19 TUE NOV 06

The Rhetoric Unit

  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Includes In-Class Rhetoric Exercise
    • Located in Lectures/Revision/Revision—Rhetoric
  • Sources Workshop
    • Responsive to Student X’s trouble finding academic sources
    • Located in Course Documents/Research Tips/Sources Workshop



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  1. propaganda is nothing but rhetoric

    material can be shaped to your advantage
    how to get rid of you language
    change all second person words with first person plural
    covert active verbs to passive verbs

    replace pronouns with nouns
    eliminate people


  2. what message are you sending? Once you establish the message it becomes much easier to express the message effectively.
    need to be sure to draw clear distinctions between arguments. what is each argument really saying.


  3. Nov. 6 Notes
    -Emma Gonzalez used a really strong rhetoric method by actually staying silent for a few minutes in her March For Our Lives speech. It was very powerful.
    – Too much rhetoric in the hands of a deceiver can lead to propaganda.
    -Their is a fine line, but rhetoric is needed for persuasion.
    -“Averages” is not always a good way to look at statistics, which is shown in example 2.
    – You need a strong credible refutal source, if not then there is nothing controversial about your claim.
    -One may have trouble finding sources. For the anthem kneeling example, they had trouble finding a credible refutation, but they then looked into the connection of flag burning and free speech.
    -Refrain from using 2nd person language in formal writing.


  4. – What exactly is it what we need to communicate? At this point, we are focus on the message we try to transmit through our writing. The next step is to figure it out how to approach that message.
    – Rhetoric is a powerful tool to persuade your audience. It is useful to use rhetoric when making an argument.
    – Show respect for others’ claims when you try to promote the value of your argument.
    – You need a strong opponent to your point of view. Otherwise, you are not making a controversial rebuttal argument.
    – There is a strong possibility that we will find philosophical, economic, social, and other arguments that will go beneath our current arguments.
    – Research and additional sources help you expand your argument.
    – Argument and rhetoric are inseparable.
    – Avoid using the second person in papers.
    – Among the best ways to persuade our readers is to include ourselves in the arguments made in our papers.
    – Use passive verbs, first person, pronouns, and eliminate people to avoid using second person in your claims.


  5. -replace pronouns with nouns
    -eliminate words which define people like you, yours, these, and their.
    -also convert passive verbs to the active verbs.
    -too much rhetoric can cause into a propaganda.
    – do not use 2nd person language in an formal writing.
    -in the video of ‘March For Our Lives speech’, Emma Gonzalez became silent for about 4 minutes, by this we can see that she used a very good rhetoric method. and hence it gave a powerful impact on the people.
    -taking out ‘average’ is worthless to look at statistics because it only causes change in the numbers, nothing in the real life. this is what is explained in the example 2.
    -You need a strong opponent to your point of view. if not then you are not creating a controversial rebuttal argument.
    -the best way to impress a reader is by including yourself in the research papers.


  6. This week we will be working on rewriting material.
    We watched a video by Emma Gonzalez regarding Florida HS shooting and her rhetoric speech strategy.
    Using “average” in term of strategy is academically ineffective and doesn’t serve a rethorical purpose.


  7. • We are going ahead into the second half of the semester so we will begin making more persuasive arguments with the information we have gathered so far. Don’t fall behind, revisions are important.
    • Emma Gonzalez used an extremely strong rhetoric method in her “March For Our Lives” speech by using specific details and standing silently. It was very powerful.
    • Rhetoric is needed for persuasion and is useful when making an argument.
    Research and additional sources help expand our research paper.
    • Revise But Enough About You and post revision into a new post by the end of class. Eliminate 2nd person language in any formal writing .


  8. -first half of the semester was meant to gather our information
    -second half is for refining our papers and information
    -Emma Gonzalez-Parkland shooting speech: few minutes of silence to demonstrate how quick her classmates were taken from her was POWERFUL rhetoric
    -David Hogg- Parkland Shooting survivor- accused of being a “crisis actor” hired to portray a victim from the event in an effort to spread political views


  9. Parkland shooting videos. David Hogg is a “crisis actor.”Grass vs. Turf refutation exercise. Blue highlights signal phrases. Red highlights for accommodations to arguments. Green is where the refuting starts. There are several examples like this. Averages are bullshit. Point that out in your rebuttal. Rewrite paragraph to get rid of the word “you.” How to find more sources. Search phrases that do not directly relate to the topic at hand.


  10. Rhetoric is used to breath life into an argument. It’s another way to create a clear and concise point that converts someone to another point of view.

    For sources it’s better to look at the “rings around the bulls-eye” rather than the target itself. Find sources related to the outer rings of the argument and refute those points, or the language used by the opposition.


  11. Sources may be hard to find depending on the topic, but we should look at other ideas that are similar to the topic.
    Try to stay away from 2nd person language in a formal essay.
    Too much rhetoric can lead to propaganda.


  12. Emma Gonzalez used rhetoric to prove a point about the time frame of the shooting.

    How can you bring rhetoric to your essay.

    Author refutes claim that nfl uses grass because the nfl can afford investing in on perfect grass whereas high schools cant afford the maintenance

    a rebuttal addresses the counter argument and then provides the rebuttal that counters that argument.

    when looking for sources try looking for phrases that keep coming up or on the fringe of your topic. It could lead you to find something that is useful for your topic.

    substitution of pronouns is a good way to get rid of second person language.


  13. In order to review rhetoric, watched a speech from a student at the #neveragain movement, among other examples that demonstrated different forms of using language to reach an end. Learned about how argument and rhetoric are inseparable, and very useful to ones work. You cannot describe one without first explaining the phrases and use of the other. Was given the option to comment on the rhetoric page if we wanted any of our essays to be looked over and given advice, as I would like to clear up a question I have with my overall white paper, as I was told to change the theme although I don’t know to what extent, as well as if I should essentially get rid of what I have in substitute of the potentially more accessible claim. Received a tip about searching for the word “you” so that the essay is more formal, and not flooded with unnecessary words.


  14. – “unmask the false analogy” try to prove it wrong
    -Emma Gonzales used a powerful rhetoric in her speech by not talking
    -rhetoric can be propaganda. It helps make an argument stronger
    -acknowledge the other side but make your side better by refuting it with a strong source
    -don’t use “you”, say were all in this together and use “we”
    -find sources that relate to the topic to refute the argument


  15. Rhetoric
    – Helps support the argument and make it stronger
    – Too much rhetoric can seem like propaganda
    – Emma Gonzalez displayed a great rhetoric technique by staying silent for the amount it took the shooting to happen
    – Argument and rhetoric are inseparable
    – Google scholar
    – Rowan Library database
    – If having trouble finding sources look for a connection within your topic
    ex: Connection between flag burning and free speech
    Second Person
    – Don’t use you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves
    – These mistakes could fail a paper
    – Ways to fix second person
    Replace with first person
    – Convert active verbs to passive verbs
    – Replace pronouns with nouns
    – Eliminate people


  16. 11/6/18

    Second half of semester is for revising the material you’ve gathered in the first.

    Make sure your arguments are clear in your own mind, so you can effectively argue them. This is another goal of the second half of this semester.

    – Gonzales used repetition and activities pertaining to the dead students
    – She stood silent for 4 minutes and read her speech from paper
    – Shows she is human and there was pressure, she did not want to mess up so a sheet for the speech was needed
    – Effective rhetoric – Crisis actors
    – Fake student from California speaking out about the Parkland shooting tragedy

    Averages are worthless because there can be outliers. When Bill Gates pulls up a seat at his local bar, raises the average income in the room by millions of dollars.
    Find first academic source then jump to other sources. Use the references list on the source to find other sources. Do not get stuck in a circle with sources. Use key words and phrases when researching.

    Eliminating Second Person:
    – Replace with first person. You → We
    – Convert active verbs to passive verbs
    – Replace pronouns with nouns
    – Eliminate people


  17. -Propaganda is nothing but rhetoric
    – Replace pronouns with nouns
    – Rhetoric is used for persuasion
    – Try not to use 2nd person language in formal writing
    – Research and additional sources help expand your argument
    – Argument and rhetoric are inseparable
    – Eliminate words which define people like you, yours, these, and their
    – Convert passive verbs to active verbs
    – The best way to impress a reader is by including yourself in the research papers
    – This week we will be working on re writing material
    – We watched a video by Emma Gonzalez regarding Florida HS shooting and her rhetoric speech strategy
    – Don’t fall behind, revisions are important
    – Second half of the semester is for revising the material we’ve gathered in the first


  18. 11-6-18

    Rhetorical Technique Video
    – Repetition “everyone” “no one” “never”
    – Pathos examples of students “never” doing xyz again
    – 4 minutes without speaking on stage to represent the length of time of the shooting incident
    – Reading from papers: May make her seem more scripted, less heartfelt or makes her seem more vulnerable, more human

    In your rebuttal…
    – Indicate that there are other points of view
    – Show brief respect for opposing viewpoint
    – Refute

    Eliminate second person language in your writing
    – Try rewording phrases or using “we”

    Finding Sources
    – Look to rephrase searches to find new info not directly related to argument
    – Example: Colin Kaepernick taking a knee —> flag burning first amendment
    Don’t forget to put sources in ProfSearch to receive full text


  19. – Emma Gonzalez expressed some rhetoric as she stopped speaking for 4 minutes in her March For Our Lives speech.
    – Rhetoric is used as a means to persuade others. It’s a technique that’s used that can make someone’s argument stronger.
    – We learned how to find sources using Google Scholar. We use a common keyword and we narrow down our search with more specific keywords. Rowan’s library database can also be used as a source for references.
    – Forming a rhetoric requires the correct manipulation of arguments.
    – The use of the 2nd person format is not recommended. We learned to revise examples that used the 2nd person format.


  20. Funny story, I came back to the lecture to review my notes, and to my surprise, I had nothing posted for notes. Then I remembered I failed to hit the post comment button. That means my notes were not published. Second time this has happened.


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