My Hypothesis – aloofgemini

  1. GMOs in food
  2. GMOs and their relationship to the environment and economy
  3. Getting rid of GMOs in all foods
  4. Getting rid of GMOs in foods can cause a lot of change
  5. By eliminating GMOs in foods it can take a toll on the environment
  6. Eliminating GMOs in the foods we eat can negatively impact the environment and the economy

One thought on “My Hypothesis – aloofgemini”

  1. At this point in the semester, I won’t try to improve your path to a hypothesis, Gemini. We’ll just move forward with what you have and make it better with every assignment.

    Eliminating GMOs in the foods we eat can negatively impact the environment and the economy

    I have some questions. You don’t need to answer them, but you do have to respond to feed the feedback loop. Failing to do so means I take less interest in your project, and that’s not good. I’m a good ally to those who stay engaged.

    1. GMOs are very recent, so eliminating them would reverse only some very recent history. Have the changes GMOs have caused to “the environment” and “the economy” been positive?
    2. I ask because “eliminating GMOs would have negative impact” DOES NOT MEAN that using them in the first place was altogether beneficial.
    3. Permit me a silly example. Let’s say in 2013 the state of New Jersey lowered the drinking age to 12. Yeah. Drunk pre-teens. Liquor stores were ecstatic. Bars had “Cartoon Network Trivia Nights.” But of course lots of kids died, fell off bridges, stumbled into traffic, and contributed to the funeral, emergency room, and legal industries. Then, in 2018, legislators proposed a return to the old 21-year legal drinking age. With a completely straight face, lobbyists complained to legislators that “returning to the older drinking age will negatively impact the economy.” Get it? Economic impact is a VERY weak argument when compared to drunk, dead, 12-year-olds. If GMOs represent a stupid drinking age, you’ll need to concentrate on the environmental impact instead.
    4. You don’t have to agree with me.
    5. Have GMOs IMPROVED the environment? If not, then eliminating them will have to show some mystery disadvantages.
    6. I’m more than willing to consider the case for anything you can demonstrate. But it’s time to be specific. No vague claims about “impact” will fly at the White Paper stage. Time to put some cards on the table.

    Are we good?


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