I could use some help getting started, Professor.  In our conference you told me that I should describe that mental block or  the problem in a task that you can’t get through and how it is actually worse to keep working at it than to just stop and take a break. I was wondering what you think might be a good topic for my second 1000 words? Most of my sites I’ve been researching have said the 90% of workers work better and are more refreshed after small 15 minute break. There is also research on workers becoming lazy and less hard working because they are taking to many breaks as well. Research says that the human mind can work continually for around 52-55 minutes and after that you are distracted and won’t get much done. Taking a break for a 17 minutes is the most successful result in how long someone needs. So I was wondering how you think I should write all of my information in a successful way.

One thought on “Causal-Whosthatguy2”

  1. Thanks for asking, Whos.

    First of all, you’re not obligated to share every study you encounter. For every 99 scientists who acknowledge the existence of human-caused global warming, someone has funded a study that proves the deviation in temperatures is just a natural phenomenon.

    So, to begin, I’d look for a preponderance of the evidence. If most science says breaks are good, you can feel comfortable saying so.

    But hang on to that source that says otherwise. It could be the perfect candidate for a Refutation Argument. If it’s at all compelling, and especially if it’s well-known and compelling, you can bet some of your readers will be familiar with it and will grip it like a hole-card ace until you’re finished showing your hand and then spring it on you if you haven’t already exposed it as flawed or a fraud.

    Look for problems of methodology in any outlier report that runs contrary to your beliefs, the majority of the research, and common sense. If you can both provide strong positive evidence and refute contrary evidence, you win your argument on two fronts.

    Does that help?


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