Grammar Exercise- p1nk123456

If primary caretakers have a negative attitude toward their child it will increase the risk of the child growing up to be hostile towards others. A large number of children raised by abusive parents harm themselves and act out aggressively towards others. Abuse creates a negative behavior due to the abused child not learning the appropriate techniques for handling life’s disappointments. When a child isn’t raised with necessary coping skills, they are much more likely to act inappropriately in comparison to a child that has developed reasonable coping skills. The effect of poor parenting, as reported by Dr. Geoffrey Dahmer in “The Bully Papers”, is that everyone raises the child they deserve.

4 thoughts on “Grammar Exercise- p1nk123456”

  1. Strong work overall, Pink. This paragraph would fail just twice for fatal (FFG) grammar and punctuation errors. You needlessly added a problem by substituting versus for the simple comparative than that was already in place. Versus has its place, but this isn’t it. Find and fix the problems?


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