Visual Rhetoric- Not cilantro

Play Catch with Her :30 Fatherhood Involvement. Ad Council

0:01 A Father and Daughter are seen playing ball at the beach. It appears to be during the sunset. They probably went to the beach just to play since they are wearing jackets and no summer beach items are pictured.

0:04 A single father is shown outside of his house, throwing a baseball. Perhaps his kid is a boy. Seems to be a meadow. Around sunset once again. Maybe the sunset background adds some warmth into the scene to show love.

0:05-0:06 A father throws a beach ball at his dad. The little girls is caught off guard yet manages to catch the ball. They are playing in their backyard, since a grill is seen.

0:07-0:11 A little girl dressed as Cinderella is in the kitchen catching an orange. The kitchen is modern and sleek. Probably middle class. Stickers on the fridge and roses on the counter. Portrays a loving home. In between seconds it cuts to a young man playing at night.

0:11-0:12 Father and daughter playing catch outside in their front lawn. Houses close together. House is accessorized with decorative pillows yet no curtains at the front window. Occurs slightly before sundown.

0:13-0:14 A little girl chasing a white ball outdoors, perhaps in a park.

0:15 A father is playing volleyball with his teen daughter. Sky is dark blue, almost nighttime. They’re playing outside their house and outdoors lights are on.

0:16-0:18 A teen daughter jumps to catch a ball and falls in the pool. The pool is in their fenced house. Once again during sunset. Must be a warm day due to the daughter wearing a bathing suit.

0:19-0:21 Another teen daughter has a baseball glove on her left hand and spins to throw the ball at her dad. The father has a glove as well and catches the ball successfully. They seem to be training due to the dad pointing at her and sending a positive message of her throw skills. Also during sundown, at a park. A baseball team is practicing in the background. Somewhere around spring.

0:22- 0:23 Father and daughter are seen outside playing catch in the middle of the road. Street lights are on and some lights are off inside the houses. Looks like a nice and safe area. A lot of family vans parked outside.

0:25 cuts to a black screen with this message ” It only takes a moment to make a moment.” Also contains their website and logos of sponsors like Ad Council and ACF. The video is targeted to fathers who don’t spend much time with their kids. Most scenes were at sundown or night, meaning that theirs time to play after the father comes home from work. Families are middle class. Most were daughters, so maybe dads spend more time with their sons than daughters and with this video it tells fathers to play with them as well.


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