Purposeful Summary 1 : “After Combat, Victims of an Inner War”

It seems counterintuitive that a soldier is strong enough to survive combat overseas but not strong enough to survive regular everyday life of being back home. But that is exactly what happened to members of the 1451st and hundreds of other military members in the United States.

Suicide in among military and ex-military members who have been to combat zones is on the rise. Vets that come home from war often experience incredible guilt and mental pain. These vets tend to isolate themselves and some actually would rather go back overseas because it is too difficult to adjust to normal everyday civilian life.

These symptoms and problems vets experience can be too much to handle. And although they were strong enough to fight for our country and made it through month and year long tours in a warzone, the trip and life back home can be too much to handle. Unfortunately in many cases it ends with the veteran taking his own life.

Purposeful Summary 2: “Ptsd Crisis That.s Being Ignored”

It seems counterintuitive that a normal us citizen can experience ptsd even though they have never been in the military or in combat zones. But they can.

It is being discovered that individuals who live in more violent neighborhoods and those that have experienced a traumatic incident are developing ptsd at an alarming rate. Its very clear to many doctors and social workers who treat victims of violent crimes that these victims can and will develop symptoms of ptsd just like a veteran who toured Iraq or Afghanistan.

Many hospitals across the country have patients who will likely develop ptsd. However they do not have the resources or means to help individuals deal with the disorder. pstd in our neighborhoods and among civilians is becoming a serious problem.

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