Visual Rewrite– BeezKneez

End Family Fire


0:01 – The ad starts off with an older cartoon clip of a mouse driving a steam train that is pulling cars full of bars of gold. The train is just coming out of a tunnel and is continuing through a green meadow.

0:02 – The camera zooms out of the tv to show us a nicely dressed father (probably heading to work) reaching down to wake up his son who fell asleep on the floor while watching the cartoon. The inside of their home looks very nice. Probably a middle class family. The sleeping boy is about 5 years old. The boy’s toy rhino is on the floor underneath the coffee table along with some other toys.

0:03 – The camera moves closer as the father touches the boy’s sides to wake him up. The boy moves and is about to get up.

0:04 – The father keeps tickling the boy’s sides. The boy turns towards the camera and is laughing with joy. We see that the boy has drawing of a rainbow sitting on the coffee table along with markers and a notebook.

0:05 – The camera switches to us looking at the father’s face while still tickling his son. The father is smiling. There is a mirror on the wall behind him with the reflection of a chandelier in it.

0:06- 0:07 – The father stands up and begins to walk away while the boy remains laying on the ground. The boy is laying on his back now looking up instead of sleeping on his stomach like before.

0:10 – The boy is still laying on the floor but turns his head to see where his father is going.

0:11 – The father is walking towards a wooden counter top in the kitchen. There is a glass of water  sitting on the counter along with a knife and the core of an apple.

0:15 – The father walks to the sink where he begins to roll up his sleeves and looks back in the direction of his son. The kitchen has dark wooden cabinets and there are windows above the sink.

0:16 – The camera switches back to the boy who is now standing up looking at his father. He asks him something. His facial expression is very innocent looking.

0:17 – Words appear on the screen that say, “8 kids a day are accidentally killed or injured by FAMILY FIRE.”

0:23 – The words change to say “FAMILY FIRE is a shooting involving an improperly stored gun.”

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