Good Citation

Good Mechanics

The following are all good citation techniques. Refer to this list if you’re ever in doubt about how to cite and briefly quote in the same short sentence.

All these good example contain several essentials of good citation.

  • They identify the AUTHOR
  • They identify the TITLE of the article, essay, or story
    • They could contain the name of the publication also, but they don’t.
  • They contain a QUOTATION
    • They could contain a PARAPHRASE instead, without quotation marks.
  • They also have SAID language
    • SAID, BELIEVES, CLAIMS, ASSERTS, INSISTS, or countless other varieties of SAID.


  • Daniel Flath, in his essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” claims that “boys can’t learn from women.”
    • Author, in “Title,” said that “quote.”
  • Daniel Flath claims, in “Boylan’s Folly,” that “boys can’t learn from women.”
    • Author claims, in “Title,” that “quote.”
  • In Daniel Flath’s essay, “Boylan’s Folly,” Flath claims, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    • In Author’s essay, “Title,” Author claims, “Quote.”
    • In his essay, “Title,” Author claims, “Quote.”
  • In “Boylan’s Folly,” Daniel Flath claims: “Boys can’t learn from women.”
    • In “Title,” Author claims: “Quote.”
  • Daniel Flath thinks “boys can’t learn from women.” He makes this and other outrageous claims in his essay, “Boylan’s Folly.”
    • Author says “quote.” He makes this claim in essay, “Title.”
  • That “boys can’t learn from women” is one of the outrageous claims Daniel Flath makes in “Boylan’s Folly.”
    • That “subject verbs” is a claim Author makes in “Title.”
  • “Boys can’t learn from women,” according to Daniel Flath in “Boylan’s Folly.”
    • “Quote,” according to Author in “Title.”

Flawed Mechanics

Fix the errors in these citations by typing corrected versions into the Reply field below. Number your sentences 1, 2, and 3.

  1. In his essay, Daniel Flath, the author of “Boylan’s Folly,” says that, “Boys can’t learn from women.”
  2. The author of “Boylan’s Folly”, Daniel Flath: “Boys can’t learn from women”.
  3. In the essay by Daniel Flath, “Boylan’s Folly,” is said, “Boys can’t learn from women.”

One of Your Own

Write a new one of your own in the same Reply field. Number it 4.

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