Visual Rhetoric – Pinkpineapples23

Know Your Girls :30 |Breast Cancer Risk Education| Ad Council

0:00-0:03 – It starts out zoomed in on one woman, who is the main character, then zooms out to other women who are in the picture. They could be her friends and/or family. These women are looking straight at the camera with a serious face. You can tell that by how straight their faces are. Then the screen fades.

0:04-0:07 – The scene has now changed, but it started out again on the same woman then zoomed out to show the others. They are celebrating that they just graduated. They have a banner and they have on their caps and gowns. They are very happy, you can tell by the smile on their faces. Then the screen fades.

0:08-0:10 – The same women are now in a home. They are consoling the main character as she lays on her mother’s lap, looking upset. They are sleeping over and watching a movie because they are wearing their pajamas, one is eating popcorn, and another one is looking a VCR tape. Two other girls and the mom are paying attention to the main girl who is upset. The screen goes black.

0:11-0:14 – The women are now getting ready for a wedding. They all have smiles on their faces. The bride is being helped with her shoes and her veil by two of her friends. Three others are taking a picture of themselves as they wait for the bride to be ready. Screen fades for next scene.

0:15-0:17 – This scene now only has three people in it. The main character is around her mother and her significant other. She is sitting in the chair looking at her new born baby she is holding with a smile on face. Her mother is standing over them with a smile on her face while she looks at the baby. Her significant other is sitting on the floor, leaning on the chair admiring the baby. The screen goes black.

0:18-0:21 – It is now only the main character, she is standing, and the background is black. A light is shown on her from the shoulders up. She is staring at the camera with an expression on her face. Her face looks as though she is holding back her tears. She then closes her eyes.

0:22-0:23 – Her head is now down. Her eyes are still closed. Even though her head is down you can still see that she is upset by her face. Her eyes are shut tight and her eyebrows are scrunched.

0:24-0:26 – She slowly lifts her heads up starting with her eyes. She is in the same position she started in. She is now looking back at the camera but this time words are now on the screen. On the screen it says, “Knowing your breasts can save your life.” Then the screen goes black.

0:27-0:37 – On the screen is a website to learn more facts about breast health.


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