Visual Rhetoric- Whosthatguy2


Double Chin

00:02: The ad starts with an African-American couple who seem to be in a supermarket of some sort. This is believed because the is a shelf of items like jelly and condiments in the background. A woman is dressed in a brown coat with a blue collared shirt and jeans. She is pushing a cart but from this frame you cannot see what is in the cart. The man is dressed in a green collared shirt and jeans and seems to be reading the ingredients of some sort of bottle. This is based on the way he is holding the item sideways and his eye contact with the bottle.


00:05: The frame has zoomed out not and you can clearly tell that it is a supermarket because of the aisles and food all around. The women who is pushing the cart has run over some sort of beige/peach item on the ground. She is looking at whatever it is but the man in the frame is still focused on the item he is holding.


00:08: The framed has zoomed into an under view of the cart. The women now said something to the man and they are both looking and this blob on the ground. From the context I am guessing that the woman is asking the man what the item on the floor is.


00:11: The man has now put whatever item he was holding in the cart and is picking up the fatty looking item from the front of the cart.


00:16: The frame has now gone to the man and a segment of the item that was under the cart. The man said something to the women and from his serious face I think he knows what the item is.


00:20: The man put the object back onto the floor and it looks like the couple is continuing to shop regularly like the object is no surprise so I’m guessing it is something they have seen before.


00:24: The screen is now an orange background and was switching through and bunch of text and landed on “Small step # 81: Snacks on fruits and vegetables not sweets.”


00:28: The screen has switched again to with more text that says “Take a small step to get healthy.” Under that it says “Get started at”

Visual Rhetoric rewrite -kinggkunta

0:00- 0:02

Within this span, The ad begins with an animated train coming out a tunnel. This suggests that it may be from a tv, then the camera zooms out to prove our suspicions.  We can tell this is a happy middle class by the natural colors the video is shot in. The deliberate placement of the young child in the middle of the room suggests that the boy is very young and playful. The messiness of the living room can also suggest the young boy was the culprit. Also, the setup of the room alongside the interaction between the dad and the boy suggests the laid-back attitude of the family. We see the father walk up to the boy and tickle him as he lays on the floor. The center table slightly shifted to the left in front of the couch. and the tv to the far right.

0:02- 0:05

We see the father tickling the child. The smile on the face of both the father and boy suggests the deep happiness dwelling within the family.

0:09- 0:10

In this frame, the boy looks up at the ceiling as if he was bored or thinking of something, at this point we can see the mischieve in the young child’s face. A face that most young children have when boredom sticks. We also see the bottom of what seems to be a door, and next to it is a skateboard lying adjacent to a cabinet set on the floor.

0:10- 0:12

We see utensils, and a half drank glass of water over the counter, and this suggests the family might be sloppy. Also, a kitchen knife is improperly stored on the counter table. The camera is specifically focused on the placement of the knife, glass of water, and bowl- Very careless of adults. This may be a form of a metaphor purposely displayed by the creator of the ad. That a utensil such a knife could easily be placed next to a glass of water, which is easy for a child to reach. also, we see the father walk pass it without taking a second look.

0:12- 0:15

Within this span, the camera goes from the dad to the boy, with the dad facing the kid like he was having a conversation with the boy. The dad also folds his sleeve up while standing in front of the sink. We can conclude the dad was about to do the dishes or wash his hand. We also see the boy standing in the center of the room, with all focus and attention drawn to the child.  The placement of the boy in this frame compels us to think of the position of the knife, and how easy it is for the child to reach it.

Visual Rhetoric- Baahubali

Ad Council of Rochester “Excuses” Spot
(with Scott Kilbury of News10NBC)

0.00-  In this scene, at first a blank screen appears. And as the screen fades away,     a women about the age of 35 appears who is looking in the mirror with a disturbed and     rather worried expression. She is holding an earring in her hand and wearing the other one in her right ears.

0.01- Then she looks upwards to see herself, and then takes a deep breath.

0.02- And then releases her breath as a sign of concern as she looks straight into her own eyes. Also she is holding her earrings a bit more tightly in her both hands. As if something is terrifying her.

0.03- And now she is having a little bit of weird smile on her face. As if she is thinking about something deeply. And then nods her hear in a manner of saying “no.”

0.04- Then there appears a small girl sitting in the other room. She looks like the daughter of the women and appears to be at the age of 16-18 years old. She seems like writing or drawing something. The room appears to be a typical ‘girl room’ as it is having everything in the shades of purple. And she seems like fond with painting and art because of art stuff and painting wallpaper.

0.05- She is drawing something with lots of concentration.

0.06- She stopped drawing and looks upwards at the camera.

0.07- She keeps on staring at the camera as if, her eyes were saying millions of words silently. And then the women appears again still staring herself in the mirror thinking deeply.

0.08- She again takes a deep breath.

0.09- And then releases it. It looks like something might have happened in past or recently with her or with her daughter.

0.10- And the girl appears again who resumed her work i.e., drawing. But she seems upset now while drawing. As if she is drawing something that has happened with her and it hurts from inside her. Due to which there are lines of tension on her forehead.

0.11-0.12- And now her eyes are wet and seems like she is goanna cry any moment. And looks scared of some horrible old memory within her.

0.13- then an inverted drawing appears on the screen. Where she has drawn a picture of a girl and that girl is having a ‘cross sign’ on her lips. It depicts as if the girl is being made silent about not to say anything, about what had have happened with her in past or recently. According to me it is regarding molestation or sexual abuse or even rape.

0.14- and now finally the women speaks. She has her eyes fixed in the mirror and is still looking at the mirror as if she is conveying a message to every reader or viewer of the video. She is also hurt deeply and seems disturbed as her daughter is.

0.15- she is likely to be narrating her daughters story that has happened recently or in past. Because as she tells the scene changes and the daughter appears again and now looks on her left side, where the camera is. Her eyes are seeking for help or concern about the past events that has occurred with her.

0.16- she is still looking at the camera and hence speaks. The way she speaks, with her eyes wet, it is sure that something evil or horrible might have happened to her.

0.17-0.18- she continues to speak. And has tears in her eyes and is scared to tell everyone.

0.19- screen goes blank.

0.20- then the question appears, “suspect child sexual abuse?” and therefore we come to know that this is an ad about ‘child sexual abuse’ and the girl and her mother were conveying the same message to their viewers about child sexual abuse.

0.21-0.24-  and now a confidential helpline number appears below with a website also of “” even a subtext also appears, which says “find out what-if anything-needs to be done” means you can seek help regarding child sexual abuse on the give helpline number and website provided.

0.25-0.29 then a person in his house appears on the screen with his wife talking on the phone at a distance in the background in the kitchen. The person’s name is ‘Scott Kilbury’ who works in news 10 NBC. He is also agreeing with the same thing and explains or brings awareness among people. Because we can see that the sub-banner with website and helpline number flashing. And he looks confident in what he is speaking by the way of his facial expression and also the eye-contact with the camera.

0.30- the screen gets blank. The video gets over.

Visual Rhetoric – aloofgemini

The Future is Voting | Get Out The Vote 2018

0:01-0:04: The words “TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE FOR THIS COUNTRY” flash across the screen individually.

0:05-0:08: A black man wearing a red button-up shirt and a tie, a white man in what looks like a golf shirt is standing outside of a big, expensive looking house, and three teenage girls on a boat are shown in about one-second increments. All people are looking at the camera.

0:09-0:10: A teenager is seen carrying five gallons of water down a sidewalk and gives them to a woman standing on the steps of an apartment.

0:11-0:14: The American flag is shown flying in the wind in the middle of a rural area of what looks like is somewhere in the south. A guy is shown with his horse and a girl is sitting on top of the horse. He is dressed in southwestern type attire and they are both looking at the camera. Another boy is riding his bike down the street in the dark at nighttime.

0:14-0:15: “THE VOTERS ARE COMING is shown on the screen with the background of a bunch of cars. Also looks like a rural area.

0:16-0:18: Two guys are next to a car looking at the camera and the hood of the car is up. A guy with a serious look on his face is shown looking at the camera. He is standing behind a building and looks like an urban area. Another man is shown looking into the camera at a skate park. A military woman is shown standing next to the door of a military vehicle, also looking at the camera.

0:19-0:20: “WE KNOW THE STAKES” is on the screen and the background is of a girl looking into the camera and she’s standing on the beach.

0:21-0:23: “FREE SPEECH” “ECONOMY” “TAXES” “SECURITY” “LIBERTY” “HEALTHCARE” flash across the screen in colors of red, white, and blue.

0:23-0:24: A camera pans to a man with a small grin on his face and he gives a “what’s up” motion with his head.

0:25-0:30: “THE FUTURE IS VOTING” pops up with white letters on a black background. “NOVEMBER 6” shows in white letters on a red background. “” shows in blue graffiti letters on a white background.

This ad was intended for the younger crowd that are able to vote and it showed a diverse group of people, which is supposed to show that everyone is different, has their own beliefs and that it’s important for their voice to be heard when it comes to voting.

Visual Rhetoric- Dirtyjer065

Doritos commercial

0:00-0:01 You can see the back if a man in a nice shirt with flowers in his hand. He’s knocking on the door and we can tell he’s about to take her on a romantic date.

0:02-0:05 A young lady opens the door wearing jewelry and a nice dress, she smiles the whole time while looking into his eyes. She’s into him.

0:06-0:09 He follows her into the house biting his lip. You can see he really thinks she’s attractive

0:09-0:12 The camera shows his face while she walks away. You can see that he’s looking at her butt.

0:12-0:15 The camera zooms into the woman son’s fist. You can tell he’s not happy about this man taking his mom out.

0:15-0:18 The man sat on the couch comfortable and was happy and the little boy is mad standing next to him. He wants him to leave.

0:18-0:21 The man grabbed a Dorito and he’s excited to eat it while the little boy is annoyed abut the presence of the man.

0:22-0:25 The little boy is breaking down the ground rules to the man with his finger in his face.

Visual Rhetoric – jeprr1271

End Family Fire | Gun Safety

00. The first second looks like a cartoon animation riding a train carrying over what looks like yellow blocks as cargo. There is black smoke coming out of the train. The character seems to be happy. The train just exited a tunnel and seems to exit out into an open marsh field.
02. There’s a little boy laying down on the floor. The boy seems to be playing with his toys and now switched to watching T.V. seeing all the toys all over the floor. Some couch pillows are also all over the floor which suggests that the kid likes to make a mess. It looks like it’s late morning to early afternoon and the family seems to be part of the average middle-class. They have a couple paintings, a chandelier hanging over the dining table and some nice organic decoration by the T.V. The father goes seems to go up to his son.
03. The father seems to be bonding with his son. The ad shows the father tickling his son. It seems that the father caught his son by surprise.
11. The frame shows that the father is going to the kitchen. The kitchen windows seem to have curtains. The table has a half glass of what seems to be water.
14. The father goes to the sink and wants to go and wash his hands.
15. The father looks which suggests that someone or something caught his attention. The father also has a concerned look on his face as well.
16. The kid seems to be asking his father for something and is concerned as well.

Visual Rhetoric- misterfries19

Play Catch with Her

0:00 – 0:03

As our scene begins, the sun seems to be on the verge of rising above or falling beyond the horizon of an invitingly calm low tide. I can’t actually see the sun, but it’s rays are reflecting off of the ripples of the waves and pyramids in the sand, making the entire frame look like a piece of granite taken out of a kitchen countertop. Closer to the edge of the water is a young man, alone for an instant. Dressed in all black sweat pants and sweatshirt, his outfit changes my perception of what season it may be. He doesn’t seem too cold, but I get the sensation that it is a fall evening. Standing near the water, and alone for an instant, he punts the ball into the air. As the ball ascends towards its vertex, a tiny girl wanders into frame, immediately in awe of the ball. She is dressed in all red or pink, which shows a strong contrast to how the young man is dressed. This could be drawing us to her femininity, or it could be representing how vibrant and optimistic she is in her young age. In contrast, the man’s decision to wear all black could be showing us somebody who is despondent, or who has grown somewhat lonely. Whereas the little girl is simply enamored with the ball in all of it’s flight and descension, the man seems to be unconcerned with the ball. He is tossing the ball out of boredom. The relationship between the child and man is unknown, but it is possible this is a father-daughter moment being shared with us. Further analysis makes me doubt this, however. As the ball falls, the girl approaches it, wholeheartedly. She wants the ball. The man sees the girl intercept his route to the ball, and he backs away. It doesn’t seem affectionate, or expected, because his backing away doesn’t accompany a smile or any kind of physical gesture other than the blank half content look the guy has had on his face the whole time. He backs away from the girl almost hastily, as if he didn’t know she was there. I almost get the sense that he has been politely annoyed by the girl.

0:04 – 0:08

The scene shifts instantaneously to a whole new surrounding, but the atmosphere remains remarkably familiar to the previous few seconds. There is no change in mood. The sun looks to be rising, as we can see morning dew in the foreground of the scene, on what is somewhat longer cut grass. In the distance, a charmingly quaint and slightly beaten down house nestles between a few shrubs and trees, and is towered over by a dominant oak tree. Attached to the house looks to be an outdoor porch, closed in by windows and screening, but maintaining the outdoor feeling. Finally, we get to the figure in the center of the frame. Judging by the his frame and clothing, we can determine this is a man. Donning washed blue jeans, worker boots, a baseball cap, and a jacket, the man seems to be well on his way into the day, despite it being obviously early. This man is representative of a blue collar individual. A real “man at night, man in the morning” kind of guy. Almost fading with the pixels of the camera, we can faintly see a windmill peer up from above the tree line. This can possibly be even more evidence that the setting is a farm, and the man is the farmer. As we drop back into focus, the man shines almost inversely, as his shadow pierces the light coming from the sun to give him an almost divine look. The front yard is empty, but full of long grass and sunlight.