes because those planes have survived. instead putting armor on the planes that didn’t have any bullet holes on them because those planes that got shot in that area did not come back!


paper or plastic?

It seems counterintuitive the less plastic or paper you use, your helping the environment. using less of one thing means your using more of something else. people may think if they take away plastic straws from drinking cups at fast food places and replacing them with paper straws just means there more paper. more paper means, more trees to cut down , still killing the eco system. there’s no right way and wrong way and that is the issue we have the todays world with co2 being the issue.


pizza hut at the pyramids.


It seems counterintuitive that there is a pizza hut at the pyramids, but i assure you it is great business on USA end.  Proof that the USA has truly conquered all of western civilization you will think?on the other hand,  if you understand the united states history we hare a melting pot of all different races. so this should not come to you as a surprise.



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