Open Strong- beachgirl6

  1. Social media has now become a safe haven for adolescents to escape their offline lives. Being raised in an era with new technology means there are new ways to develop relationships with others and grow as an individual. The use of different social networking sites have taken over the lives of teens and are changing the way they grow up by changing the ways they view themselves. Creating negative self images and spreading false information to impress others can be detrimental to an adolescent’s well being. The creation of  a false persona is leading to a world where teens are living double lives.
  2. The new technology based world is what generation z is growing up with and will never know of a life without it. The use of social media is becoming more prevalent everyday, but there are major consequences of it when using it on a daily basis. These adolescents are becoming more technologically dependent. They use these sites as a way to express themselves, but in reality they are barely communicating who they truly feel on the inside by spreading false information. Social media is making the next generation reliant on these sites to spread misinformation about who they are as a person, which can ultimately results in negative relationships with their offline relationships.

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