Reflection Essay- kinggkunta

After several weeks of intensive writing, we are finally at the end. Technically there is no end to this, and by this, I mean writing. As put in the first core value of Rowan’s first-year writing program, we establish the concept that writing involves a recursive multistage social process. That way our writing gets better. For example, the first draft of my causal argument must be one of the worst things I’ve ever written in my life, but after a series of revisions and conferences with my professor, I produced a well-polished final product.

But before I could get there, I had to read other scholastic works and understand them. My personal favorite was the visual rhetoric assignment, which allowed me to watch a short clip(visual only) and produce my understanding of what I just watched. The difficult part of this assignment was when we had to describe each frame as we see it. I quickly found out each person has a unique view on things. Ultimately each view contributed to the conversations on a broader level and widened the understanding of the assignment. Rowan’s first-year writing core value 2 basically elaborates on that.

For the third core value, we are strongly urged to know our audience as we write. For the most part throughout my writing process, I had no clue who my audience was, but finally, I found it, and it turns out not to be my professor, but rather a young adult who lives in Glassboro. It took me several weeks to finally figure this out, but I did. The language I used in my research paper shows the audience my paper is for.

Fourth, Know what you are talking about. This means research your subject matter, and educate yourself first before you decide to teach others. I think this was the second challenge I faced throughout the writing process. And just like like every hurdle I faced, I overcame. After researching my topic, I found enough information to make my research paper.

Now on the last and final core value provided to us by Rowan’s first-year writing program. Always give credit to fellow writers. First of it’s ethical, and the world hates lairs. Don’t plagiarize others’ contents. Site all sources, and if possible create a bibliography at the end of your work so, our audience will know where we get our information from. At the end of my research paper, a reference section has been dedicated to citing my sources, and an annotated bibliography to do the same, but this time I tell my audience how I used each of my sources.

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