Self-Destroying Art

Going, Going, Gone, said the Auctioneer


Banksy doesn’t care for art auction houses reselling artists’ work for millions when the artists have received thousands or hundreds or nothing at all. Here we see the result of his ingenious revenge, an original Banksy rigged to self-destruct if it were ever resold at auction. It did so as the final bidding for the framed canvas topped $1 million.

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“No problem” is a problem.

It’s probably my age, and if so I’ll ask you to forgive me for taking offense where none is intended, but being told that I haven’t caused a problem when I thank a service-provider for a small consideration sounds rude.

No problem

Not a big problem, to be sure, and I’m certain the phrase is not meant to insult me, but when I expressed my appreciation for service, I was in no way apologizing for having caused undue difficulty.

What I FEEL like saying in response, is, “No. You didn’t cause me a problem either. In fact, I was quite pleased with your service to me. That’s why I thanked you.”

But then, of course, I would begin to BECOME a problem, and I really would be an old crank. I understand this trend toward minimizing the negative is part of a long linguistic history that includes the Spanish “de nada” as a way of rounding-off the thank-you exchange with the assurance that the effort of serving me was minimal.

But still, couldn’t everyone adopt the much more appropriate phrase I always offer and which I much prefer to hear?

My Pleasure