Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – Pinkpineapples23

Know your girls :30|Breast Cancer Risk Education| Ad Council 

0:00 – 0:03 – It starts out zoomed in with the spotlight on an African American woman wearing what could be a gold shirt and in the background behind her are multiple African American women gathered around her. As the picture zooms out you can see that the women are arranged in a way like they are taking a picture. They have on coordinated colors of brown, white, and gold and each of their faces are serious. The frame zooms out into darkness.

0:04-0:07 – A new picture is now on the screen. It shows the same main women in the spotlight but this time she is wearing a graduation cap and gown. As the picture zooms out, it shows that she is with her friends who have also graduated. They are taking a picture with the congratulations banner hanging in the back. The screen then fades to black.

0:08-0:10 – Its now night time and the main woman is now seen at home laying down with her pajamas on. Her facial expression shows that she is upset about something. As the it zooms out, she is laying on an older woman, who could be her mom or grandma. And she is surrounded by a handful of her friends who are consoling her. Screen goes back to black.

0:11-0:14 – This picture shows the main character in a wedding dressing holding a bouquet of white flowers. She is looking down at someone or something. As the frame moves out, she is with those same handful of women who are now her bridesmaid. She is looking down at her friend who seems to be helping her with her shoe. Three other women are helping with her veil and the other three are in the corner sitting down taking a picture.

0:15-0:17 – she is now sitting down in a chair holding her child. On the right of her is an older woman who could be her mom standing over her, admiring the baby. On her left is a man, who is sitting on the floor with his arms rested on arm of the chair. He could be her husband or her brother, he is also admiring the baby.

0:18-0:21 – The spotlight is just on her. She is in her natural sate with some makeup on, the focus is from the shoulders up with a gray background. She is upset about something. Her facial expression shows that she is holding back tears. At the end she slowly puts her head down.

0:22-0:23 – As her head is down and her eyes are still closed but her expression still shows she is upset. The way her forehead is wrinkled, and her eyebrows are scrunched shows that she has her eyes shut tight.

0:24-0:26 – She slowly looks up at the camera. Her eyes first and then her head follows. As this is happening words come up on the screen that says, “knowing your breasts can save your life”. Her facial expression now shows that she is upset but also in fear.

0:27-0:37 – the screen is now all black. A website is on the screen with words underneath that say, “for the facts you need on breast health.”

Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Peter Bomersbach


0:00-0:01- The scene starts off with what looks like a kindergarten teacher talking to her students, maybe asking a question because three of the kids’ hands are raised up. The blonde woman looks properly dressed up as a teacher should, as well as the kids sitting in a circle. The blue color of the desk behind the teacher and the calendar made out of felt really gives off that fresh young classroom feel along with the brown walls in the background. The windows out of view seem to let in some light which might represent it is sometime in the morning. All of the kids look happy to be sitting where they are now.

0:02- 0:03 – The camera zooms in onto the teacher’s happy smiling face which also seems to be looking at one of her students. She has earrings to look more sophisticated in front of her young students.

0:04 – There is a new scene of what seems to be the kids lunch time since the one kid in the blue sweatshirt is eating and the girl beside him on the right is drinking what could be the same thing. The young kid who appears to be eating an orange with his milk is talking to no one, just looking at his food. The teacher beside him could just about to be asking a question. It is still bright outside.

0:05- The teacher leans over a girl to probably ask some kind of question. Everyone in this scene appears to be eating or drinking something. All of the kids look to be talking to each other. Majority of the kids are drinking milk with a blue swirly straw. There is an emergency exit door in the background in case a fire or something else happens where they need to leave.

0:06- The teacher then proceeds to lean over further grabbing the juice box from the little boy who maybe wants something else or just asked a question regarding his drink.

0:07- What seems to be the teacher who was in the classroom in now taking a community bus probably back to her house/apartment. Outside looks to be more dark and stormy meaning she has been teaching for a while. Her purple jacket means it might be cold outside and purple is her favorite color. The road they are traveling on is either packed with parked cars or is pretty busy during that time of the day.

0:08-0:09- It is the teacher from the kindergarten class from before but she looks tired as her head rests on the window of the bus. She is holding something that resembles a black pocketbook or bag as her hand holds the strap rests which is on her shoulder.

0:10- The house she walks up to while looking for her keys appears to be somewhat old hence the window to the left of the door with the beaten white frame. There is a telephone pole outside her front lawn as seen in the reflection on he window. The teacher could have added some color to her window frames and the red coloring of the staircase leading up to the door. The main color scheme of the outside part of the house is blue and white. The shrub and tree seem to be nicely taken care of.

0:11-0:12 – The woman opens up the door and we see what looks like her two kids, one male and the other female about the same age. There are 3 picture frames on the wall which might represent peace and calm settings. The lamp is turned on because it is getting dark outside. Her kids could have been home a while since they are settled on to the brown couch and her son is watching TV with the remote in his hand.

0:13- The woman and her kids acknowledge each other by smiling. The scene then cuts to her pouring something of a soup consistency into three bowls on the counter. She probably made it but since there are 3 bowls, she is not married. She still has the same clothes on since the woman was with her students. The kitchen is a tad beat up.

0:14-0:15- The camera cuts to her face as she looks concentrated and not relaxed as she pours this meal for herself and kids. She might have something else on her mind.

0:16-0:17 We can now see how much soup was put into 2 of the bowls and it is not much. The third bowl has nothing in it so the mother probably sacrifices her portion to give it to her kids for dinner. This means the family might not be financially stable as she is choosing to not eat dinner serving tiny portions of soup to her kids. The oven mitts in the background might signify that the dinner was reheated or just cooked.

0:18-0:20- The whole family is sitting at the dinner table enjoying their meals except for mom because she didn’t have any. The mother still seems happy as she watches her kids eat with a lone spoon in front of her arm. The old cabinets, window curtain, and counter signifies that the family does not have a lot of money but they do have love. We can also see it is still dark outside.

0:21- The camera cuts to just the woman’s face as she smiles at her son’s bowl meaning he might of finished his portion of soup or he enjoyed it.

0:22- The next scene we are in the kid’s bedroom where they have their pajamas on getting ready to sleep in their beds. The two siblings sleep right next to each other and share the same room. The pictures on the wall between them represents how much they love each other. The mom is either walking in to tuck them in or walking out.

0:23 – The girl is shutting off the night lamp for bed and the son has a trophy next to his bed and the girl has a jar of something next to her bed.

0:24- The mother was closing the door making sure they were ready for bed as it is quite dark throughout the rest of the house and you can not see her face. She was smiling on her way out the door.

0:25 – The mother goes back to the kitchen to wash her hands as she rolls up her sleeves approaching the sink. There is no one else at the table and the one pot she used for dinner is drying on the counter for its next use. The mother is still wearing the same clothes since morning.

0:26 – 0:36- A white text enlarges on the screen saying, “FEEDING AMERICA.” There is also the symbol for Ad Council in the bottom right corner of the video. While the video is ending she is washing the spoons used from dinner.

Visual Rhetoric- Rewrite- Misterfries19

Play Catch With Her

0:00 – 0:03

As our scene begins, the sun seems to be on the verge of rising above or falling beyond the horizon of an invitingly calm low tide. I can’t actually see the sun, but it’s rays are reflecting off of the ripples of the waves and pyramids in the sand, making the entire frame look like a piece of granite taken out of a kitchen countertop. Closer to the edge of the water is a young man, alone for an instant. Dressed in all black sweat pants and sweatshirt, his outfit changes my perception of what season it may be. He doesn’t seem too cold, but I get the sensation that it is a fall evening. Standing near the water, and alone for an instant, he punts the ball into the air. As the ball ascends towards its vertex, a tiny girl wanders into frame, immediately in awe of the ball. She is dressed in all red or pink, which shows a strong contrast to how the young man is dressed. This could be drawing us to her femininity, or it could be representing how vibrant and optimistic she is in her young age. In contrast, the man’s decision to wear all black could be showing us somebody who is despondent, or who has grown somewhat lonely. Whereas the little girl is simply enamored with the ball in all of it’s flight and descension, the man seems to be unconcerned with the ball. He is tossing the ball out of boredom. The relationship between the child and man is unknown, but it is possible this is a father-daughter moment being shared with us. Further analysis makes me doubt this, however. As the ball falls, the girl approaches it, wholeheartedly. She wants the ball. The man sees the girl intercept his route to the ball, and he backs away. It doesn’t seem affectionate, or expected, because his backing away doesn’t accompany a smile or any kind of physical gesture other than the blank half content look the guy has had on his face the whole time. He backs away from the girl almost hastily, as if he didn’t know she was there. I almost get the sense that he has been politely annoyed by the girl.

0:04 – 0:06

The scene shifts instantaneously to a whole new surrounding, but the atmosphere remains remarkably familiar to the previous few seconds. There is no change in mood. The sun looks to be rising, as we can see morning dew in the foreground of the scene, on what is somewhat longer cut grass. In the distance, a charmingly quaint and slightly beaten down house nestles between a few shrubs and trees, and is towered over by a dominant oak tree. Attached to the house looks to be an outdoor porch, closed in by windows and screening, but maintaining the outdoor feeling. Finally, we get to the figure in the center of the frame. Judging by the his frame and clothing, we can determine this is a man. Donning washed blue jeans, worker boots, a baseball cap, and a jacket, the man seems to be well on his way into the day, despite it being obviously early. This man is representative of a blue collar individual. A real “man at night, man in the morning” kind of guy. Almost fading with the pixels of the camera, we can faintly see a windmill peer up from above the tree line. This can possibly be even more evidence that the setting is a farm, and the man is the farmer. As we drop back into focus, the man shines almost inversely, as his shadow pierces the light coming from the sun to give him an almost divine look. The front yard is empty, but full of long grass and sunlight.


As the next frame comes into play, we see a young, black child. The child’s short hair would indicate a boy, but the patterned skirt ending above the knees make me believe this is a girl. Furthermore, I can make the assumption that the child is with someone, as a rainbow patterned ball is tossed in her direction. The child is in tears, staring in the direction the ball came from in fear, but still holding her hands out. Furthermore, the shoes the child play in are far too big, meaning whoever the child is with could possibly be much older than the child. In the background, we see patches of dead grass, surrounded by a high fence. A metal trash can lays in the corner. This reminds me of every beaten-down park I have ever visited, and we can presume this is a park. As the frame changes again, we see another young girl, this time accompanied by an older man. The girl is black, and wearing a black shirt. I assume she is a girl based on her haircut, which has bands in it to hold design. She is again holding a rainbow ball, similar to the one in the previous frame. The man is dressed in lack as well, and is fixated on the girl. As she plays with the ball, he watches on and follows. The two actors having the same ethnicity, as well as wearing matching colored shirts can show that they are, possibly, family. The black shirt on the daughter may also indicate her want for masculinity, or at least to play with the ball. In the next frame, we see a newly refurbished kitchen, decked out in white paint and marble counter-tops. A stainless steel refrigerator matched with the white interior can show a possible change in reality compared to the outdoor setting involving the previous African-American actors. In the kitchen, we see a small, blonde haired girl. She is dressed in a blue princess gown. In the frame, she looks around the corner, before darting off camera.


The next frame shows a younger man, wearing a casual dark sweater, and with seemingly longish brown hair. In the background, we see garage doors, with lights burning alongside the windows. The lights are noticeable, and the scene is dim. We can infer that this young man is outside his garage, and that it is the night time, or close to it. The man raises his right arm and stares up into the air. His eyes move towards his left, and his body reacts. We can assume that he has tossed something up in the air, and intends to catch it. This also brings into question whether or not this is at night, as it is hard to play catch in the dark. Therefore, this may possibly be dusk. As the man looks up to catch what he threw, we realize that he is not alone. Somebody’s arms pop up in the corner of frame as the ball falls. Furthermore, the arms lunge upwards, seemingly in anticipation to catch whatever has been thrown. The figure, wearing a red t shirt, is much smaller than the man, as can be established by comparing their heights to the height of the garage. The frame changes again, and we again see a little girl in a princess costume. This time, she is facing the camera from a closer angle. She is in a kitchen, again with a stainless steal refrigerator at her back, and marble counter-tops with white drawers. This is the same girl, and the same kitchen as seen in the same frame before. The girl reaches out and catches a ball that is tossed to her. Her face is anxious, but happy. She doesn’t let out a giant smile, but the indentations in her cheek show that it is certainly getting there. She doesn’t lose focus on whoever tossed the ball to her, and she actually raises her eyebrows in the direction. She is intrigued, and possibly wants more. Her motion side to side indicate that she has a lot of energy, and is willing to keep playing.

Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-Baahubali


Ad Council of Rochester “Excuses” Spot
(with Scott Kilbury of News10NBC)


In this scene, at first a blank screen appears. And as the screen fades away, a women about the age of 35 appears who is looking in the mirror with a disturbed and rather worried expression. She is holding an earring in her hand and wearing the other one in her right ears. Then she looks upwards to see herself, and then takes a deep breath. And then releases her breath as a sign of concern as she looks straight into her own eyes. Also she is holding her earrings a bit more tightly in her both hands. As if something is terrifying her.



And now she is having a little bit of weird smile on her face. As if she is thinking about something deeply. And then nods her hear in a manner of saying “no.” it looks like something is bothering her or something might have happened with her family or socially. Or she nods in a manner of thinking something weird or negative.


Then there appears a small girl sitting in the other room. She looks like the daughter of the women and appears to be at the age of 16-18 years old. She seems like writing or drawing something. The room appears to be a typical ‘girl room’ as it is having everything in the shades of purple. And she seems like fond with painting and art because of art stuff and painting wallpaper.


She is drawing something with lots of concentration. She appears to be a concentrated person and studious person. And she is dedicated to her work. Suddenly she stopped drawing and looks upwards at the camera. She keeps on staring at the camera as if, her eyes were saying millions of words silently. And then the women appears again still staring herself in the mirror thinking deeply.


She again takes a deep breath. And then releases it. It looks like something might have happened in past or recently with her. And also we can reconnect that due to that the mother might be concerned. And the girl appears again who looks like she resumed her work i.e., drawing. But she seems upset now while drawing. As if she is drawing something that has happened with her and it hurts from inside her. Due to which there are lines of tension on her forehead.


And now her eyes are wet and seems like she is gonna cry any moment. And looks scared of some horrible old memory within her. Then an inverted drawing appears on the screen. Where she has drawn a picture of a girl and that girl is having a ‘cross sign’ on her lips. It depicts as if the girl is being made silent about not to say anything, about what had have happened with her in past or recently. According to me it is regarding molestation or sexual abuse or even rape.



and now finally the women speaks. She has her eyes fixed in the mirror and is still looking at the mirror as if she is conveying a message to every reader or viewer of the video. She is also hurt deeply and seems disturbed as her daughter is. She is likely to be narrating her daughters story that has happened recently or in past. Because as she tells the scene changes and the daughter appears again and now looks on her left side, where the camera is. Her eyes are seeking for help or concern about the past events that has occurred with her. She continues to speak. And has tears in her eyes and is scared to tell everyone.


screen goes blank. And a pause appears. Which again means that the director wants to convey the message slowly so that it touches the viewer’s hearts.


then a question appears, “suspect child sexual abuse?” and therefore we come to know that this is an ad about ‘child sexual abuse’ and also the awareness about the child sexual abuse. And the girl and her mother were conveying the same message to their viewers about child sexual abuse.


and now a confidential helpline number appears below with a website also of “” even a subtext also appears, which says “find out what-if anything-needs to be done” means you can seek help regarding child sexual abuse on the give helpline number and website provided. By this the director wants to send help or provide all the necessary help to the victims of child abuse. Or the future victims.


then a person in his house appears on the screen with his wife talking on the phone at a distance in the background in the kitchen. The person’s name is ‘Scott Kilbury’ who works in news 10 NBC. He is also agreeing with the same thing and explains or brings awareness among people. Because we can see that the sub-banner with website and helpline number flashing. And he looks confident in what he is speaking by the way of his facial expression and also the eye-contact with the camera. The screen gets blank. And the video gets over.



Visual Rhetoric rewrite -kinggkunta

0:00- 0:02

Within this span, The ad begins with an animated train coming out a tunnel. This suggests that it may be from a tv, then the camera zooms out to prove our suspicions.  We can tell this is a happy middle class by the natural colors the video is shot in. The deliberate placement of the young child in the middle of the room suggests that the boy is very young and playful. The messiness of the living room can also suggest the young boy was the culprit. Also, the setup of the room alongside the interaction between the dad and the boy suggests the laid-back attitude of the family. We see the father walk up to the boy and tickle him as he lays on the floor. The center table slightly shifted to the left in front of the couch. and the tv to the far right.

0:02- 0:05

We see the father tickling the child. The smile on the face of both the father and boy suggests the deep happiness dwelling within the family.

0:09- 0:10

In this frame, the boy looks up at the ceiling as if he was bored or thinking of something, at this point we can see the mischieve in the young child’s face. A face that most young children have when boredom sticks. We also see the bottom of what seems to be a door, and next to it is a skateboard lying adjacent to a cabinet set on the floor.

0:10- 0:12

We see utensils, and a half drank glass of water over the counter, and this suggests the family might be sloppy. Also, a kitchen knife is improperly stored on the counter table. The camera is specifically focused on the placement of the knife, glass of water, and bowl- Very careless of adults. This may be a form of a metaphor purposely displayed by the creator of the ad. That a utensil such a knife could easily be placed next to a glass of water, which is easy for a child to reach. also, we see the father walk pass it without taking a second look.

0:12- 0:15

Within this span, the camera goes from the dad to the boy, with the dad facing the kid like he was having a conversation with the boy. The dad also folds his sleeve up while standing in front of the sink. We can conclude the dad was about to do the dishes or wash his hand. We also see the boy standing in the center of the room, with all focus and attention drawn to the child.  The placement of the boy in this frame compels us to think of the position of the knife, and how easy it is for the child to reach it.

Visual Rewrite- muggastackz

0:01: The clip starts off in the daytime as a Caucasian hand turns on the car. The person turns the key clockwise to start the engine of the vehicle. As we can see she is heading to her destination.

0:02-0:04: As the hand finishes turning the key until the car starts, a flashback footage of a red-haired Caucasian baby smiling. As we move forward, we can see that they could be remembering someone.

0:05-0:06: 6:24 March 30th on a Friday, the scene flashes back to the driver as she receives an imessage from Kenzie asking the driver “Wanna hang out tonight”.

0:07-0:10: The message fades out and transitions back to the red hair little girl opening gifts on Christmas Day with vibrant happiness but we aren’t aware of the relationship between the little girl and the driver. The driver begins to grab the phone to look or respond to the text before she starts driving.

0:11-0:13: As we can see that, it transitions back to a teenage girl who is smiling while playing the piano with an older woman who could be her piano teacher.

0:14-0:16: She is driving through her neighborhood focusing on both the road and the text. Another transition shows that it is her graduation. She is pleased while her family is taking pictures in her backyard. Graduation day is an accomplishment to the girl and her family. We can see that this is present day for the teenager.

0:17-0:18: The scene is back to the young teenager driving. Looking at the phone her phone for a spilt-second and returning her eyes to the road she gasps and jumps as she is startled by what happened as she was driving.

0:19-0:22: A black screen appears on the screen that says “Don’t end your life with a text.” We can conclude that she has been in an accident due to texting and driving.

0:23-0:30: The black screen continues to stay up as another phrase pops up. The phrase says, ” Drive distraction-free.” The website pops up along with organizations that helped with the no texting ad.



Visual Rewrite– BeezKneez

End Family Fire


0:01 – The ad starts off with an older cartoon clip of a mouse driving a steam train that is pulling cars full of bars of gold. The train is just coming out of a tunnel and is continuing through a green meadow.

0:02 – The camera zooms out of the tv to show us a nicely dressed father (probably heading to work) reaching down to wake up his son who fell asleep on the floor while watching the cartoon. The inside of their home looks very nice. Probably a middle class family. The sleeping boy is about 5 years old. The boy’s toy rhino is on the floor underneath the coffee table along with some other toys.

0:03 – The camera moves closer as the father touches the boy’s sides to wake him up. The boy moves and is about to get up.

0:04 – The father keeps tickling the boy’s sides. The boy turns towards the camera and is laughing with joy. We see that the boy has drawing of a rainbow sitting on the coffee table along with markers and a notebook.

0:05 – The camera switches to us looking at the father’s face while still tickling his son. The father is smiling. There is a mirror on the wall behind him with the reflection of a chandelier in it.

0:06- 0:07 – The father stands up and begins to walk away while the boy remains laying on the ground. The boy is laying on his back now looking up instead of sleeping on his stomach like before.

0:10 – The boy is still laying on the floor but turns his head to see where his father is going.

0:11 – The father is walking towards a wooden counter top in the kitchen. There is a glass of water  sitting on the counter along with a knife and the core of an apple.

0:15 – The father walks to the sink where he begins to roll up his sleeves and looks back in the direction of his son. The kitchen has dark wooden cabinets and there are windows above the sink.

0:16 – The camera switches back to the boy who is now standing up looking at his father. He asks him something. His facial expression is very innocent looking.

0:17 – Words appear on the screen that say, “8 kids a day are accidentally killed or injured by FAMILY FIRE.”

0:23 – The words change to say “FAMILY FIRE is a shooting involving an improperly stored gun.”

Visual Rewrite — Wiseman101

00:00 – 00:01

In the first second we can right the way notice a big white house with the white  picket fence and well maintained green bushes around the house. Also we can see how well the grass is cut on both sides. I can conclude  that people who live there have a good, high paid steady jobs in order to take care of the house. I would consider themselves as upper mid class. This house appears not to be surrounded by other houses.  We could even conclude that this house was constructed by current customer’s house plan. By looking at the shape of this house we could conclude that it was build fairly recent. The big red front door in the center makes us look directly at the center of the shot and not wonder around at first. We can see the side walk with a middle age woman moving towards the entrance. She is wearing a post mail worker uniform that suggests that the current time of the day either early in morning or mid afternoon. She is holding something in her hand, something small to deliver.

00:02 – 00:03

Now we can see that the camera is focused directly at the woman’s face. She is holding several white envelopes. The angle of the camera is shooting above her head, making us concentrate on some image slightly above her, perhaps in the window. Her face impression appears to be surprising. She perhaps sees something that attracts her attention.

00:03 – 00:06

we are looking inside the window from outside point of view. We can see a male’s arm flexing. His arm is fully covered with tattoos. It makes me think that he is a tattoo artist. He also has big muscles which leads to believe he works out and has a very healthy lifestyle. His skin looks young so we could assume he is in his thirties. He is wearing a black tank top, which makes us think that he is plan on staying inside the house. He also has a long black hair going down to his waist. He looks like he could be involved into music industry or, be a part of a local singing band. I would assume he plays an electronic guitar.

00:06 – 00:10

Within 4 seconds of the video we can see the close up of the man’s face. His body moves i side to side in the dancing matter. He is also moving his mouth and it looks like he is singing. He is looking down below him what makes us think that he is playing with someone on the floor  or way shorter than him. He is playing with a child.


At this second we can see a little girl. She looks like she is about 8 to 11 years old. She also looks like this man, so we could assume his is her father or uncle. She is repeating after him, his dance moves and a song they are singing to each other. She looks very engaged in this playing activity with the man. She looks very happy.


We finally see them both in the picture. They are standing facing each other and continue on with their dancing. The room looks very clean and colored in pink color. It looks like they are in the living room. We can see the pink, kids size bicycle on the bottom left. It has to belong to a little girl. She likes to ride it and stay very active.


In this part both a man and a little girl are sitting on the floor. She is holding a plastic keddle toy. She is about to pure some imaginary tea for the man and herself. Now it we can clearly assume that both of them are just having a good time playing with each other.

00:27 – 00:34

The screen picture changes to a black screen with #makeamoment writing on it. Now it all comes together that happy moments are in our control, so we could make those moments of happiness. Make happiness be happy.

Visual Rhetoric Revision- wildwood

End Family Fire

0:00 – 0:02

The video opens up on a cartoon train, one that looks like on a child television show. The camera frame is just the cartoon, so the viewer does not know whether or not the show is the entire video or if it is in fact a television show, even though it shows a glare. Then on the next second of the video, it shows a child, a little boy in pajamas, and what is assumed is his father. The director is trying to have an emotional play to families, if a father is watching this ad it is extremely relatable. The middle-class is the most populated class in the country, meaning there is a reasonable chance that a middle-class father is watching this ad. His father is wearing boots, jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, meaning he could be going to work or coming from work. Again, the working class dominates this country and that is more relatable. It does appear to be morning due to the child in pajamas and the sun looks like it is rising. The son could be watching his morning cartoons. The house is clean and well kept, besides the toys on the ground, it appears as a normal middle-class suburban household. The couch cushion in on the ground which seems odd, and there is a normal pillow sitting on top of it. Could mean the father slept there last night, or the young boy sits there and watches his morning cartoons. The whole first two seconds are extremely relatable with a normal middle-class family and targets the emotional side of the viewer. A wife could see that as her husband and son, a father could see that as him and his son. The lighting is bright, causing the viewers to feel at ease and comfortable with the setting. If the lighting was dim and the sun was not out, it could give the viewer an uneasy feeling.

0:02 – 0:05

Father in a collar shirt, it is in fact daytime because there are windows in the background. Dad is clean shaven and could be headed to work. He suprised his son and started playing with him as he was watching cartoons. The pillow on the ground indicates some sort of family disfunction. The father could be sleeping on the couch because his significant other and him are going through a rough patch in the relationship. Families in America fight and that thought just makes the scene more relatable. Did not observe any family pictures either on the television stand or hanging up in the dining room, leads the viewer to believe the house is more sterile than it appears with the toys laying out on the floor. Although the boy seems to be loved from the affection he is being shown from his father and the endless number of toys he has, no family pictures signifies a sterile house like feel instead of a warm welcoming home.

0:05 – 0:09

The father got off his child, he said goodbye. Father must be preparing for work for the day. Smaller skateboard by the door, probably the boys skateboard. Only one skateboard so more than likely an only child or a much older or younger sibling.

0:09 – 0:12

The boy lays on the floor after his father walks away and seems like he is pondering something. Possibly wanting to ask the father a question, but in reference to what? The father started walking over to the kitchen. Older model residence due to the dark wood accents and trim around windows and doorframes, but definitely not outdated. Two used cups on the counter and two used bowls, meaning they already ate breakfast. Father going over to clean the dishes. The cups indicate the wife being home, but she is nowhere to be found around the house.

0:12 – 0:16

Father rolling his sleeves up and walking over to the dishes to start cleaning them. Pink flowers in the background on the kitchen table, still look alive and new. Brought them home for his wife who he is currently fighting with in an attempt to make amends. On the table with the dirty dishes, there is a knife within reach of the boy, signifying danger in his young life.

0:16 – 0:19

Little boy asks to play with father’s gun. Little standing by the front door asking the question, clean house with a toy tank by the skateboard. Boy likes guns and likes violence. The boy does not appear to be ready for school even though he is of age, so most likely a weekend, summer, or a holiday. On the right of the screen, on the counter, there is a box of pancake mix. Father made pancakes for breakfast but there are also two bowls on the kitchen counter and no plates. Possibly made the pancakes for his wife while she is still in bed and she still has the dirty dishes still in bed.

0:19 – 0:25

Father and son having a conversation, the father seems surprised by what the boy is saying even though he is standing in the same spot. The camera is close on the boy when he first speaks, as if what he is saying is the whole purpose of the ad, and then when it cuts back onto the boy after the dad, it is a much broader span. The boy then shrugs his shoulders with saying nothing. The broader span signifies it could be a much larger issue being talked about and that it does not only pertain to this single middle-class family.

0:25 – 0:30

The father is pouring his glass of coffee but there is another cup next to the coffee machine. He is not pouring it for some reason even though it is being used because it is a clean cup sitting next to the coffee machine.

Visual Rewrite – D2Forsaken

Ad Council “Now”

0:01- The scene opens up to a family friendly restaurant. The point of view we get is from behind the counter looking as if we were a waiter. In the front, you can see a white man with two young children one black and one white. In the back, you can see a couple as well having dinner together at the restaurant. The man seems to be the white child’s father and with them is a friend of the child such as a teammate. The footage is grainy and the color is not true as if was a homemade movie with a cheap camera or perhaps shot on a cell phone.

0:02-0:05- The camera zooms on another white kid who was not shown in the first seconds but sitting on the opposite of the man. He has a big smile on his face appears to be laughing while his father ruffles the boy’s hair. This sets the mood to be a happy light-hearted environment.  Suddenly the white boy face changes from happy smiling to concerned straight mouth as he glances over his shoulder in the direction of the couple behind him.

0:06-0:07- The camera now shifts focus to the women sitting behind the man the boy’s he is with. She has a look of concern or embarrassment on her face as she glances at the white boy and his father.

0:08-0:09- The camera now comes back to the man at the counter. He looks very uncomfortable as he eats a french fry and eventually turns around to observe the couple behind him.

0:10-0:11- The camera now zooms out and shows the man and the first white boy looking behind them at the couple. The man is using his left hand to grab onto the woman’s right wrist. The couple seems to be having a disagreement that is making the man and the children at the counter very uncomfortable.

0:12-0:16- The camera now zooms back onto the white man in front and now his face seems to look more like a face of anger. He looks left as if he is trying to think of the best thing to do in this situation. After he looks left the screen turns black and asks the question “WHEN DO YOU GET INVOLVED.” This indicates that the scene behind the man is violent and might get out of control. The camera zooms back in on the man at the counter and now he is shifting his eyes from left to right, looking down as if he doesn’t know what to do.

0:17-0:19- The camera shows a close up of an arm of a man and then the man grabbing someone’s hair. The hair is long and blonde like the woman who was in the back with her date. The screen goes black and the word “NOW?” appears. Next, we see the man with his hand on her wrist yanking her arm and making her spin around in a painful manner.

0:20-0:21- The man at the counter appears on screen once again. He is clearly angry by the pursing of his lips and the tautness of his eyes. We see the blonde women and she is upset this time. Her hair is in disarray and she is frowning and looking downward at the floor. The man with her is standing up with his back to us. He raises his right arm above his head and swings in a downward motion. The woman’s head jerks back as if the man’s hand struck her in the face.

0:22-0:30- We now zoom back into the second white boy’s face and he is really upset. He looks as if he is about to cry as if he witnessed the man struck his date. The boy is resting his chin on his fisted hand, he is frowning and his eyebrows are droopy. This sets the mood completely different than the last time we saw the young boy. He was happy hanging out with his dad having a good time. Words appear over the sad boy’s face saying “THE BEST TIME TO GET INVOLVED IS NOW.” As the words appear, the young boy seems to turn his head as if he is looking at his father to do something. Another message flashes across the screen “TEACH BOYS THAT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS WRONG.”

0:31-0:37- A black screen comes on and says “Teach Early. Call 800-END-ABUSE”. This shows that the video was an ad for abuse and you can teach boys at an early age that it is not ok to hurt women. There is also the telephone number to call in case any woman are getting abused.