10 THU OCT 04


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  • Linking to sources in your posts
  • Feedback please

Visual Rhetoric

A Portfolio Assignment

  • Visual Rhetoric Argument
  • Visual Rhetoric, Static Image
    • The first assignment destined to end up in your Portfolio will be the Visual Rhetoric analysis. You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.
  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?
  • Portfolio Assignment Visual Rhetoric Argument



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  1. – When we purposely summarize, we filter and alter the piece. We use it to our advantage to make it a point of our own. We use it as evidence to persuade our readers of something new.
    – Link all sources to the title of each source of the white paper.
    – Assume that every second of a video is important. Every detail is important and is decided to be done on purpose with a meaning.
    – We are a visual rich culture and very receptive to visual interpretations.
    – We careful craft scenes and dressings deliberately.


  2. Looked over housekeeping issues such as unchecking the 123UncheckMe box. Also viewed the Presidential morphing image to sample visual rhetoric. Picked apart visual rhetoric of the video ad by analyzing every minute detail so that it helps us better understand the ways that very small things can lead to a bigger idea or the gist of a “scene”. Shows how things that are very carefully created can hold a lot of information that can be revealed with a little bit of analysis. The visual rhetoric assignment is due next Wednesday before midnight, titled Visual Rhetoric – *username*.


  3. housekeeping
    make sure you uncheck 123 uncheck this box when posting
    link your sources with the link button on your post
    if you need feedback on an old post tag it in feedback please

    visual rhetoric assignment is a portfolio assignment, is not related to main research project but I can be.
    text on the screen is visual
    pay attention to everything, everything in the video has a reason
    do not pay attention to voice over, only use visual images.
    break down 30 second video second by second clip by clip

    if nothing changes for a few seconds can break down for few seconds but explain significance of nothing changes
    describe the scenes of each second, paint the picture for the reader


  4. -Ad council produced by professionals, are short deliberate clips.
    -Question everything, everything is put in these videos for a reason
    -Visuals have meaning
    -Have become receptive to visuals and images and sometimes are mostly subconscious


  5. Notes:

    Visual Rhetoric, Static Image
    Doesn’t make a clear statement but interprets enough to alter the message. “Heres where we were. A little Obama, then a little more and more. Then we end up with Obama.”
    Make sure nothing is in “123 uncheck this box.”
    Communication is key in this class. Please engage and reply to comments.
    Ad Council is the universe we’ll be limited to for the visual rhetoric assignment.
    They try to convince viewers to adopt a particular pov and do so in a very short 30 seconds.
    Break the video down second by second
    You’re not allowed to listen to it. You must analyze it by just the pictures.
    We can listen to it after writing but don’t share it with others if you do.
    We see two people in a work setting. Possibly an interview. Possibly meeting for the first time since they’re shaking hands. We see another person who is not in the same office, talking on the phone. So we have an expectation of privacy.
    We must notice every detail like the hand shake, the fact that the man doesn’t have a tie on, they’re looking eye to eye, the lady is confident.
    Make your point by analyzing the visuals alone.

    Find a video on Ad council, only 30 seconds, and remember to link the video you post in your assignment. Describe everything in visual term.


  6. – Make sure to uncheck the 123 uncheck this box before publishing my work to my name and task.

    – Link the URL to the corresponding
    title of the article within my post and make sure to check the box off that lets the reader open a new tab.

    – Explain as much detail as possible when using visual rhetoric, even every second


  7. Oct. 4 Notes
    -The visual rhetoric assignment will be the first assignment for our portfolio. All ads for this assignment will be from ad council. They are concentrated arguments in 30 seconds. Break these videos down second by second. Words on the screen are visual. Everything in the picture at that second is there for a reason.
    Assignment- Only select 30 second videos. Also, provide with a link. We will be so clear in our descriptions that the reader can picture the scene. You must describe everything in visual language only.


  8. 1. To appropriately analyze static images or videos, it is necessary to be aware of every single detail in the setting to come up with unique interpretations of those. Describe what is displayed in visual language, the purpose of engaging visual rhetoric is to see where your notion takes you when you appreciate images or videos.
    2. We have to stereotype when we try to visually interpret a message. Because every single detail in visuals is important. Objects, facial expressions, and actions are depicted in visuals for specific purposes.
    3. The visual rhetoric assignment is a portfolio assignment in which we will be able to make conclusions from what we see only.


  9. Feedback Please
    – Try to respond back to professor

    Visual Rhetoric Assignment
    – All choices from Ad Council
    – Subscribe to them if need be
    – Break the video down second by second
    – Words on the screen are visual
    – Voice over= don’t pay attention to it
    – Analyze the visuals alone
    – Dissect them
    – Report only what you see
    – Provide a link of the ad
    – Due on Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 11:59pm
    – Portfolio grade


  10. 10/4/18

    Visual Rhetoric: The point is clearly shown, without having to openly be stated.

    PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT (Visual Rhetoric)
    -This is important! (this is the first draft and can be updated)
    -Choose a 30 second clip from any of the videos provided via the assignment link.

    -Give a play by play of the clip, thoroughly describing what is happening, the environment, the people, their actions, their emotions. Each second holds new information to give to your readers, so don’t leave out one bit!
    -*Provide a link to video you’ve chosen*
    -Describe the clip so well that the reader can also visualize what you are seeing perfectly, leaving no room for mis interpretations.

    -DO NOT:
    -Provide any audio provided in the video including all sounds, music, and voices. This defeats the purpose..


  11. • Housekeeping issues were addressed such as unchecking the 123uncheckme box as well as the correct way to link a URL to the link.
    • Visual Rhetoric assignment due next Wednesday before midnight titled Visual Rhetoric- username. This is the first draft and can be updated. Choose a 30 second clip from any of the videos on the assignment link.
    • DO NOT: listen to the audio in the video because it defeats the purpose to listen to the music and voices.
    • Please do: provide a play by play of the video you watch, describe so that the reader can picture what you are writing about. Each and every second is just as important as the last.


  12. Professor Hodges went over how to add a link to certain text. We have to do a visual rhetoric assignment. Watch the video without sound and analyze the video second by second. Only choose a 30 second long video.


  13. When we look at a TV with the volume off we can come up with an infinite amounts of details about what is happening.

    When we look at a static image people can come up with different interpretations of what is happening.
    1. The dark Bush era to the bright Obama future (dark background of Bush to bright Obama background)
    2. The policies never really change only the person.
    3. The change from the Bush administration to the Obama administration takes time.

    We are tasked with finding an Ad Campaign video (30 seconds) and analyzing every few seconds without the sound on.

    There’s never enough detail to put into the assignment. 1 frame could include millions of minuscule details.

    Take a look at the camera details used to convey messages.


  14. 10-4-18

    Don’t forget to click “123 Uncheck this Box” and properly hyperlink URLs

    Visual Rhetoric Argument Assignment DUE Thursday Oct. 11
    -Watch sample videos
    -Choose a 30 second video suggested from the ad council
    -You must describe the video so the readers can imagine what you were looking at
    -Identify observations second by second and convey them to the reader
    -Pay close attention to minor details, gestures, and behaviors


  15. -make sure to uncheck ‘123 uncheck’ this box when posting something.
    -also link your sources with the link button on your post.
    – tag feedback please if you need feedback on an old post.
    -Communication is key in this class.
    -visual rhetoric assignment is a portfolio assignment which is due by 10/10.
    -in the Visual Rhetoric assignment, we’re not allowed to listen to it. we have to analyze it by just seeing the pictures.
    -Instagram is an example of visual communication i.e., pictures, short videos,etc.
    -example of Visual Rhetoric is, “the new boss, but same as old one” between Barack Obama and Bush.
    -the main purpose of Visual Rhetoric is to identify how the visual communicate to the readers without audio or sound.
    -for the assignment select Only select 30 second videos.
    -and break the video down second by second.
    -We must notice every detail in the video which we choose.
    -Find the video on Ad council on ‘YouTube.’


  16. -be sure to check through categories to receive credit for assignments
    -adding links to titles is much more neat and nice looking
    -click “open link in a new window or tab” for ease for the reader
    -I added my post to feedback please during class, mostly because I really need good feedback on how to improve it. It’s not my best work.
    -we as a society rely heavily on visual information
    -visuals can be interpreted in multiple ways
    -visuals can also become arguments
    -examine the video second by second in order to properly visualize the ad and argument
    -visual communication only, do not write the words or sounds heard for this assignment
    -when doing this assignment, the unsaid things must be said. Analyze why assumptions are made.
    -conclusions can be lead from simple expressions and certain details


  17. Visual rhetoric assignment will be our first assignment for our portfolio. You can break down a 30 second video. We can explain as much detail when using visual Rhetoric. We have to stereotype when we try to visually interpret a message because every detail is important.


  18. -make sure to uncheck the 123 uncheck this box while placing your work in the correct categories
    -visual rhetoric is the one assignment in your portfolio that doesn’t go with the topic of the rest of your portfolio
    -communicating visually is more popular now with no composition required
    -choose a 30 second ad council PSA
    -can’t show the readers the visuals
    -describe the visuals without the script to describe the argument
    -keep in mind how big a budget is for the ad, as nothing is accidental if it is a big budget
    -Respond to every second or so as if all that you needed to know was communicated by the visuals. Don’t focus on sound. Tell the readers what is happening through sight.
    -you can be as critical as you want when analyzing
    -if you watch it without sound, you can be wrong and say that in your analysis. Either that you didn’t interpret it right, or the scripts didn’t match up with the visuals when you listened to the video with sound.


  19. 10/4/18

    We live in a visual world. Communication is becoming more visual. Things like social media (Instagram, YouTube) are mostly visual and less verbal.

    Visual representations aren’t clear, and it can mean whatever the author wants it to mean.

    Visual Rhetoric assignment: Break down 30 second video, and analyze each second in a timeline fashion. Describe what is going on without telling the reader what is being said.
    Can critic the message of the video and decide if it did a strong job of conveying the meaning.
    Specific little details are important in the frame by frame.
    Every specific detail is important in the frame by frame.


  20. – Make sure you uncheck the 123 box before publishing work
    – Attach a link to the text it is supporting
    – Visual Rhetoric Image will be added to portfolio
    – Subscribe to Ad council to get the whole library
    – We respond to visual Cues


  21. – Whoever we choose as our president, American citizens will always be unsatisfied. We would remember only the bad and the mistakes of our political leaders.
    – Make sure to uncheck the “123 Uncheck this Box” category when posting.
    – Use the title in posts as hyperlinks instead of pasting the entire URL underneath the post. – – That way the reference page doesn’t take a whole lot of space.
    – Today, a lot of information is presented in the form of media. We have visual rhetoric in the form of images and videos. The task for today was to dissect each of them second by second.


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