My hypothesis- noheartkeylow

  1. modern world slavery in university’s
  2. college athletes bring in a lot of revenue for schools
  3. students have little to no money back at home while the school makes money they earn
  4.  risk career-ending injuries every time that they step onto the court, field or rink
  5. will give a reason for students to play harder in result better performance.
  6. Should college athletes be paid?

4 thoughts on “My hypothesis- noheartkeylow”

  1. Your collection of statements contains plenty of food for thought, NoHeartKeyLow, but it doesn’t follow the format of the Assignment, which was to develop a broad Topic into a Narrow, Clear, Detailed Hypothesis that could be tested by academic research. Your final Step: “It’s modern-world slavery,” is not a hypothesis. But there’s one hiding in here. Read over my comments to your classmates for more advice on how to develop a Hypothesis.


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