Visual Rhetoric – aloofgemini

The Future is Voting | Get Out The Vote 2018

0:01-0:04: The words “TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE FOR THIS COUNTRY” flash across the screen individually.

0:05-0:08: A black man wearing a red button-up shirt and a tie, a white man in what looks like a golf shirt is standing outside of a big, expensive looking house, and three teenage girls on a boat are shown in about one-second increments. All people are looking at the camera.

0:09-0:10: A teenager is seen carrying five gallons of water down a sidewalk and gives them to a woman standing on the steps of an apartment.

0:11-0:14: The American flag is shown flying in the wind in the middle of a rural area of what looks like is somewhere in the south. A guy is shown with his horse and a girl is sitting on top of the horse. He is dressed in southwestern type attire and they are both looking at the camera. Another boy is riding his bike down the street in the dark at nighttime.

0:14-0:15: “THE VOTERS ARE COMING is shown on the screen with the background of a bunch of cars. Also looks like a rural area.

0:16-0:18: Two guys are next to a car looking at the camera and the hood of the car is up. A guy with a serious look on his face is shown looking at the camera. He is standing behind a building and looks like an urban area. Another man is shown looking into the camera at a skate park. A military woman is shown standing next to the door of a military vehicle, also looking at the camera.

0:19-0:20: “WE KNOW THE STAKES” is on the screen and the background is of a girl looking into the camera and she’s standing on the beach.

0:21-0:23: “FREE SPEECH” “ECONOMY” “TAXES” “SECURITY” “LIBERTY” “HEALTHCARE” flash across the screen in colors of red, white, and blue.

0:23-0:24: A camera pans to a man with a small grin on his face and he gives a “what’s up” motion with his head.

0:25-0:30: “THE FUTURE IS VOTING” pops up with white letters on a black background. “NOVEMBER 6” shows in white letters on a red background. “” shows in blue graffiti letters on a white background.

This ad was intended for the younger crowd that are able to vote and it showed a diverse group of people, which is supposed to show that everyone is different, has their own beliefs and that it’s important for their voice to be heard when it comes to voting.

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