Visual Rhetoric- Whosthatguy2


Double Chin

00:02: The ad starts with an African-American couple who seem to be in a supermarket of some sort. This is believed because the is a shelf of items like jelly and condiments in the background. A woman is dressed in a brown coat with a blue collared shirt and jeans. She is pushing a cart but from this frame you cannot see what is in the cart. The man is dressed in a green collared shirt and jeans and seems to be reading the ingredients of some sort of bottle. This is based on the way he is holding the item sideways and his eye contact with the bottle.


00:05: The frame has zoomed out not and you can clearly tell that it is a supermarket because of the aisles and food all around. The women who is pushing the cart has run over some sort of beige/peach item on the ground. She is looking at whatever it is but the man in the frame is still focused on the item he is holding.


00:08: The framed has zoomed into an under view of the cart. The women now said something to the man and they are both looking and this blob on the ground. From the context I am guessing that the woman is asking the man what the item on the floor is.


00:11: The man has now put whatever item he was holding in the cart and is picking up the fatty looking item from the front of the cart.


00:16: The frame has now gone to the man and a segment of the item that was under the cart. The man said something to the women and from his serious face I think he knows what the item is.


00:20: The man put the object back onto the floor and it looks like the couple is continuing to shop regularly like the object is no surprise so I’m guessing it is something they have seen before.


00:24: The screen is now an orange background and was switching through and bunch of text and landed on “Small step # 81: Snacks on fruits and vegetables not sweets.”


00:28: The screen has switched again to with more text that says “Take a small step to get healthy.” Under that it says “Get started at”

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