Causal Argument- Baahubali

Due to massive fan following of people caused it hard for them to accept the stars death which lead to committing suicide for some, furthermore caused internet trafficking at his funeral and also developing a thought that he is still alive.


      As the king of pop was laid to rest, many fans’ hearts broke into pieces. A voice that made them happy and joyful, disappeared into heaven. Since Michael Jackson had a lot of fans, it was hard for them to accept his death which caused his fans to commit suicide and others were in denial. Some fans went through an immense amount of depression. The thought that he was maybe still alive was not enough to console their hearts.  As soon as the news broke out that Michael Jackson has passed, many fans around the world made many tributes to him and honored him in several ways. They held memorials, candle lights, and placed flowers at places that he has set foot. It was a sad time for the world. Many fans felt like they were with him every step of his life and suddenly he was gone. Many fans showed up to the funeral and cried along with their family members. Since he was such a unique talent and an inspiration, it was hard for fans to accept his death and were mentally affected by his death. It took many decades for fans to recover. But his music has helped in healing every fan around the globe. Since many fans kept him in his hearts, his top seven songs reached the top of every music chart and his albums were sold out very quickly. Just hours after his death, the sales of the songs and albums have increased rapidly. Even though, he was not there for his scheduled concert, Colombia Pictures sponsored a movie on the legend and played it in all the cities he was supposed to tour. Many fans who lost hope, felt like he was still alive and connected with them. His death affected different social media outlets which caused his doctor to be questioned and arrested because many fans felt like his death could have been prevented if his doctor was more careful.


Many fans have lost hope that Michael Jackson would never come back again and their inspiration was gone from this world. Fans could not bare the news of his death and did not how to cope with the loss.  Most fans developed depression when he passed, which lead to 12 people committed suicide following his death according to a leader of his fan club. This shows how much he had an impact around the world. Since this was such a concerning issue, the suicide cases lead to civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, to speak out about the issue and danger regarding suicide. He made a video on YouTube regarding suicide to prevent others from committing suicide and to potentially reduce the number suicide cases. The message stated that “We fall down sometimes, we get back up. That’s the right thing to do. In Michael’s name let’s live together as brothers and sisters and not die apart as fools ” (Jesse Jackson). The YouTube video was spread everywhere from social media outlets to news channels for fans who could not cope with the loss. They got the support and reassurance that they needed which inspired them to continue their life and honor him. Fans started rallies, candle marches, events where they laid flowers, and memorials. His music also helped grieving fans with the loss. Particularly, his song, You Are Not Alone. Many fans connected to the lyrics and had a feeling in their heart that he was still alive. Due to the videos and support the fans received, the number of suicide rates were very few. If the videos and efforts were not made, then the suicide rates could have increased to millions of people dying.


The response to his death was so intense that it had caused Internet Trafficking. Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube hits, and Google were jammed. This showed how impactful his death was. Virgin Media stated “It was the first time we have had so many crashing problems since 9/11 attack”. People want to reach out via social media outlets about his death which caused crashing problems. During his live broadcasting of his funeral, 31 million viewers were watching this excluding the attendees. Celebrities gave speeches, provided performances, and attended his funeral. They represented his friendship, wonderful heart, and the hero he was to millions of people.


Despite the fact that he was laid to rest, fans still believe that he is still alive. It was hard for his fans to believe that he was gone for good to a whole new different world. His fan following has caused a huge impact around the world and his death has caused a even bigger impact. Many fans have suffered a lot when he passed. Fans have developed depression and committed suicide. But, most fans found hope through his music and through honoring him in several ways such as memorials and tributes. Many fans felt like they were a part of his life and shared their experiences online. It caused an intense amount of attention which caused internet trafficking. Fans believed that even if he was laid to rest, his music and legacy would never disappear. He inspired a whole generation through fan following about living your dream and never giving up on life. Fans have kept that in their hearts and continued to carry his words in their everyday lives. There is not a single a day where someone forgets who Michael Jackson really was and what he has done for the world and his fans. His words still inspire the world to keep believing in themselves and to live life to the fullest. Jackson always said “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with”. Fans loved him and Michael Jackson knew he was loved when he died as well. He full filled his life, but his legacy still inspires.





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Quote; “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”

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