Visual Rhetoric – aloofgemini

The Future is Voting | Get Out The Vote 2018

0:01-0:04: The words “TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE FOR THIS COUNTRY” flash across the screen individually.

0:05-0:08: A black man wearing a red button-up shirt and a tie, a white man in what looks like a golf shirt is standing outside of a big, expensive looking house, and three teenage girls on a boat are shown in about one-second increments. All people are looking at the camera.

0:09-0:10: A teenager is seen carrying five gallons of water down a sidewalk and gives them to a woman standing on the steps of an apartment.

0:11-0:14: The American flag is shown flying in the wind in the middle of a rural area of what looks like is somewhere in the south. A guy is shown with his horse and a girl is sitting on top of the horse. He is dressed in southwestern type attire and they are both looking at the camera. Another boy is riding his bike down the street in the dark at nighttime.

0:14-0:15: “THE VOTERS ARE COMING is shown on the screen with the background of a bunch of cars. Also looks like a rural area.

0:16-0:18: Two guys are next to a car looking at the camera and the hood of the car is up. A guy with a serious look on his face is shown looking at the camera. He is standing behind a building and looks like an urban area. Another man is shown looking into the camera at a skate park. A military woman is shown standing next to the door of a military vehicle, also looking at the camera.

0:19-0:20: “WE KNOW THE STAKES” is on the screen and the background is of a girl looking into the camera and she’s standing on the beach.

0:21-0:23: “FREE SPEECH” “ECONOMY” “TAXES” “SECURITY” “LIBERTY” “HEALTHCARE” flash across the screen in colors of red, white, and blue.

0:23-0:24: A camera pans to a man with a small grin on his face and he gives a “what’s up” motion with his head.

0:25-0:30: “THE FUTURE IS VOTING” pops up with white letters on a black background. “NOVEMBER 6” shows in white letters on a red background. “” shows in blue graffiti letters on a white background.

This ad was intended for the younger crowd that are able to vote and it showed a diverse group of people, which is supposed to show that everyone is different, has their own beliefs and that it’s important for their voice to be heard when it comes to voting.

Visual Rhetoric(revised)- beachgirl04

“Play Catch with Her”

0:00-0:03- Five steps from the ocean and a very calm sea, an apparently teen-ages boy in long pants and a long- sleeved shirt with sunglasses to block the glare of the sun kicks a beach ball into the air over his head. The camera shows us a wide view of the beach to show the boy as well as a girl. It is either dawn or sundown and we are aware of that because of the long thin shadow. The boy is only paying to attention to what is in front of him because the girl is running toward him and makes an attempt to jump upward to get the ball he has kicked. The girl is younger than he who is dressed in pink knee-length leggings and a loose pink top. She runs towards the ball and is very happy, she throws her arms above her head to track the ball’s fall in order to catch it. After the boy kicked the ball into the air he follows it to watch where it will fall but lets the girl catch it after a small bounce. He kicked the ball up for the young girl and wants her to enjoy the time they are spending together on the beach. She puts her tiny arms around as much of the ball as possible as the scene shifts.

0:04- The scene completely shifts and moves from a beach scene to an open field with a white sided house in the background behind multiple different bare trees. There is a man who looks to be in his 20’s or 30’s standing in the dew covered grass wearing a hat, a jacket and light blue jeans. He looks as if he is about to throw something winding up with his right arm as his throwing arm and the left arm in front, putting more pressure on his back-right leg while the left leg is lifted off of the ground a tiny amount. The season looks to be as if it fall due to the jeans and jacket the man is wearing and the lack of leaves on the trees that are near the house. The man quickly releases the baseball with not much force behind his throw, I do not know where the ball is going it could either be to another person or just to open field. The camera is at a little bit below eye level a good distance away from the man.

0:05- The scenes change again and shows a young girl around the age of 4 or 5 of color dressed in flips flops twice her size, a blue and white skirt and a light grey short sleeve shirt is catching a small blow up colorful beach ball in a fenced in backyard from another person but the other person is not pictured. The sun is setting behind her and she looked frightened and shuts her eyes as the ball is coming into her bent arms. The grass is not the healthiest grass, there are many patches of dead grass and very few patches of bright green grass.

0:06- The camera shifts over to show the other little girl who is smaller than her sister dressed in a short-sleeve shirt and long blue jeans. She is having a catch in the same backyard with her sister using the small colorful beach ball. The father who is a big man of color wearing a short-sleeve button up black shirt and dark blue jeans strots out to the backyard to see his two daughters spending time together. He looks interested in getting involved with his arms out to receive if they decide to involve him in their pass and begins having a conversation with his daughters.

0:07- Change of scenery again, the camera moves inside to a very nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, the fridge has magnets all over it which shows there are most likely children who live in the house and white cabinets with silver knobs. There is a young girl with dirty blonde hair past her shoulders dressed in a blue princess dress who is running out of the kitchen very quickly as if someone is calling her name or the doorbell just rung.

0:08- A teenage boy in a dark long sleeve shirt is standing outside of a nice set of garage doors with the windows at the top and the door panels below it, the garage doors are tan during night time tossing something up in the air to himself.

0:10- The camera shifts back inside into the kitchen, stainless steel refrigerator, white cabinets and granite counter tops behind the young girl with of a father and a daughter in her teenage years having a pass with a volleyball outside of their house as it gets later into the night, it is not extremely dark out but the house light is helping these individuals see what they are doing. The blue sky is still pictured and shows through some of the trees. They volley the ball back and forth while moving around. The father is in gray shorts and a white t shirt while the daughter is in a pink hoodie and dark shorts which makes me believe that it is a summer night.

0:16- The scene changes and there is a teenage girl at sunset jumping into a backyard pool about to catch some sort of ball from an individual not pictured. She is midstride into the pool wearing a bikini and her hair pulled back with her arms fully extended into the air. There is an umbrella and a pair of chairs that are placed at the end of the pool along with a couple different planters on the cement that surrounds that pool, there is a big white fence that encloses the pool with a few trees and a red roofed house on the other side of that fence.

0:17- The girl wearing a blue bikini with her dark hair pulled up into a bun catches the ball and jumps into the pool, she is submerged under water and pops her head back up with her hair in her eyes and has a huge smile on her face and looks like she is ready to laugh about what had just happened. I am sure she is shocked that she actually the ball that was thrown. The pool has a glare on it that makes the water look a lot darker than normal light blue pool water.

0:19- The camera changes scenes again and moved to a softball field, where a tall girl with dark hair in a baggy grey t shirt and navy blue softball pants is winding up to pitch a bright yellow softball at a very fast speed. She is right handed and holds the glove in her left hand. Blue skies and a few clouds are in the sky.

0:20- The girl who just released her pitch on the softball field is pitching to her father who is dressed with a navy blue polo, navy and white hat, sunglasses and shorts who caught the ball while squatting behind home plate with the glove in his right hand. They are practicing his daughter’s pitching skills and he looks like he is ready to compliment her on her last pitch because he uses his left hand and points to her and begins speaking.

0:23- The camera moves to an older man with grey combed over hair dressed in a light blue short-sleeve shirt in the night time who has a football in his right hand. He is ready to pass it to someone who is not pictured. The houses behind the man look as though they are in Florida because of the palm trees pictured. There is a white house behind him as well as a black mini-van.

0:24: The camera zooms out and shows the man throwing the football to a woman with her hair pulled back and shows the back of her head as she puts both of her arms in the air to intercept the pass. The man and the women are about 15 feet apart in the middle of a street, it looks as if they are in a colt sack because of how the two houses pictured are positioned.

0:25- The ad transitions into a black screen with white writing for the remainder of the video “It only takes a moment to make a moment.”


Visual Rhetoric

0:00-0:01 Ad opens on a porcelain tea-kettle in the shape of a cat’s head, mostly white but with blue on the outside of the head, brush strokes made to look like hair and small blue flowers on the spout and top of the kettle. The cat’s eyes have been given a more human look, seemingly looking up at its’s holder as if to say my contents are good. It has a small, round pink nose and thin pink lips. The cat is being held buy a well manicured hands, the holder must have just left the nail salon. The background is distorted as to not distract us from the kettle cat.  But you can make out a possible shelf with other small items. The overall image is bright and clean.

0:01-0:02 Screen shot transitions abruptly and you see a well-dressed black woman in a light pink leather jacket and blue jeans carrying a brown hand bag with a long strap going to her knees. She is holding the cat tee kettle and looking at it with a certain look that says, “I like this but do I like it enough to buy it.” Now you can see the store and it is still a bright and clean shot, good lighting, there are rows of clothes behind the woman, the row closest to the forground is of what looks like men’s pants, but not a typical row of men’s pants as the colors and style vary greatly, possibly a thrift store?–xQgOBBU

Visual Rhetoric- Dirtyjer065

Doritos commercial

0:00-0:01 You can see the back if a man in a nice shirt with flowers in his hand. He’s knocking on the door and we can tell he’s about to take her on a romantic date.

0:02-0:05 A young lady opens the door wearing jewelry and a nice dress, she smiles the whole time while looking into his eyes. She’s into him.

0:06-0:09 He follows her into the house biting his lip. You can see he really thinks she’s attractive

0:09-0:12 The camera shows his face while she walks away. You can see that he’s looking at her butt.

0:12-0:15 The camera zooms into the woman son’s fist. You can tell he’s not happy about this man taking his mom out.

0:15-0:18 The man sat on the couch comfortable and was happy and the little boy is mad standing next to him. He wants him to leave.

0:18-0:21 The man grabbed a Dorito and he’s excited to eat it while the little boy is annoyed abut the presence of the man.

0:22-0:25 The little boy is breaking down the ground rules to the man with his finger in his face.

Visual Rhetoric – jeprr1271

End Family Fire | Gun Safety

00. The first second looks like a cartoon animation riding a train carrying over what looks like yellow blocks as cargo. There is black smoke coming out of the train. The character seems to be happy. The train just exited a tunnel and seems to exit out into an open marsh field.
02. There’s a little boy laying down on the floor. The boy seems to be playing with his toys and now switched to watching T.V. seeing all the toys all over the floor. Some couch pillows are also all over the floor which suggests that the kid likes to make a mess. It looks like it’s late morning to early afternoon and the family seems to be part of the average middle-class. They have a couple paintings, a chandelier hanging over the dining table and some nice organic decoration by the T.V. The father goes seems to go up to his son.
03. The father seems to be bonding with his son. The ad shows the father tickling his son. It seems that the father caught his son by surprise.
11. The frame shows that the father is going to the kitchen. The kitchen windows seem to have curtains. The table has a half glass of what seems to be water.
14. The father goes to the sink and wants to go and wash his hands.
15. The father looks which suggests that someone or something caught his attention. The father also has a concerned look on his face as well.
16. The kid seems to be asking his father for something and is concerned as well.

Visual Rhetoric- misterfries19

Play Catch with Her

0:00 – 0:03

As our scene begins, the sun seems to be on the verge of rising above or falling beyond the horizon of an invitingly calm low tide. I can’t actually see the sun, but it’s rays are reflecting off of the ripples of the waves and pyramids in the sand, making the entire frame look like a piece of granite taken out of a kitchen countertop. Closer to the edge of the water is a young man, alone for an instant. Dressed in all black sweat pants and sweatshirt, his outfit changes my perception of what season it may be. He doesn’t seem too cold, but I get the sensation that it is a fall evening. Standing near the water, and alone for an instant, he punts the ball into the air. As the ball ascends towards its vertex, a tiny girl wanders into frame, immediately in awe of the ball. She is dressed in all red or pink, which shows a strong contrast to how the young man is dressed. This could be drawing us to her femininity, or it could be representing how vibrant and optimistic she is in her young age. In contrast, the man’s decision to wear all black could be showing us somebody who is despondent, or who has grown somewhat lonely. Whereas the little girl is simply enamored with the ball in all of it’s flight and descension, the man seems to be unconcerned with the ball. He is tossing the ball out of boredom. The relationship between the child and man is unknown, but it is possible this is a father-daughter moment being shared with us. Further analysis makes me doubt this, however. As the ball falls, the girl approaches it, wholeheartedly. She wants the ball. The man sees the girl intercept his route to the ball, and he backs away. It doesn’t seem affectionate, or expected, because his backing away doesn’t accompany a smile or any kind of physical gesture other than the blank half content look the guy has had on his face the whole time. He backs away from the girl almost hastily, as if he didn’t know she was there. I almost get the sense that he has been politely annoyed by the girl.

0:04 – 0:08

The scene shifts instantaneously to a whole new surrounding, but the atmosphere remains remarkably familiar to the previous few seconds. There is no change in mood. The sun looks to be rising, as we can see morning dew in the foreground of the scene, on what is somewhat longer cut grass. In the distance, a charmingly quaint and slightly beaten down house nestles between a few shrubs and trees, and is towered over by a dominant oak tree. Attached to the house looks to be an outdoor porch, closed in by windows and screening, but maintaining the outdoor feeling. Finally, we get to the figure in the center of the frame. Judging by the his frame and clothing, we can determine this is a man. Donning washed blue jeans, worker boots, a baseball cap, and a jacket, the man seems to be well on his way into the day, despite it being obviously early. This man is representative of a blue collar individual. A real “man at night, man in the morning” kind of guy. Almost fading with the pixels of the camera, we can faintly see a windmill peer up from above the tree line. This can possibly be even more evidence that the setting is a farm, and the man is the farmer. As we drop back into focus, the man shines almost inversely, as his shadow pierces the light coming from the sun to give him an almost divine look. The front yard is empty, but full of long grass and sunlight.


Visual Rhetoric– BeezKneez

End Family Fire

0:01 – The ad starts off with an older cartoon clip of a mouse driving a steam train that is pulling cars full of bars of gold. The train is just coming out of a tunnel and is continuing through a green meadow.

0:02 – The camera zooms out of the tv to show us a nicely dressed father (probably heading to work) reaching down to wake up his son who fell asleep on the floor while watching the cartoon. The inside of their home looks very nice. Probably a middle class family. The sleeping boy is about 5 years old. The boy’s toy rhino is on the floor underneath the coffee table along with some other toys.

0:03 – The camera moves closer as the father touches the boy’s sides to wake him up. The boy moves and is about to get up.

0:04 – The father keeps tickling the boy’s sides. The boy turns towards the camera and is laughing with joy. We see that the boy has drawing of a rainbow sitting on the coffee table along with markers and a notebook.

0:05 – The camera switches to us looking at the father’s face while still tickling his son. The father is smiling. There is a mirror on the wall behind him with the reflection of a chandelier in it.

0:06- 0:07 – The father stands up and begins to walk away while the boy remains laying on the ground. The boy is laying on his back now looking up instead of sleeping on his stomach like before.

0:10 – The boy is still laying on the floor but turns his head to see where his father is going.

0:11 – The father is walking towards a wooden counter top in the kitchen. There is a glass of water  sitting on the counter along with a knife and the core of an apple.

0:15 – The father walks to the sink where he begins to roll up his sleeves and looks back in the direction of his son. The kitchen has dark wooden cabinets and there are windows above the sink.

0:16 – The camera switches back to the boy who is now standing up looking at his father. He asks him something. His facial expression is very innocent looking.

0:17 – Words appear on the screen that say, “8 kids a day are accidentally killed or injured by FAMILY FIRE.”

0:23 – The words change to say “FAMILY FIRE is a shooting involving an improperly stored gun.”