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Physician-assisted suicide is a situation where the physician assists the patient to end his/her life due to an uncontrollable health condition. When a patient is suffering a chronic disease, which cannot be healed at a particular time or cannot heal completely can request a specific prescription of drugs to end his life to avoid much-prolonged pain. In the scenario, the doctor intends to hasten the dying process of the patient knowingly (Copeland, 87). Sometimes the condition is commonly referred to as euthanasia, but it is different. Some laws and regulations have been set to address the issue of whether physician-assisted suicide is valid and lawful or not. There should be some palliative care and trials in all means before assisting the patient to die. This death shortcut should be the last alternative when all sorts of palliative care have failed to bear fruits (Copeland, 87). Some people have argued that patients have a right for physician-assisted death (PAD); they imply that patients should be allowed to decide what they wish to happen to their lives. This essay analyses the causal and effect relationship that will result in the case of granting people the rights to physician-assisted suicide.



Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) as part of euthanasia is one of the oldest points of contention in medical ethics. The original Hippocratic Oath forbids it, and many religions and societal traditions have rejected it since antiquity. In physician-assisted suicide, a suffering or terminally ill patient is aided by a certified health practitioner to get access to a lethal dose that the patient then administers on themselves. If the patient is incapable of doing so, they can request the physician to administer the lethal substance to end the patient’s life. The practice of physician-assisted suicide continues to raise debate as only five American states, a handful of European Countries and Colombia permit some form of doctor-assisted suicide. Even though many governments and organizations do not formally accept physician-assisted suicide as a standard medical practice due to ethical concerns, they should adopt it because it is a show of respect to individual civil liberties as provided by the right of every individual to choose what is best for them without government or societal interference.

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It’s so cliché to say that being physically active will help you stay fit and healthy, but not many people know the other benefits it actually provides. Enduring in physical activity allows you to enhance your muscle development and it can also enhance your development skills. Which can allow students to do better in school. Many schools provide physical activity, but do they enforce it? Do they know the benefits it provides?

Children who are physically active do better in school settings than children who are inactive. Being physically active at a young age can improve their brain health and their academic success. After participating in physical activity, the students pay better attention and respond quicker to some cognitive tasks.

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When you think of American television, the NFL is the first thought that comes to mind to most Americans. It is easily the most watched television in America, and has basically became a holiday for most Americans. It has brought us so many great moments of entertainment, and memories of great games that most of us will remember and argue for the rest of our lives. With football, and any sport, there will always be a debate about some topic. Who is the best quarterback, who is the best team in the league, should a team make a replacement at linebacker? However, an aspect of the NFL that isn’t debated as much as it should be  is why doesn’t the NFL consider defensive players when it comes to MVP voting? Year in and year out a quarterback, and in some cases a running back, always get MVP, but why do defensive players almost never receive votes?  Elite defensive players are in many ways more valuable than a good quarterback and should be considered every season for MVP.


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Nappy, kinky, or curly; they are all descriptions of Black hair. Natural Black or African hair can range from a soft, ‘S’ shaped curl pattern to tightly curled hair and even to the tight, ‘Z’ shape cross-section of a kinky afro. Originating in Africa, kinky hair evolved for the dry heat by pushing away heat and moisture from the scalp. The relatively sparse density of Afro textured hair in combination with its spring-like coils results in a light, airy, almost sponge-like form. Jablonski states in her writing that it likely facilitates an increase in the circulation of cool air onto the scalp. This hair type should be appreciated as a biological advantage and not considered “bad hair”. A strong majority of Black people believe their natural hair is considered unprofessional or unattractive. The negative connotations of natural Black hair seem to be ingrained in our minds from a young age. With this, I believe that Black people do not wear their hair naturally because they have been taught for centuries to assimilate into White society.

Generations of Black people, specifically women, in America have dealt with the social struggle of meeting the ideal beauty standard in this country when it comes to their hair. The battle between not being White, but trying to look as though they fit in socially with the Eurocentric beauty standards of this country has impacted the hairstyle of Black people for decades. To understand the social struggles of Black Americas, one must look at the history of hair during the times of slavery. To look similar to the White people, African Americans developed a hierarchy imposed on themselves where those with lighter skin and straighter hair over those that reflected more African features were regarded as more attractive and appealing (Donaldson, 2018). This idea was internalized by African Americans and thus considered the beginning of the idea of “good hair” and colorism among Black people as slave owners would compare Black hair  “wool” and considered it inappropriate (Bryrd and Tharps, 2001, p. 26). To softer kinky hair texture, butter, bacon grease, and even kerosene were used in their hair (Vissa Studios, 2012). As damaging as this could be to the skin and hair, they were willing to do it to meet the expectations of the time.

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1. Violent video games cause dangerous changes in behviors for individuals with autism. Changes in behavior can include aggressive behaviors, social anxiety, and improper thoughts. Proper actions need to be taken such as informing parents of effects or disallowing release of M rated games in retailers to underage individuals. Not following such a rule will allow the population to get out of hand and might get to an uncontrollable point. Violent video games are bad as it is, why make them more violent when you can alter scenes to support buying customers who don’t necessarily want that.

2. Violent video games desensitize individuals for real world occurrences. If there is a shooter game which rewards plays on getting kills, that effects how they act in real life shootings. Individuals who are exposed will not know how to act in the proper manner. Scenes or events should be taken out of such video games entirely or have the scenes recreated in a respectful manner. Who knows what scene have done to such individuals in the past and now is the time to change ways. The developers can input scenes or practices within games which accurately portrays what is needed or what actions should take places within the given situations.

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  1. We live in the world where the internet has become a necessity and we need to keep it that way. The internet has become so dominant that you need a lab top/computer jus to pass your classes. To many people want to restrict our rights on the internet and we need to preserve it. Net Neutrality allows us to do what we want when we want on the internet and we need to keep it that way. Without it, internet speeds will become throttled and we have to pay more to access more. In order to preserve the equality of the internet we must protect Net Neutrality and keep it safe.
  2. People want to take away your internet away from you and that is not acceptable. That is why Net Neutrality is here and it needs to stay with us. Net Neutrality allows us to use the internet for our wants and needs without internet providers intervening and telling us “NO!”. Without it we will be forced to pay for better internet speeds and to access some websites. Websites that might be necessary for school and would fail if internet providers took that away from us. Net Neutrality is the only thing keeping us on the internet to enjoy the things we want to enjoy.

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  1. Social media has now become a safe haven for adolescents to escape their offline lives. Being raised in an era with new technology means there are new ways to develop relationships with others and grow as an individual. The use of different social networking sites have taken over the lives of teens and are changing the way they grow up by changing the ways they view themselves. Creating negative self images and spreading false information to impress others can be detrimental to an adolescent’s well being. The creation of  a false persona is leading to a world where teens are living double lives.
  2. The new technology based world is what generation z is growing up with and will never know of a life without it. The use of social media is becoming more prevalent everyday, but there are major consequences of it when using it on a daily basis. These adolescents are becoming more technologically dependent. They use these sites as a way to express themselves, but in reality they are barely communicating who they truly feel on the inside by spreading false information. Social media is making the next generation reliant on these sites to spread misinformation about who they are as a person, which can ultimately results in negative relationships with their offline relationships.

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Crime today is nowhere near close to how crime was in the 80’s and 90’s. There were way more murders and homicide than there are now. Knowing the fact that some sort of crime is happening as we speak, what is causing society to do this? Resulting in that these frequent, crime rates are dropping, the criminal activity is rising throughout the years.

According to the, a report states that there were an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed around the nation. That is a big number but the amount of violent crime is actually deceasing in America. The crimes that are occurring every so often is small minor crimes like burglary or robbery. The crimes are reported more than mystery murders or homicide. In today’s society, crime rates are decreasing, while crime is increasing.




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  1. With election season and mid terms for presidential nominees coming up, people are looking to the politician that best shares their common interests and will get laws passed that will help their voters be happy. Voters are eager to get their politicians in office so they can make decisions and get to work as quickly as possible. Voters tend to think that when politicians don’t make quick action to get policies passed that they aren’t hearing the opinions of the people. The real issue lies in that sometimes there’s negative side effects to these things that outweigh the benefits.
  2. We live in a society where everything is moving faster and faster. We are accomplishing feats in technology never thought possible 20 or 30 years ago. For some people, that can’t be said about our political system. Some people believe that it takes too long for politicians to make decisions that could ultimately benefit society. In reality politics are changing every day the only issue is that these policies for changes might also bring negatives that can last for a long time.

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1 . The United States is in an extraordinary crisis about whether guns in our country should be more regulated or not.  This immense debate will most likely never come to an end, and that’s why it is significant to begin looking at community factors and their effects on gun violence.  Factors such as, economy, population, location, gun ownership, and, gender and race, can help local government and law enforcement, to implement certain laws to decrease the gun violence in that particular area.

2. The never ending battle of the gun control debate in America to keep increasing the regulations on guns, has been happening for decades, but it is finally time to stop.  After years of making it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, there has been no solid evidence that those laws effect gun violence.  In fact, some states that have the highest gun regulation laws in the country, have cities that gun violence is in the highest of the whole country.