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  1. -Rather than overwhelming the reader with a set of data, offer them explanations of the pieces of data.
    -Definition essay is not defining a word like a dictionary.
    -Persuasion, truth, clarity, premise in the first sentence.
    -Every sentence you write is an argument.


  2. – You need to be given options to make a decision. The customer (reader) needs to be guided, if they aren’t given choices, they do not know what to look at. The waitress (author) is the expert that guides. A good waiter shares the information right away, not later.
    – Rather than overwhelming the reader with data, we have to offer than opinions.
    – You need to talk the reader into wanting what you want. Because of the skill and command of data, you attract the reader. Everyone wins.
    – Farther is more distance, further is further more.
    – There are different levels of theft. If someone steals $12,000 from a company at once, that is clearly stealing. But is taking 12 cents from thousands of people theft? Yes, but they are different types of theft. No one cares about 12 cents in that moment.This idea is used within a definition essay. We are not defining a word like a dictionary, we are trying to define and explains the ideas and information around the word.
    – Trying to figure out if two separate things are the same or different puts them in classes of their characteristics. Smallpox and polio only have so many characteristics that they share. They can be very different, but they have enough in common, and what they have in common are characteristics that make them eradicable.
    – People prefer to pay less. When a customer pays with a credit card, we pay the tax because the retailer pays a credit card fee. The credit card company dos not pay the fee. This is why retailers gives discounts for paying with cash. You receive a better deal and the retailer does not lose money.
    – Choose the Good Opening Sentence: “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.” The first sentence is very important. It might or might not be true, but it is worth saying. “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost”: It makes two strong paradoxical claims, it challenges the reader, it’s memorable, it is a good example of itself, and it can be debated.
    – An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost. A successful essay persuades the reader of the truth with clarity and premise. We need to appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos. Claims have to be sincere, responsible, and we feel that we have something of value. Readers will be lost when the writer is cheap, insincere, or sentimental. Writers have to say things truthfully to make a valid argument.
    – Once the reader can’t understand what you’re saying, you lose. When the author loses faith in your ability to give them information, we lose them. We need clear premises and a base on rational arguments.
    – If we don’t have a hypothesis to prove, we are just talking. Every sentence we write is an argument. We use persuasion, truth, clarity, and premise.
    – Progresses is our only rewards. If we are trying to make a definition essay on human behavior, we make categories of human behaviors and compare two behaviors and then make an argument.
    – Those who manage their gratification have fulfilling lives. They manage their weight better, have higher SAT scores, and have long lasting relationships. They have the benefits of delay and stronger willpower. Wanting instant gratification might also have to do with previous personal experiences. But does it really prove that we can trust authority and not have impulses.


  3. Oct. 16 Notes
    -When writing we want to guide the readers to the right conclusion. We don’t want to write like a waiter who just asks “What do you want to eat?” We want to write like waiters who suggest there best food choices, and specials that they have.
    -Farther = distance. Further = adding more
    -Our definition essay is not just defining a word.
    -The two signs about credit card increase, they have the same bottom line, but one looks better for the customer and makes them feel better.
    – The opening sentence should not say that there is more important information later. An argument can’t be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost. It should be an argument and can be debated. It should persuade readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise. We are going to use persuasion and not prove anything. Truth is different than proof. True declarations should be clear.


  4. Service, Money, Fame or Love, which would you choose?
    Definition/Categorical Essay-It is not defining a word. It is, within a given context, expressing to the reader the nuances of a term. For example, all stealing is not created equal. There are different types of stealing and therefore a categorical essay of one very specific type of stealing would not satisfy STEALING in general or the word itself.
    IRONY-opening sentences are very important.


    1. Well done about Definition there, Marvel.
      And yeah, that’s ironic that I spent so much time proving one of the awful sentences was not such a bad sentence after all.


  5. you will scare readers away with overload of data and choices. its your job as a writer to guide the reader.
    job as a writer is to serve and make it easy for your reader to understand
    They are the subject matter experts
    They have already examined the pertinent evidence
    They have come to the right conclusions
    If they establish your trust, they can guide you to the right conclusions
    Everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions
    don’t do
    Don’t ask open-ended questions.
    Don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share . . . later.
    Don’t blame the kitchen.
    Don’t apologize for what you don’t have.
    Never contradict your customer’s preferences.


  6. We went over “Something from the bar?” and the idea of people being overwhelmed by to many choices because the bartender won’t tell them what drinks they have. As a writer your job is to serve and guide the reader through without confusing them. You have to choose the good opening sentence that way you don’t lose your argument right off the start. You must persuade readers with the truth of a clearly stated premise.


  7. – I should not leave my definition too open for the reader to think freely, never ask would you like Something from the bar in my essay.

    – Never ask a rhetorical question in my essay, but if I have to make sure to answer it quickly.

    – Choose a good opening sentence for the essay to catch the readers attention.

    – Success in arguing depends on persuading readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.


  8. Looked at the class discussion topic of a coffee lid, with the buttons that you press representing love, fame, service, or money. We had to select two and reasons why. Talked about how if you throw too much at a reader they will be overwhelmed and not be easily persuaded. Used an example of the sayings “anything from the bar?” or “would you like any appetizers?” they are so broad that it would overwhelm any patron at a bar or restaurant, as would an excessive amount of words at a reader. Then used the analogy of being a waiter and how some things, like the “kitchen” should not be blamed, and things to do and not do were explained in further analogies regarding this theme. Lecture about opening with writing, and things that can help. Overviewed the marshmallow test as an example as a way to demonstrate the differences in “gobblers” and “nibblers” and how a decent writing piece could be made into a good opener.


  9. Writing
    – Don’t ask open-ended questions
    – Don’t promise you have important information to share later
    – Don’t overwhelm reader with choices and data
    – Give explanations to the choices and data
    – Guide the reader

    – Don’t give definition of a word
    – Naming of shared characteristics acts like the definition

    Opening Sentence Characteristics
    – Persuasion
    – Truth
    – Clarity
    – Premise


  10. – Don’t ask open-ended questions in your writing, otherwise, you should answer the question immediately.
    – Definition essays are not about defining a word. They are more about using the uniqueness of your ideas to create “art” with your points of view. Explain a concept in a unique manner.
    – Every sentence you write is an argument. The purpose of your sentences is to persuade your readers through them.
    – Make sure to create a constant connection between the audience and your paper. Otherwise, you will lose them.
    – Further = Furthermore.
    – Farther= Distance.
    – Strong sentences involve persuasion, truth, and a clear premise.
    – Writing good opening sentences does not mean winning the war, but one of its battles.


  11. *Don’t ask a rhetorical question, this gives the reader space to argue.
    * There is a right way and a wrong way to answering facts
    * Persuasion, truth, clarity, and premise!
    * Persuasion will not prove anything in an essay.
    *The truth is different from proof. Being caught in a lie will allow the writer to lose credibility and lose an argument.


    1. Muggastackz, you probably have the right ideas here, but there is ambiguity in all your answers. If you ask for feedback, I’ll be concentrating on clarification. I hope you do. There are simple lessons that could help.


  12. The opening sentence and paragraph, or hook, need to promote “something” clearly. A claim needs to be strong, and throw the reader directly into the argument.

    Having open ended arguments without guidance causes the reader to retreat from the argument. The reader needs to know where the argument is going, what the end goal is. That end goal also needs to be specific enough to change someone else’s mind. Writing is about steering the reader to the “right conclusion.”

    Pursuing a conclusion honestly is the best way to make an argument. It needs to be clear, concise, and a set premise.


    1. I like these notes, Joker. You appear to have taken the message to heart. I wish someone would remind me what I said about setting the hook deep in the belly of the fish. It struck me as the right thing to say at the time, and you’re the closing to noting it.


  13. -Every sentence which we write is an argument.
    -the best opening is about telling what is going on.
    -we have to write 2 different openings for the betterment of our research paper.
    -for our research paper we have to open strong.
    -every dog has a watch and always the time shows ‘now.’
    -Farther is more distance, further is further more.
    -An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost. because it makes 2 strong paradoxical claims.
    -Writers have to say things truthfully to make a valid argument. otherwise the readers will be lost.
    -Stay in charge of the subject matter. Approach it like the expert you are and also keep everybody comfortable.
    -the main job of the writer is to extend a limited sampling of carefully selected data and evidences and deliver that to their readers.
    -don’t ask open-ended questions.
    -in writing the first sentence, we should have Persuasion, truth, clarity and premises.


  14. •Starting with a homework assignment “Open Strong Take Home”
    •We practiced compossing an open paragraph in class.
    •Blending background information with some arguments.
    •Guiding your reader your right trustworthy data.
    •Do not ask a rhetorical question.
    •Be able to find ways to sell your ideals to readers.


  15. Sorry Prof I lost my notes, and this is what happened. I typed my notes in the comment section, and I clicked a different tab without hitting the post comment. And like that, I lost my notes, but I do remember a few things a typed previously. For starters,
    provide your audience with specific details, this way you eliminate chances of starting up an argument. Never argue with your audience, Don’t ask open-ended questions or rhetorical questions. You are the chef, and it is your kitchen. Do not appologise for things you don’t have, and carefully craft your first sentence. This is important because you can lose an argument with a weak opener.


  16. Our definition essay is not just defining a word. When writing our goal is to guide the readers to the right conclusion. The opening sentence should not say that there is more important information later. It should persuade readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise. Truth is different than proof.


  17. The best opening is something that goes right into what is going on. Do take home task to write two different openings for our research paper. Post it to the open strong category. Hodges chooses Fame and Service off the lid of the coffee cup. Every dog has a watch and the only time on it is now. Check out the server metaphor for writing advice. Start with paradoxical claims as an opening sentence. Every sentence is a little argument. Kids that delay gratification are projected to be more successful.


  18. • Begin with a strong paragraph, don’t start with nonsense
    • Two different opening paragraphs for our own research paper due next week. Take different approaches. Opening should contain thesis, change it for both paragraphs.
    • Service, Money, Fame or Love, pick two what would they be?
    Every dog has a watch and the only time on a dog’s watch is “Now.”
    • Do not begin with open ended questions or rhetorical questions, get right to the point or else you are going to lose them
    • As a writer our job is to serve and guide the reader through our writing without confusing them
    • Definition essay does not say “I am going to define this word for you”, similar to cause and effect


  19. 10/16/18

    -Choose 2: Love, Fame, Money, Service
    Easy for me! Love and Money

    Something from the bar? When writing your persuasive essay..
    -Do not ask open ended questions, it can begin arguments you did not want/intend
    -Do not assure readers that important information is coming later on (self explanatory)

    YOU=Chef, Server (Using what you know in a useful way to persuade and keep your customers happy)
    KITCHEN= Your brain (all the knowledge YOU have gained through research, not all the knowledge in the world)
    CUSTOMER= Reader

    -“An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.”
    -Make a challenge for the reader *You’re going to prove something memorable*
    -Your argument may not conclude to be the truth (this is not your fault,) but your search for the truth is sincere.


  20. -The best opening is a hook that sets deep in the subject matter and immediately draws attention by drawing a paradox
    -Write 2 different opening paragraphs for your research paper
    -Use a different thesis each time
    -Blend background information and the argument
    -Write a 4-sentence opening paragraph
    -Be specific on what you talk about, don’t just offer someone something from the bar. There are endless choices if you don’t specify.
    -Don’t dump data on the reader without guidance. The readers will retreat if they don’t know what’s going on or draw their attention.
    -Servers know the subject matter and know the information, they try to get their customers to trust them and make conclusions.
    -There are many ways to guide. Don’t say you have a lot of reasons and later explain them later in the essay.
    -Don’t ask open ended or rhetorical questions. They invite your reader to answer. Once they answer it, you have lost and will just argue them.
    -Instead of open ended questions, give an assortment of information and choices so your reader can make an informed decision.
    -Make the readers make a small commitment and agree with your opinion and claims you make.
    -don’t waste the first sentence. Make it arguable and challenging. Don’t make it vague. Make it debated. It doesn’t have to be true.
    -persuasion, truth, clarity, premise in every sentence.


    1. Thank you for memorializing a comment I had forgotten making. It’s such a strong strategy to get the reader to commit to a small premise that broadens out into huge implications. I would have forgotten making that point without your notes.


    2. It’s so hard to do well though. I hear it on radio all the time and when the arguer isn’t skillful the audience and host get very annoyed.

      I’ve put my finger on the reason. On radio, the arguer asks a series of questions and demands answers, trying to get the host to make commitments aloud on the air. Nobody feels comfortable being put on the spot who thinks it will result in an uncomfortable revelation. In writing, our readers can respond without publicly revealing anything. And we’re smart enough to NOT ask them rhetorical questions. Instead we guide them through the initial premises without putting them on their guard.

      I’m going to work on that one. I appreciate your help.


  21. 10-16-18

    Write two different opening paragraphs for research paper DUE Tues. October 23
    -Choose alternate thesis for one

    Essay Notes
    -Open your paper with a strong hook that reels in readers’ attention
    -Put background information into use to make an argument
    -In your essay, say what you know and get to the point, don’t leave readers with a too broad perspective
    -Extend a selection of specific data and try to get the readers to choose the right path
    -Do not include open-ended questions, don’t give the reader options you don’t have
    -Sell what you have, don’t mention what you don’t
    Instead of saying, 4% fee on paying with credit, say, save 4% when you pay with cash
    -Phrase your pitch/information in a way to drive your argument in the right direction
    -Persuasion, truth, clarity, premise
    -Even make the opener itself an argument

    “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.”


  22. 10/16

    Start off intro paragraphs strong. Not an artificial hook, that has nothing to do with the subject matter. The best thing is a hook that sets right into the topic.

    Open Strong – Write two different opening paragraphs for research paper.

    Every dog has a watch. Their concept of time is different than ours. It is always now for them.

    When you dump data on the reader, with absence of any clear guidance, it makes the opening ineffective. Attention must be drawn to something desirable, or attention won’t be gained. Most people are comfortable with what they know and agree with. Changing minds isn’t easy.

    “We are there to give orders”

    We guide in order to sell. This is how you win the argument. Serving and writing consist of the same principles. Stay in charge of the subject and keep it calm and collected.

    Not to do:
    Ask open-ended questions
    Promise that you’ll have important information to share later
    Blame the kitchen
    Apologize for what you don’t have
    Contradict your customer’s preferences

    Start with paradoxical claims in the opening. Start by claiming to be able to prove something that is not easy to be proved. Beginning sentence should be debated and maybe raise questions. Does Not essentially have to be true.

    Every sentence should have: Persuasion, Truth, Clarity, and Premises.


  23. (overslept for class today)

    When presenting readers with data, too much can overload them.
    Shoving data in people’s faces without some sort of buffer or guidance tends to make the reader lose interest.

    The opening is crucial to start your essay. If you do not start off with a strong opening, you’ve lost the reader right from the start.

    Sentences should always inclued persuasion, truth, clarity, and premises

    When you’re guiding your reader treat yourself like a server and the audience is the customers. You know what the products are. Try not to ask too many open ended questions. They allow your audience to answer back and once they do, your point is lost. The kitchen/bar is your brain.

    If the audience likes dry red wines (some persuasion) you offer them a glass of the chambourcin or a blaufränkisch (persuasive writing techniques).


  24. – Started off class with choosing between love, money, fame, & service.
    – Job as a writer is to serve
    – Don’t ask rhetorical questions
    – The kitchen is what you gather
    – Make responsible claims
    – Can lose right away by being cheap


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