Visual Rhetoric- Dirtyjer065

Doritos commercial

0:00-0:01 You can see the back if a man in a nice shirt with flowers in his hand. He’s knocking on the door and we can tell he’s about to take her on a romantic date.

0:02-0:05 A young lady opens the door wearing jewelry and a nice dress, she smiles the whole time while looking into his eyes. She’s into him.

0:06-0:09 He follows her into the house biting his lip. You can see he really thinks she’s attractive

0:09-0:12 The camera shows his face while she walks away. You can see that he’s looking at her butt.

0:12-0:15 The camera zooms into the woman son’s fist. You can tell he’s not happy about this man taking his mom out.

0:15-0:18 The man sat on the couch comfortable and was happy and the little boy is mad standing next to him. He wants him to leave.

0:18-0:21 The man grabbed a Dorito and he’s excited to eat it while the little boy is annoyed abut the presence of the man.

0:22-0:25 The little boy is breaking down the ground rules to the man with his finger in his face.

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