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Any efforts that can be made to clean the pollution in the ocean will partially be negated by the efforts we use to try. Although attempts are being made to clean up the mess humans have made in it, it is at a point where we cannot do so without also contributing to the damage of the environment. The pollution that a standard size “cleanup” boat alone is of significant proportions in regards to the output of waste that it will bring to the environment it is trying to clean. Although the majority of waste or whatever else is being sought out to eliminate could be expunged, a small percentage of waste will be added by however one decides to go about a cleaning effort. With regards to damage in general to the environment where good intentions abound, such as cleaning up oil spills, the nets used to catch said pollution can also entangle and kill wildlife that resides in the area such as birds, fish, and aquatic mammals that have no way of escaping the trap. With pollution being so prevalent in society as well as the fate of the world, efforts that can rid the earth, especially the ocean, without adding to the pollution would be the most ideal solution. If the ocean becomes flooded with trash, oil spills, as well as emissions from gas powered vehicles, the wildlife that resides within can perish leaving the world void of species necessary to their individual ecosystem.

Causes and Effects of Ocean Pollution

The essential content of this article- This source discusses the most prevalent ways that pollution is being added to the ocean, such as sewage, plastic trash that harms wildlife, among others. It also provides the effects of said pollution.

What it proves-  This will benefit my hypothesis because it shows the many ways of how pollution is being added to the ocean. I can use this information to show how efforts to clean the pollution can also add harm to the ocean.

How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The essential content of this article- This article provides insight as to how pollution affects humans. It correlates the connection from harm to the animals living in the ocean, and how that directly affects humans.

What it proves-  This article proves that the harm humans causes to the environment directly can harm us. I can use this information because in the same way that cleaning the ocean of pollution adds to it, it further harms the ecosystem (including humans with this point of view).

Investigation of Marine Pollution Caused by Ship Operations with DEMATEL Method

The essential content of this article- This article explains the fact that modern day ships negatively impact the environment. From shipping vessels to standard sized cleaning boats, emissions as well as the potential for accidents add to the destruction of the oceans cleanliness.

What it proves- It proves that modern day ships cause pollution to the ocean, regardless of the intentions, such as cleaning pollution.

The Weird Way Cleaning Up Oil Spills Can Actually Harm Animals

The essential content of this article- This article provides claim that when there are oil spills, by using dispersants to clean the oil it actually can harm the environment at the same time by essentially sinking it to a lower level where it can harm wildlife even further,

What it proves- It proves that by cleaning up oils spill with dispersants, there still will be damage to the environment which is the gist of my hypothesis.

Plastics in the Ocean Affecting Human Health

The essential content of this article- This article provides information regarding the effect of plastic pollution in the ocean and how it affects humans. When plastics settle in the ocean, harmful components of it leeches into the water, negatively harming the wildlife which in turn people eat.

What it proves- This article proves that by polluting the ocean with plastics, it harms humans as well as wildlife. Production of plastic is perpetually being made, thus humans are essentially harming themselves when it comes to said plastic being cast into the ocean.

One thought on “White Paper—WaywardSundial”

  1. Thank you, Sundial, for providing a fine model for your classmates to emulate. Your claims are specific, and your linked titles took me easily to your original sources.

    I have family obligations today that will keep me from my desk until this evening, so further Notes will have to wait, but I wanted to acknowledge your early draft, thank you for all the good formatting, and encourage you always to post early if you’re going to do such good work!

    (That doesn’t mean I have no suggestions to offer for improving your later drafts. I have plenty! But you’re off to a strong start. 🙂 )


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