Open Strong- PeterBomersbach

1. Violent video games cause dangerous changes in behviors for individuals with autism. Changes in behavior can include aggressive behaviors, social anxiety, and improper thoughts. Proper actions need to be taken such as informing parents of effects or disallowing release of M rated games in retailers to underage individuals. Not following such a rule will allow the population to get out of hand and might get to an uncontrollable point. Violent video games are bad as it is, why make them more violent when you can alter scenes to support buying customers who don’t necessarily want that.

2. Violent video games desensitize individuals for real world occurrences. If there is a shooter game which rewards plays on getting kills, that effects how they act in real life shootings. Individuals who are exposed will not know how to act in the proper manner. Scenes or events should be taken out of such video games entirely or have the scenes recreated in a respectful manner. Who knows what scene have done to such individuals in the past and now is the time to change ways. The developers can input scenes or practices within games which accurately portrays what is needed or what actions should take places within the given situations.

Definition Essay- PeterBomersbach

Kids Should Not Be Allowed to Play Violent Video Games

Kids have been taken over lately with the distraction of video games which gets in the way of their social and educational life. Violent video games thrown in to the mix makes it even worse due to changing of behaviors such as aggression and thought process which later has great effects on their mental health. Parents need to pay attention to their kids in which they know what game they are playing and for how long because it can easily get out of hand. Nothing good comes from kids Violent video games except wasting good time to focus on school or have a social life.

An article “Study confirms link between violent video games and physical aggression,” written by the author Mike Snider says, “An international study looking at more than 17,000 adolescents, ages nine to 19, from 2010 to 2017, found playing violent video games led to increased physical aggression over time.” This study shows that there is a direct correlation with violent video games and kid’s aggressive behavior towards others. Video games such as Call of Duty and GTA are perfect axmples of violent video games kids should stay away from and parents should be aware of. My brother Nicholas gets very agitated when he plays violent video games such as Call of Duty because it’s a violent video game and aggressive actions are portrayed toward his friends or family.

Violent video games have more of an effect on just children’s bahvior but other tings such as emotions and exposure to graphic images like gore and shooting. Authors Lauren Goldbeck and Alex Pew wrote an article, “Violent Video Games and Aggression,” which states, “In 2017, the APA Task Force on Violent Media concluded that violent video game exposure was linked to increased aggressive behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, as well as decreased empathy.” This explains violent video games lead to decreased empathy due to increased exposure to blood and gore, violent language etc.. Thoughts and emotions can lead to mental health problems as a kid grows up which can be deadly to the family if not taken care properly.

Violent video games can easily be avoided by played the correctly rated game and with a managed time for other activities like playing sports or hanging out with friends. If kids dedicate their lives to video games in general they have a very small chance of going somewhere with that as a career. There are plenty of other opportunities to take on at such a young age, they can’t let it damage their mind at this young when that have so much to live for.


Goldbeck, L., & Pew, A. (2018, March 27). Violent Video Games and Aggression. Retrieved October 17, 2018, from

Snider, M. (2018, October 1). Study confirms link between violent video games and physical aggression. Retrieved October 17, 2018, from



Safer Saws- Peter Bomersbach


A: “I have read a lot of reviews on this saw with people complaining about the price. I can tell you that the money is nothing compared to an accident. I was hurt in 2012 and lost a couple years of work, had 5 surgeries and endless hours of therapy. all told we are talking about several hundred thousand dollars.” – Chuck C

B: this customer wrote a review on Amazon explaining how ell this saw performs over his other counterparts and a incident that had occurred in his past which might influence others to buy as well.

C: This Claim is an opinion because he states his opinion an the saw and past events.

D: The claim has phrases and events brought up by the customer himself about the product. He gives his two cents in on how well the saw performs when he uses it in the shop. He also recommends anyone to buy it if they want to save money from going to the hospital from a saw accident.

E: I completely agree with this claim because I used a sawstip back in wood shop during high school and it made me feel much safer than if I did not have one.


A: “The first and most obvious thing many people like the most is certainly the safety system. Even though many other models can be considered quite safe, this one is near the top.”

B: This website reviewed the sawstip system and provided feedback on what that likes and disliked about the setup.

C: This is an opinion claim

D: It is an opinion claim because whoever write the review used their opinion on what they liked and disliked about the product. One thing they mentioned was their enhanced safety system.

E: I agree with this claim because it shows their side of what they think of the product, if it is with it or not.

Why I Bought A SawStop

A: “The issue was simple; was the risk I took using my old saw worth the money I save by not buying a SawStop? Again, the two voices chimed in immediately. One asked what would be the cost of dismemberment. While the other would tell me that I’ve worked on table saws for over 30 years and the only accident of consequence resulted in a small scar on my thumb.”

B: This website Woodworkers Guild of America, had a post by a woodworker named David Munkittrick which talked about his dilemma of buying the SawStop and the incidents that may accur without one. He has experience with woodwork for 30 years and the SawStop is life changing.

C: This is an opinion claim because it is discussed by a customer on his thoughts of the product.

D: It is an opinion claim because the customer had written his thoughts on a post about his adventure to buying a new saw and the accident it can prevent if he buys one.

Reply to a Customer

A: “My mind was made up for me after an accident that put me in a wheel chair. I am so pleased with the quality, just as you are. It operates so smooth and is very accurate. My wife is also happy that I am now more safe.”

B: This was a reply to the article about Buying A SawStop by Larry. He had an accident that put him in a wheel chair which caused him to buy a SawStop to prevent further injuries and buying a SawStop to make his wife more comfortable.

C: This is an opinion claim because the customer owns a SawStop which he likes as he stated in the quote.

D: The claim is supported by the fact that it was a decision by a customer who had an injury on a saw that had no protection and once he reviewed what everyone else had to say he made up his mind that he wanted one to prevent further injuries.

Better Saw Than Most

A:  “I worked with various table saw brands thru out the years, the one brand I always liked was the Powermatic, I owned a few starting with the 66 model and always enjoyed this brand, but, lately, due to safety concerns having children around the shop, I decided it is time to look into the Saw Stop brand and, of course after a little research, I decided that it would be in my best interest to go with the ICS 5hp single phase.”

B: This quote explains how this customer ended up buying a version of the SawStop after  years of experience. He had kids near the tools so the SawStop was something that took his interest.

C: This is an opinion claim

D: It is an opinion claim because the customer put his thoughts on why the SawStop was something he needed to buy with the environment he was in and the experience he had.

E: I agree with his opinion on why he had to buy one with his kids around the shop to make it feel safer.



Visual Rhetoric- Peter Bomersbach

0:00-0:01- The scene starts off with what looks like a kindergarten teacher talking to her students, maybe asking a question because three of the kids’ hands are raised up. The teacher herself looks properly dressed up as a teacher should as well as the kids sitting in a circle. The blue color of the desk behind the teacher and the calendar made out of felt really gives off that fresh classroom feel along with the brown walls in the background. The windows out of view seem to let in some light which might represent it is sometime in the morning. All of the kids look happy to be sitting where they are now.

0:02- 0:03 – The camera zooms in onto the teacher’s happy smiling face which also seems to be looking at one of her students. She has earrings to look more sophisticated in front of her young students.

0:04 – There is a new scene of what seems to be the kids lunch time since the one kid in the blue sweatshirt is eating and the boy beside him on the right is drinking what could be the same thing. The young kid who appears to be eating an orange with his milk is talking to no one, just looking at his food. The teacher beside him could just about to be asking a question. It is still bright outside.

0:05- The teacher leans over a girl to probably ask some kind of question. Everyone in this scene appears to be eating or drinking something. All of the kids look to be talking to each other. Some kids are drinking milk all with the blue swirly straw. There is an emergency exit door in the background in case a fire or something else happens where they need to leave.

0:06- The teacher then proceeds to lean over further grabbing the juice box from the little boy who maybe wants something else or just asked a question regarding his drink.

0:07- What seems to be the teacher who was in the classroom in now taking a community bus probably back to her house/apartment. Outside looks to be more dark and stormy meaning she has been teaching for a while. Her purple jacket means it might be cold outside and purple is her favorite color. The road they are traveling on is either packed with parked cars or is pretty busy during that time of the day.

0:08-0:09- It is the teacher from the kindergarten class from before but she looks tired as her head rest on the window of the bus. She is holding something that resembles a black pocketbook or bag as her hand holds the strap rests which is on her shoulder.

0:10- The house she walks up to while looking for her keys appears to be somewhat old hence the window to the left of the door with the beaten white frame. There is a telephone pole outside her front lawn as seen in the reflection on he window. The teacher could have added some color to her window frames and the red coloring of the staircase leading up to the door. The main color scheme of the outside part of the house is blue and white. The shrub and tree seem to be nicely taken care of.

0:11-0:12 – The woman opens up the door and we see what looks like her two kids, one male and the other female about the same age. There are 3 picture frames on the wall which might represent peace and calm settings. The lamp is turned on because it is getting dark outside. Her kids could have been home a while since they are settled on to the brown couch and the male is watching TV with the remote in his hand.

0:13- The woman and her kids acknowledge each other by smiling. The scene then cuts to her pouring something of a soup consistency into three bowls on the counter. She probably made it but since there are 3 bowls, she is not married. She still has the same clothes on since the woman was with her students. The kitchen is a tad beat up.

0:14-0:15- The camera cuts to her face as she looks concentrated and not relaxed as she pours this meal for herself and kids. She might have something else on her mind.

0:16-0:17 We can now see how much soup was put into each bowl and it is not much. The third bowl has nothing in it so the mother probably sacrifices her portion to give it to her kids for dinner. This means the family might not be financially stable as she is choosing to not eat dinner serving tiny portions of soup to her kids. The oven mitts in the background might signify that the dinner was reheated or just cooked.

0:18-0:20- The whole family is sitting at the dinner table enjoying their meals except for mom because she didn’t have any. The mother still seems happy as she watches her kids eat with a lone spoon in front of her arm. The old cabinets, window curtain, and counter signifies that the family does not have a lot of money but they do have love. We can aslos see it is still dark outside.

0:21- The camera cuts to just the woman’s face as she smiles at her son’s bowl meaning he might of finished his portion of soup or he enjoyed it.

0:22- The next scene we are in the kid’s bedroom where they have their pajamas on getting ready to sleep in their beds. The two siblings sleep right next to each other and share the same room. The pictures on the wall between them represents how much they love each other. The mom is either walking in to tuck them in or walking out.

0:23 – The girl is shutting off the night lamp for bed and the son has a trophy next to his bed and the girl has a jar of something next to her bed.

0:24- The mother was closing the door making sure they were ready for bed as it is quite dark throughout the rest of the house and you can not see her face. She was smiling on her way out the door.

0:25 – The mother goes back to the kitchen to wash her hands as she rolls up her sleeves approaching the sink. There is no one else at the table and the one pot she used for dinner is drying on the counter for its next use. The mother is still wearing the same clothes since morning.

0:26 – 0:36- A white text enlarges on the screen saying, “FEEDING AMERICA.” There is also the symbol for Ad Council in the bottom right corner of the video. While the video is ending she is washing the spoons used for dinner.



White Paper- PeterBomersbach


Video games now a days are very different compared to ones created decades ago. They have developed a very solid foundation of people who play video games just to get some enjoyment or spend some leisure time. Although parents let kids play any video game they desire, all of them should really focus on what they let their kid play. Violent video games are a big problem for the young children who are still developing their brain because it can cause traumatic damage and change their lifestyle forever. Also playing an unhealthy amount of those violent video games can cause outside problems in school or with social life. Parents need to pay more attention to what their kid is playing and if they have experienced any affects with behavior in and out of school.

Source 1:

Do Violemt Video Games Make Kids More Violemt? – Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Content of Article- This article talks about a handful of studies with violent video game potentially changing behavior. About half of the studies show that violent video games can not cause aggressive behavior and the other half do state that aggressive behavior was an affect after playing violent video games. It just comes down to the type of kid who plays the video game in the first place and if their is any backstory.

What it proves:

This article proves that violent video games do cause aggressive behavior in some studies depending on the type of kid playing. The more violent video games that play, the more likely they are to be inclined to change their behavior for the worse.

Source 2:

Violent video games make children more violent

Content of the article:

This article has many studies within a lab that tested the behavior of kids compared to ones that were playing a non violent video game. There was no real correlation of the studies but more studies were taken, 98 with about 36000 kids and the results showed that kids playing Tye violent video game resulted in a more determined and punishing attitude when doings an objective. Most results were seen right away but some were not such as young adult desensitization.

what it proves: This article proves that violent video games within studies have showed that a change in behavior is immediate in young adults along with the desensitization of real violence.

Source 3:

Do video games lead to violence? – Susan Scutti

Content of article: This articles explains the correlation between video games and the health of young adults. This also comes off of what Donald Trunp said about having to change the way kids play video games saying how they shape young kids thoughts. They also say how killing people should not be a reward within a game as it can change the mindset of the player.

what it proves: This article proves that violent video games need to be further looked into because the level of aggresion as a result and the population of the video games between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

Source 4:

Study confirms link between violent video games and physical aggression – Mike Snider

Content of article:

The whole article goes to explain how their studies that there was a direct correlation between violent video games and an increase to aggressive behavior over time. The universal studies by Dartmouth College used games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty to use with in their studies.

What it proves: This article proves that within their studies show violent behavior in nine to 19 year olds is a direct cause from playing violent video games such and GTA and Call of Duty.

Source 5:

Do Violent Video Games contribute to Youth Violence?

The Article: This shows a whole list of pros and cons with kids playing their favorite violent video games. One easy thing to notice is that the cons heavily outweigh the pros with stuff ranging from sales to actual school shooters came from violent video games.

What it proves: This article proves that violent video games can easily cause downhill changes in a persons behavior. That also state that the completion with in violent video also leads to aggresion. The fact that killing is a reward in most violent games is bad in itself.

PTSD Claims- PeterBomersbach

“Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.”

– This is an evaluative claim because whoever is narrating the situation just assumed that  Brannan would catch the same symptoms as Caleb since he has been home a while. The evaluations of Brannan catching symptoms from Caleb could be completely wrong.

“The house, in a subdivision a little removed from one of many shopping centers in a small town in the southwest corner of Alabama, is often quiet as a morgue.”

– This is a Factual claim because evidence proves that the house is very quite often due to the distance it is away from one of the many shopping centers.

“When a sound erupts—Caleb screaming at Brannan because she’s just woken him up from a nightmare, after making sure she’s at least an arm’s length away in case he wakes up swinging—the ensuing silence seems even denser.”

– This is a casual claim because it is a cause and effect. The cause is Brennan wakeing up from a nightmare screaming and the effect is Caleb screaming at Brennan due to her waking him up.

“Their German shepherd, a service dog trained to help veterans with PTSD, is ready to alert Caleb to triggers by barking, or to calm him by jumping onto his chest. This PTSD picture is worse than some, but much better, Brannan knows, than those that have devolved into drug addiction and rehab stints and relapses.”

– This is a factual claim because the dog is trained to bark or jump on Caleb’s chest when the German Sherpard senses something.


Stone Money- PeterBomersbach

Money currently in the United States means more than a piece of linen with random symbols on them. There are plenty of poor people out there where a dollar can seem like a hundred and vise versa, a one-hundred follows bill could seem like one dollar to someone else. Money to me has more meaning than the number printed on the piece of linen. It represents the amount of hard work I put in at work etc. to derserve the lives of linen in return. The whole system here in the United Statates is very fishy in my opinion with the visible money and money that goes in to banks.

If I cant physically see the money I own, does that still make me rich? An audio blog cast by NPR referenced the meaning of money in the United States and they said the same thing which was the fact that we can’t even see our money if we walked into the bank and asked to see it. So in return, if I have 500 thousand dollars in my account and I couldn’t even see it, would that still make me rich? In my opinion, that still means I am rich just with a different type of currency used online instead of visible currency. There are other regions that do not use the same currency as the United States. For example: Europe uses £ and Mexico uses Pesos which are different than the American dollar.

There is a western island part of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia called Yap with a population of around 6,000. The article from the Island of Stone Money written by Milton Friedman said the currency they use is called fei and it is made up of large lymestone wheels, ranginging between one foot to twelve feet in size. The large stone wheel has a hole in the middle which also varies in size. If the fei want to move the stone, thay have to use a wood stick and roll it to the designated area slowly.

The fact the United States can easily print money when needed makes it a lot easier for the government to control how much is put out into circulation. Too much money can lead to an increase in prices. The value of the American dollar has changed since it first was started by decreasing the meaning behind it. A dollar way back meant you were Able to buy what you wanted and everyone could see you had money. Nowadays people don’t know the meaning of a dollar because everything is much more expensive and that fact that not nearly as many people can physically see their money compared to decades ago, it is all being transferred online.

The Fei has a much different story compared to the United States. A BBC article written by Robert Poole explains the value and effort put in by the Yap to acquire such currency for their Island, the Yapese sail all the way to Palau, an island nation 400km to the south-west just to collect their precious material used for currency, and they don’t always make it back. The value of the lymestone has not changed since the Yap first started it but with the exception of the Germans changing the currency for a short amount of time just for their pleasure so the Yaps follow orders building roads.


Poole, R. M. (2018, May 03). Travel – The tiny island with human-sized money. Retrieved September 25, 2018, from

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Goldstein, J., & Kestenbaum, D. (2010, December 10). The Island Of Stone Money. Retrieved September 25, 2018, from



My Hypothesis- PeterBomersbach

1.We need education

2. Kids need more education in school

3. The effect of education makes kids in school smarter

4. Kids who concentrate harder on their studies will perform better in school

5. Making school longer and more intuitive will increase the overall number of intelligent kids

6. Making higher education a requirement for future jobs will increase the number of kids that apply themselves to become better

Purposeful Summaries- PeterBomersbach

It seems counterintuitive that multi-vitamins which are supposed to help humans, don’t help them at all. The 28 billion dollar industry mentions multi-vitamins are recommended for staying healthy but data suggests that is not what is happening at all.  I am part of the percentage of humans that take multi-vitamins on the daily. People who take vitamins do it to stay healthy and or don’t get the required vitamins from their food.

I say that vitamins do make a difference to health from personal experience. Ever since I had started taking vitamins 2 years ago, I have seen a noticeable difference of getting sick or not feeling well. Nutritionists have previously said they have no way to tell if multi-vitamins do make a difference. Then how would they know if they don’t help you if they have or cant find any information about them in the first place. I say we humans should look into taking daily vitamins as they as they in the slightest could help us.

It seems counterintuitive that back in World War II the Royal Air Force lost an abundant amount of planes from the German anti-aircraft, only few made it back safely. In return they thought of a way to protect the rest of their planes from the fire and that was armor. Their thought process was to put armor on the planes where their were bullet holes in order to protect the planes. A Hungarian mathematician came up with the theory of not putting the armor on the locations with bullet holes but to put them on the locations of no bullet holes.

If the planes made it back with no bullet holes in those locations, that means the planes with bullet holes there never made it back which puts up a red flag. To me, this idea is something I would of never thought of because anyone would of said put armor where there are more bullet holes, not the other way around.


It seems counterintuitive that no one has thought of a device sooner considering how long people have been using this machine. It saves your finger or hand from getting cut off within the blink of an eye. I used to work with machines like this back in high school in a class called wood tech. I would have to use a machine like this on the daily in order to get my work done. Something like this could come in clutch for some kids or adults you have trouble cutting wood using this machine.

Within the machine itself there is a saw stop which does exactly what it says, it stops saws. This device detects flesh within a split second and activates the stop which puts the blade to a dead stop preventing any further damage. This device saves your fingers but destroys your saws as it completely demolishes part of the blade and the device as it can only be used once every activation.