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As we all know that a great memory can’t be forgotten easily, similarly a legendary star is still not forgotten by the people even after his farewell; that is MICHAEL JACKSON. People and his fans have still not forgotten him. We still think that he is between all of us and soon his new album will be launched. Michael Jackson once said that, “a star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.” From abused child to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s success story is one of the most inspiring in history. MJ was born on August 29, 1958 in the Gary, Indiana. The most important people in his life were his 8 siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. They all were so close that started a pop band along with their father. By the young age of 11, Jackson had his own T.V. series. Continuing his success and fame he used his talents to release his first solo album by the age of 14. Throughout his youth, Michael, along with his brothers and sisters, performed as a local song-and-dance act (successtory).

Success is not something that is bought, it has to be earned. Similarly the king of pop had faced many hardships mentally and physically growing up. He was loved by millions all around the world, however the only person that did not give him love and affection was his own father, Joseph Jackson. Day after day he and his four siblings used to be abused at rehearsals and at home. “Joe Jackson would beat his children if they missed a step, missed a note, or simply not performing well.” (A tragic childhood). His father enforced fear among the children with his presence, to the point that MJ and his brothers used to get physically ill. Due to his strict father by the age of 9 he was described as an adult in a child’s body. As he gained more fame as a solo artist, he was able to escape his father’s abuse. Because of his early maturity, he lost a childhood he once dreamed of. He was able of relive his childhood by spending time with kids and acting childish. Many tabloids judged his childish behavior. Soon in 1970 his four songs were number one hits on billboard. Continuing his journey, in 1982 the Thriller album was released leading him to worldwide success.

Some may describe him as a nonhuman or superhuman due to his unique dancing style and talents. One of his known talents was moonwalk and the 45 degree lean. With all his unique dance moves he inspired a generation with a new dance styles. He reinvented the definition of dancing in front of the world. The way he danced kept him ageless and inspired many cultures all around the world. Through his dance moves he was able to tell a story about the song which made him well known and liked. His songs introduced him to people who did not know him already. Most of u who never knew him, felt like we did know him. His soulful presence makes him a legacy worth celebrating. His concerts were an unforgettable experience for his fans as he was very energetic and soulful music that filled their hearts. He had his own way of walking, talking, singing, dancing and entertaining which made him different form other celebrities. There was fame, and there were pop stars, and there was entertainment, and somewhere above it all was Michael Jackson.

Some of the hardships he went through were controversial such as the allegations of sexual abuse of a thirteen year old boy and was charged for rape and molestation. Despite the allegations that were made, his fans still supported him and believed that he was innocent. They used many media outlets to support him which got the attention of the world and he was proven to be innocent in the end. Looking at the evidence that was found by the police, he was proven to be innocent because he only played with the kids but never sexually assaulted them. This proved that he was supported and loved by all his fans and the world that he only loved children.

There will be no legend like Michael Jackson since he had his own style and it is something that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the universe. He was a onetime legend that continues to live in our hearts even though he has lived for a short period of time. Now he is in another world but still visits in our dreams and at award ceremonies as he is honored. He comes in various ways whether it is dancing, singing, or his music. There is always a glimpse of him in any song today and in the past. Michael Jackson admired many legends such as Fred Astaire and James Brown. He achieved success by finding motivation through them. Now history repeats again as many singers such as Usher and Jennifer Lopez look up to Michael Jackson as inspiration and role model.

Even though he has faced a lot of struggles in his life, he managed to overcome them and inspire a generation to work hard and achieve their goals. Michael Jackson became an international legend that lives in everyone’s hearts. His dancing, style, and music is still played today and every song brings him back alive in happy or sad times. The media has bashed him in many ways saying that he was a bad a person. All his fans still had faith in him and believed in the kind soul that he was. Michael Jackson has become a house hold name worldwide and continues to live through people’s hearts. People are still star struck by his presence and aura as he is one of the most talented people in the world. Even though some people have never met him, they feel like they have always known him. Above all music legends, Michael Jackson continues to inspire for generations to come and will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

The only person in the whole world that can match Michael Jackson’s steps and his legacy is Michael Jackson himself. Although he departed from this planet to some other world, he managed to imprint himself in the hearts of people. Just like your shadow never leaves you, the same way Michael Jackson never left us. He is still relevant in today’s world of music and entertainment. His music and his style is evergreen and he is setting example for the current and next generations to come. Whenever music, dance or entertainment is mentioned, his name will never fail to be cited. He is also known in history as a triple threat. The multi talented superstar, had a unique knack for composing music, singing and choreographing his own dance. Starting from an early age, he gave up his childhood, to live his dream by entertaining people. Now, he is the world’s biggest superstar.

Even at a young age, Michael was able to captivate millions of people’s hearts all around the world.  When he started singing with his 4 brothers in the Jackson 5 Band, many people always thought he stood out from the rest with his unique dance style, his fun energy, and ability to entertain. His popularity lead to his fans committing suicide when he passed away. His funeral had been witnessed more times than the 9/11 incident on the news channels and social media. It caused the Internet to crash and many search engines to stop working. Popular singers in this generation, incorporate his dance style and fashion into their own music and fans remember him through new singers in this way. The rhythm and tunes in his music is also used in new music and has inspired a new generation of artists.

Even though, Michael Jackson was a legend of his time, others may say that he was just as famous as other stars. But that’s not true. At some point he was diminished from his stardom and earning potentials. This these was due to the drug and the sex abuse charges on him. And by that people were considering him as a characterless man and a rapist. And to justify that statement, according to CNN, Jackson’s collection deals dropped strongly from his top and his “likability” rating turned drastically negative after the significant negative news about the accusations of consumption of drugs and sex abuse. And that’s not it, he was also found guilty for making small boys “drink alcohol.” And if he was a legend, which means that he supposed to have all the ‘hit albums.’ Rather that he had many about 6-7 failed albums such as Invincible, Ben, Music and Me, Got to be There, etc. and apart from that he was bankrupted and not granted any loans. And at some point he didn’t even have money to perform shows. And gradually his stardom faded with time. And by the above point it clearly states that if he was a “mega star” then he wouldn’t have faced such hardships and money problems.

Although he might be seen as an average celebrity by some people, he was a legendary singer with the sweetest heart in the world. He stood out from all the singers because he was different from dancing, singing, to entertaining and helping many people who were in need. He was not like others because he donated a large amount of money, like no other celebrity, to many poor people and the African American. Jackson dedicated his life to the joy of children and inspired them to live their dream. He had the most incredible and supportive fans that no other celebrity experienced before. He has been a savior to the African American community and raised millions of dollars with the song, We Are the World, and donated all the money to them. He visited many Medical Centers for leukemia and other cancer research and donated a 19 bed unit to the hospital with his own money. He donated 1.5 million dollars from his Pepsi Commercial when he founded the Michael Jackson Burn Center. Towards the end of his life, he setup the Michael Jackson United Negro College Fund for education for poor people who could not afford an education. He always knew the importance of education and accomplishing their dreams. He set up this outlet for young children to find a purpose in their lives with his own money. It is very rare that any celebrity would do this much for people in need. Most celebrities would spend the money for themselves or to small charities, but all his money and earnings went towards people who were in need. The amount of lives he has helped with those foundations and charity work, is something that sets him apart from others. His heart was like no other celebrity or human being and gave instead of gaining. Michael was extra ordinary when it came to his achievements. He sold close to 750 million copies of his album. Compared to modern day celebrity, Beyoncé has sold close to 150 million. Michael Jackson has surpassed great expectations. Even though he lived a short life, he has achieved the goals of a life time that no other person can achieve.

Looking back at all the things Michael has done for the world of entertainment and music, there is no doubt that he stands out from the other singers.  He has helped so many people in need and personally visited sick people and even donated his hard earned money to them. Jackson has donated a lot towards education, hospitals, research centers for the happiness and health of people. There are no tabloids or articles that can make anyone forget all that he has done for people. Michael Jackson was not only a legend in music, but also became a legend in the hearts of people around the world. Even though, he is not in this world with us, his charity work continues to help the poor and his music is still played to this day. The people who he helped still remember him for his good deeds and reminisce his good heart. Even after the king of pop was laid to rest, he was still in the thoughts of many staff members and charity owners, who were with him when helping those in need.

Along with the people who worked with him, his fans’ hearts broke into pieces. A voice that made them happy and joyful, disappeared into heaven. Since Michael Jackson had a lot of fans, it was hard for them to accept his death which caused his fans to commit suicide and others were in denial. Some fans went through an immense amount of depression. The thought that he was maybe still alive was not enough to console their hearts.  As soon as the news broke out that Michael Jackson has passed, many fans around the world made many tributes to him and honored him in several ways. They held memorials, candle lights, and placed flowers at places that he has set foot. It was a sad time for the world. Many fans felt like they were with him every step of his life and suddenly he was gone. Many fans showed up to the funeral and cried along with their family members. Since he was such a unique talent and an inspiration, it was hard for fans to accept his death and were mentally affected by his death. It took many decades for fans to recover. But his music has helped in healing every fan around the globe. Since many fans kept him in his hearts, his top seven songs reached the top of every music chart and his albums were sold out very quickly. Just hours after his death, the sales of the songs and albums have increased rapidly. Even though, he was not there for his scheduled concert, Colombia Pictures sponsored a movie on the legend and played it in all the cities he was supposed to tour. Many fans who lost hope, felt like he was still alive and connected with them. His death affected different social media outlets which caused his doctor to be questioned and arrested because many fans felt like his death could have been prevented if his doctor was more careful.

As the king of pop was laid to rest, fans’ hearts broke into pieces. A voice that made them upbeat and blissful had vanished into paradise. Since Michael Jackson had a part of fans, it was difficult for them to acknowledge his passing , which caused his fans to commit suicide and others were in denial. A few fans went through a colossal sum of sadness. The thought that he was possibly still alive was not sufficient to support their hearts. As before long as the news broke out that Michael Jackson had passed, numerous fans around the world made numerous tributes to him and regarded him in a few ways. They held dedications, candle light vigils, and put blooms at places that he had set foot. It was a pitiful time for the world. Numerous fans felt like they were with him each step of his life and all of a sudden, he was gone. Numerous fans appeared up to the burial service and cried alongside their family members. Since he was such a special talent and a motivation, it was difficult for fans to acknowledge his passing. They were irrationally influenced by his passing.

Many fans have lost hope that Michael Jackson would never come back again and their inspiration was gone from this world. Fans could not bare the news of his death and did not how to cope with the loss.  Most fans created sadness when he passed, which lead to 12 individuals commit suicide after agreeing to the pioneer of his fan club. This shows us that how much he had his impact around the world. Since this was such an concerning issue, the suicide cases lead to respectful right dissident, Jesse Jackson, to talk out around the issue and threat with respect to the suicide. She made a video on YouTube with respect to the suicide cases to anticipate others from committing suicide and to possibly diminish the number of suicide cases. The message was expressed as “We fall down sometimes, we get back up. That’s the right thing to do. In Michael’s name let’s live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools” (Jesse Jackson). The YouTube video was spread all over from social media outlets to news channels for fans who seem not to adapt with the misfortune. They got the support and consolation that they required which motivated them to proceed their life and honor him. Fans started rallies, candle marches, events where they laid flowers, and memorials. His music too made a difference by laminating fans with the misfortune. Especially, his melody, You Are Not Alone. Numerous fans associated with the verses and had a feeling in their hearts that he was still alive. Due to the recordings and back, the fans gotten, the number of suicides was exceptionally few. In the recordings and endeavors were not made, at that point the suicide rates seem have expanded to millions of individuals in committing suicide.

The reaction of his death was so intense that it had caused Internet Trafficking. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube hits, and Google were jammed. This appeared how impactful his passing was. Virgin Media stated “It was the first time we have had so many crashing problems since 9/11 attack”. People want to reach out via social media outlets about his death which caused crashing problems. During his live broadcasting of his funeral, 31 million viewers were watching this excluding the attendees. Celebrities gave speeches, provided performances, and attended his funeral. They represented his friendship, wonderful heart, and the hero he was to millions of people.

Despite the fact that he was laid to rest, fans still believe that he is still alive. It was hard for his fans to believe that he was gone for good to a whole new different world. His fan following has caused a huge impact around the world and his death has caused an even bigger impact. Many fans have suffered a lot when he passed. Fans have developed depression and committed suicide. But, most fans found hope through his music and through honoring him in several ways such as memorials and tributes. Many fans felt like they were a part of his life and shared their experiences online. It caused an intense amount of attention which caused internet trafficking. Fans believed that even if he was laid to rest, his music and legacy would never disappear. He inspired a whole generation through fan following about living your dream and never giving up on life. Fans have kept that in their hearts and continued to carry his words in their everyday lives. There is not a single a day where someone forgets who Michael Jackson really was and what he has done for the world and his fans. His words still inspire the world to keep believing in themselves and to live life to the fullest. Jackson always said “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with”. Fans loved him and Michael Jackson knew he was loved when he died as well. He full filled his life, but his legacy still inspires.


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