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Anxiety and Relief

It is hard to believe that mental health disorders exist in a world where everyone is happy. One disorder that is common is anxiety. Anxiety can bring about a feeling intense worrying, fear, and constant worry that something bad is going to happen. Those who have anxiety have trouble doing day to day activities like work and school. There is no cure for anxiety, however, there are ways to relieve or cope with the suffering and pain it causes. Relief and coping can start to sound the same but the words have different meanings especially when dealing with anxiety. There are many ways to treat anxiety and two of those ways are pharmaceuticals and weed to an extent. Those who suffer from anxiety could better benefit from taking pharmaceuticals over smoking weed that provides the high.      

Relief helps to ease the pain of illnesses or wounds for an extended period of time. In this case, pharmaceuticals and weed can both give relief to those with anxiety. The relief doesn’t last for continuous days but it is enough to make it through a day and allow for daily activities to be done. Pharmaceuticals provide a longer lasting relief compared to weed. In order, for weed to provide relief it would have to be smoked at a high dosage but it would eventually wear off and need to be smoked more throughout the day. It would also take some time to set in and begin its full effect. Pharmaceuticals typically need to be taken once daily every day and bring relief almost immediately, unlike weed. According to Harvard Health, “They are uniquely effective when taken by mouth or intravenously for the rapid relief of acute anxiety… and control of anxiety.” Pharmaceuticals are the better option for anxiety relief because of their quickness and ability to help control it. The methods used for relief can also be forms of treatment for it.  

Coping is different from relief. In order to have relief from anxiety, there are medications that need to be taken. However, coping involves finding ways to deal with illnesses without medications or even the use of weed. Finding those coping methods can also allow the person to change their mood in a positive way. There are many helpful ways to cope with anxiety. In an article at the Healthline website called “6 Daily Hacks That Help Manage High-Functioning Anxiety,” the author provides ways to cope with anxiety and those ways include “recognizing your symptoms, make friends with your fear, reconnect with your body, have a mantra, intervene with yourself, and have a support group.” Although not discussed in the article, physical activity is another coping method. In a journal entry written by Sean Cai, he discusses “relaxation exercises” as a way to “balance the physical as well as mental benefits.” Exercising allows the person with anxiety to feel at ease and improve their mood. All of the previously listed ways can allow someone with anxiety to cope with it in a proper and healthy way. Coping may not be as helpful with anxiety but it is another option if the person with the illness doesn’t want to take medicine.

Over the years, pharmaceuticals have become held at a high standard for effectiveness when relieving anxiety and they continue to prove their effectiveness. Pharmaceuticals and weed meet the same criteria in certain aspects, however, one is more reliable and credible over the other. The medications are more guaranteed to relieve anxiety compared to weed because the pills react with chemicals in the brain that have an effect on mood. Smoking weed for anxiety relief can cause more problems. According to the article “5 Reasons Not to Treat Depression with Weed,” it says, “Many people report feeling more anxious and paranoid immediately after using weed, and some even experience panic attacks.” The report above clarifies that weed has a negative reaction for most users with anxiety. Seeking weed as a treatment can lead to a dependency as well. It is also not known how much needs to be smoked for its effects to kick in. Pharmaceuticals are more easily accessible compared to weed. Weed is not yet legalized and in order to obtain it, it needs to be bought from someone. Some states do allow it to be used for medical reason but there are qualifications that need to be meant. Marijuana also has a tendency to be more expensive than pharmaceuticals. It is best to stick with anti-anxiety medications instead of weed because of their reliability.

Anxiety brings about a sense of constant worrying and can make it hard to do daily activities. Relief and coping are two important words for someone who has anxiety. In order to have relief from anxiety medications have to be taken. Coping, on the other hand, involves other ways like exercising, therapy, support group, and having a mantra. Coping with anxiety allows the person with it to come to terms with their disorder. It can also help with their mood in positive ways. Pharmaceuticals are the better option compared to weed. They are more reliable and quicker at relieving the anxiety. Weed takes longer and needs a bigger amount. It can also be more expensive and there is not enough evidence on how helpful weed is. It is best to stick with medications as a treatment for anxiety because of the relief it provides.


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