Visual Rewrite — Wiseman101

00:00 – 00:01

In the first second we can right the way notice a big white house with the white  picket fence and well maintained green bushes around the house. Also we can see how well the grass is cut on both sides. I can conclude  that people who live there have a good, high paid steady jobs in order to take care of the house. I would consider themselves as upper mid class. This house appears not to be surrounded by other houses.  We could even conclude that this house was constructed by current customer’s house plan. By looking at the shape of this house we could conclude that it was build fairly recent. The big red front door in the center makes us look directly at the center of the shot and not wonder around at first. We can see the side walk with a middle age woman moving towards the entrance. She is wearing a post mail worker uniform that suggests that the current time of the day either early in morning or mid afternoon. She is holding something in her hand, something small to deliver.

00:02 – 00:03

Now we can see that the camera is focused directly at the woman’s face. She is holding several white envelopes. The angle of the camera is shooting above her head, making us concentrate on some image slightly above her, perhaps in the window. Her face impression appears to be surprising. She perhaps sees something that attracts her attention.

00:03 – 00:06

we are looking inside the window from outside point of view. We can see a male’s arm flexing. His arm is fully covered with tattoos. It makes me think that he is a tattoo artist. He also has big muscles which leads to believe he works out and has a very healthy lifestyle. His skin looks young so we could assume he is in his thirties. He is wearing a black tank top, which makes us think that he is plan on staying inside the house. He also has a long black hair going down to his waist. He looks like he could be involved into music industry or, be a part of a local singing band. I would assume he plays an electronic guitar.

00:06 – 00:10

Within 4 seconds of the video we can see the close up of the man’s face. His body moves i side to side in the dancing matter. He is also moving his mouth and it looks like he is singing. He is looking down below him what makes us think that he is playing with someone on the floor  or way shorter than him. He is playing with a child.


At this second we can see a little girl. She looks like she is about 8 to 11 years old. She also looks like this man, so we could assume his is her father or uncle. She is repeating after him, his dance moves and a song they are singing to each other. She looks very engaged in this playing activity with the man. She looks very happy.


We finally see them both in the picture. They are standing facing each other and continue on with their dancing. The room looks very clean and colored in pink color. It looks like they are in the living room. We can see the pink, kids size bicycle on the bottom left. It has to belong to a little girl. She likes to ride it and stay very active.


In this part both a man and a little girl are sitting on the floor. She is holding a plastic keddle toy. She is about to pure some imaginary tea for the man and herself. Now it we can clearly assume that both of them are just having a good time playing with each other.

00:27 – 00:34

The screen picture changes to a black screen with #makeamoment writing on it. Now it all comes together that happy moments are in our control, so we could make those moments of happiness. Make happiness be happy.

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