My Hypothesis–kentcoleslaw

  1. Positions of power and the people in them.

2. Personality types of people in positions of power.

3. Approval ratings of people in authority positions?

4. Personality types attracted to authority positions are usually unsuited to it.

5. Seeking out authority positions is common in sociopaths and primary psychopaths.

6. Psychopathy/ antisocial personality disorder/ sociopathic traits in an authority figure can be a large benefit.

One thought on “My Hypothesis–kentcoleslaw”

  1. I provisionally love this, Kent. Love it because the audacity of arguing that we get the worst possible leaders—so that the very systems we construct to deliver us quality leadership are doomed—but provisionally because the nature of the argument is so subjective it’s hard to imagine how you’ll quantify any of its claims.


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