Enough About You- D2Forsaken

Money seems to have a big role in our society and we can’t do much or get far if we don’t have any. Money is valuable in different ways, even when they don’t see it physically. In today’s society people must have faith in the government and in the banking system that our money is being handled in the proper manner; if not, then we would have to hide all of the money under the mattress or around the house. I have no clue what happens in the banks, or how they take care of people’s money. I always thought money was simple; we either have some or we don’t—that’s it. However, being introduced to this assignment, the Yap Fei, US gold, French francs, Brazilian cruzeros, and debit accounts now seem similar. People don’t actually see your money being transferred. When we get paid, we aren’t handed cash, we don’t receive a physical check, the money’s all directly transferred to the bank, and we just have to trust that we got more money.

Rebuttal- D2Forsaken

With Net Neutrality, people are able to post inappropriate things that others don’t want to see. Without Net Neutrality we can deny people from doing that and make sure the internet is a safe place. With Net Neutrality you can restrict websites yourself but some are able to find ways to bypass that. But without Net Neutrality we could deny people who are underage from accessing certain websites without a verification of who they are first. While blocking sites like those it is possible to crack down on  peer-to-peer file-sharing and make illegal downloads nearly impossible. People could also pay for only what they want and not extra things that are a waste of money.

If people only want the internet and not cable, they could choose that on their plans. Instead of paying for two and only using one service, you could pay for just one service and be aloud to use that service. Also if you don’t use the internet a lot you could pay so you could only get it on the days/weeks you need it the most. Without Net Neutrality prices, overall carrier prices would go down for those who don’t need access to everything and for those who don’t need the fastest speed. Not only that, it could also cause for less companies to pop up on the internet besides the “big” companies.

Because Net Neutrality gives everyone an equal ISP causing equal customers so no one company can own the internet.” Net neutrality hurts ISPs because they pay to manage their buildings and offices, bringing them less profit,” says Monica Ramirez author of Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality. With Net Neutrality giving companies equal benefits, and not charging us the consumer it’s forced to charge companies like Netflix. Charging Netflix more many to be on their provider, it makes us the consumer pay even more money a month to access it.



Robust Verb- D2Forsaken

Vancouver has a huge problem  with heroin addicts and people would do anything to get these drugs even if that means breaking into homes and stealing in order to support them. Daily activities such as jobs, interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain because of the fact that they are using drugs. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop the addicts. The problem with this program is that it won’t help to ween these addicts off using heroin. It is only trying to save the city from rising crime rates that they’re up to, by providing the drugs. This will also keep the heroin users out of the hospital. It is pointless that the hospitals have to deal with people that want to use bad drugs or unsanitary needles and find themselves being unable to afford hospital bills and hard to cope without the drug. This program gives people free heroin in the cleanest way possible. This will in turn fix the city  but not the addiction that these people face.

Causal – D2Forsaken

I could use some help getting started, Professor Hodges. I know that I want to talk about Net Neutrality and it’s benefits. I know what I want to talk about but I’m not sure how I should be wording things and I feel I might be overlapping my reasoning for these. I’m not sure if overlapping my reasons would be beneficial since they lead in to my next cause or if it overlaps to the point where I’m repeating myself.

One thing I want to talk about is that with Net Neutrality, we have the ability to access websites on our time without internet providers intervening. It allows little companies to advertise on the internet since they don’t have to pay extra to be on the front page, they just have to wait for the ad on pop up on our devices. Without Net Neutrality, an internet provider like youmail over gmail, we would have to pay extra just to access gmail since our provider doesn’t like them.

Another thing is that without Net Neutrality, they could throttle your internet speed to the point where things aren’t accessible. If we enjoy something that our internet provider doesn’t, they would charge us more for it. They would also charge those companies that they don’t like more and if those companies refuse to pay then it wouldn’t be accessible. Companies such as Netflix that has become such a popular thing could pay. Internet providers would use this to their advantage since they know their users enjoy Netflix and would do anything to watch it, even if that means higher prices.

Open Strong – D2Forsaken

  1. We live in the world where the internet has become a necessity and we need to keep it that way. The internet has become so dominant that you need a lab top/computer jus to pass your classes. To many people want to restrict our rights on the internet and we need to preserve it. Net Neutrality allows us to do what we want when we want on the internet and we need to keep it that way. Without it, internet speeds will become throttled and we have to pay more to access more. In order to preserve the equality of the internet we must protect Net Neutrality and keep it safe.
  2. People want to take away your internet away from you and that is not acceptable. That is why Net Neutrality is here and it needs to stay with us. Net Neutrality allows us to use the internet for our wants and needs without internet providers intervening and telling us “NO!”. Without it we will be forced to pay for better internet speeds and to access some websites. Websites that might be necessary for school and would fail if internet providers took that away from us. Net Neutrality is the only thing keeping us on the internet to enjoy the things we want to enjoy.

Saw Stop- D2Forsaken

The Saw That Won’t Cut Off Your Fingers Has Arrived

A: Roy Berendsohn author of “The Saw That Won’t Cut Off Your Fingers Has Arrived” says that “About midway through the cut, when the blade moved from the wood’s dry exterior into the moist interior, there was a loud bang … The blade vanished.”
B: This quote shows that through testing of object is that the saw works and stops when it senses wet items.
C: The quote is an evaluation since it was just them testing to see if the sensor on the saw actually worked.
D: The quote isn’t to accurate because they never specified how many tests they did exactly and wether or not they tested it on human limbs. They only claimed that it worked on wood which is different then a human arm or hand.
E: I agree with the quote that it vanished quickly but it doesn’t show that if this test was done on a human it would react the same way.

Injury Lawyer Perspective

A: The Schmidt Firm which is a National Law Firm claims that, “Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations. Table saws cause more injuries than any other woodworking tool. Although SawStop safety technology has been around for more than ten years, not all table saw manufacturers have adopted it.”
B: This quote shows the danger of those who don’t use the saw stop technology and the consequences.
C: The quote is a factual claim using statistics of those hurt without a saw stop table saw.
D: I’m not sure of where this fact was taken from or even if these are the numbers. The numbers might be higher then usual to scare people into buying the technology. It could even me lower then that to say to people that this isn’t really needed.
E: I’m not sure if I can agree with the facts shown because it doesn’t say where they got there info from.

Power tool industry to powerful to regulate?

A: Myron Levin author of “Power tool industry to powerful to regulate?” says that” SawStop still makes the only saws with skin-sensing technology, and it accounts for a tiny fraction of sales.”
B: This quote shows that people either don’t believe in the technology or think they are better then that and it will never happen to them.
C: The quote shows the Power tool industry refusing to use these safety regulations.
D: The quote seems to show how industries don’t want to invest the money in such a thing that you have to replace the blade every “incident”. Yes it better then getting a limb cut off but if someone is safe who wants to keep buying the blade.
E: I agree with this quote because a lot of people believe it will never happen to them and that is the mentality they live with.

Feds might force table-saw makers to adopt radically safer technology

A: Author Timothy Lee says that “Before the invention of the SawStop technology, power-tool makers could argue that table saws were just an inherently dangerous product, and customers accepted the risk when they chose to buy and operate them.”
B: This quote could show how table-saw makers don’t care about the safety of their customers since no one ever has to agree to the terms and conditions about the risks of the table saw.
C: The quote is just a “reason” for table saw makers to not incorporate safety regulations.
D: People know and understand the risk of buying table saws but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have safety regulations. Things happen you can’t avoid and without the saw stop these accidents happen and you might end in the hospital.
E: This quote is true how people know the risks but it doesn’t mean there safety should be in there own hands.

Bosch Tools SawStop LawSuit

A: Clint DeBoer author of “Bosch Tools SawStop LawSuit” says that “Besides that, his injury would also have been prevented by properly following existing safety procedures that are well documented and clearly were violated in this instance. You can’t cut off your fingers if they don’t get near the blade.”
B: This quote says that the company really believe in that if you follow the regulations that come with a table saw then injuries like this won’t happen to you.
C: This is an opinion from the company of the table saw since there is possibility of slip ups even with following all of their regulations:
D: Accidents happen and some of them you can’t prevent so even if all regulations are followed things are bound to happen. No matter how safe you are, your finger could get close and get cut or the item you are cutting could be kicked back and hit you in the gut.
E: I don’t believe in this quote because accidents happen and some times you can’t avoid them Safety regulations lower the amount of injuries, they don’t eliminate them.

Visual Rhetoric – D2Forsaken

The Future Is Voting | Get Out The Vote 2018

0:01- Opens up with a scene of the lower half of a women walking on the beach along the water during a sunset.

0:02-0:04- Shows the face of the women on the beach and the sun behind her blinding the viewer watching. On the screen it shows “WE KNOW THE STAKES” showing how we know what we need to do.

0:05-0:08- The words “FREE SPEECH,” “IMMIGRATION,” HEALTH CARE,” “ECONOMY,” “SECURITY,” “TAXES,” “WOMEN’S RIGHTS,” “LIBERTY,” EQUALITY,” all shown on the screen. They are shown in the color scheme of red white and blue to represent the US and what it means to be a US Citizen.

0:09- The word “THE FUTURE IS VOTING” shows on screen in black and white. It might represent that people are voting already for a “better” future and it is our turn to vote for the future.

0:12- The date November 6th shows up on the screen again with the color scheme of the American Flag. This might represent when the time is coming to vote for a “better” future