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  1. Card hypothesis- It is as important to think of what isn’t said as much as what is said.

    Counterintuitive defined- “a painted man on a bus” not a painting of a man on a bus.

    “Give your readers a perspective they can never un-read” Hodges.

    My hypothesis- initial hypothesis for the 3000 words research paper. this is due Thursday 9/20.


  2. -The way in which the argument is presented give the credit to the argument/ document.
    -Consider all documents to be arguments.
    -You are constantly editing your life story to project how you want to be viewed by others.
    -We craft our messages to reach our audience.
    -How does one categorize art? Based on functionality?
    -Euthanasia is counterintuitive because the body naturally fights against ending life.
    -Finding a way to make the reader see things in a way contrary t popular belief.
    -Hypothesis constantly being changed and tested.


  3. ~ People created God, not the other way around. It makes the thought of the universe and eternity easier.
    ~ The medium gives creditability. Does the author have authority and does the medium have credibility? If the word stop was on a piece of paper, people would ignore it, but if it is on a red sign, drivers believe it. When you argue with a text, it has meaning. You can place authority on yourself if other people belief you have it.
    ~ You can follow or believe recommendations as a reader. We consider all documents to be arguments. A diary is an argument, it is written for you in the future. We are constantly editing life to fit how we want to be seen. Anything we write ourselves are arguments, we are fighting against ourselves.
    ~ What is really art? It can be based on aesthetics or functionality. Anything can turn into art with a signature.
    ~ Counterintuitivity happens when the reader interprets the authors argument differently than it was displayed. We can go against the common knowledge or contrary to what the stated argument was in writing. The reader can see things that is contrary to popular beliefs or different reactions to what we know well.
    ~ How can we argue if it is our decision to end life? It is counterintuitive to say we should end our lives when our body fights against death?
    ~ Cannot be satisfied with looking at things one way. Different perspectives.
    ~ As soon as we prove something, it soon is attacked and we try to disprove it. We keep testing hypothesis to prove or disprove them. Hypothesis is a way to test ideas. Whether you prove them or not, they can become a thesis.


  4. Sep. 13 Notes
    Facebook: used to list many genders. Now it only lists, “male, female, and custom.” -More genders than olympics.
    Documents are arguments. The medium helps the credibility of the document.
    Shopping List: Credibility depends on who reads it. One can argue with the text. If someone else reads the list, the list is a recommendation.
    Diaries: They are still arguments. One writes how they want to feel and be perceived in the future. Anne Frank’s Diary was not completely true; she wrote to audience.
    Mitt Romney: Politicians speak to audience.
    Marcel Duchent: Is art still art if it has a functional use?
    Tim Jenison: Reinvented a painting using mirrors and patiently matching colors.
    Cool Art example: Paint is applied to real people to make them look like a painting.
    Bariatric Surgery: Kids in Saudi Arabia are getting this surgery early as 3 years old. Is it appropriate for that kids that young?
    Euthanasia: Should kids be able to say if they want to be euthanized? Counterintuitive arguments include, agreeing with euthanasia, disagreeing, or taking a middle-ground.
    We should find a way to argue a point that might not be already known to ourselves (dog example).
    Hypothesis: One week from today our hypothesis task is due. It is NOT just a topic. It will be preliminary and open to improvement. If you want to change it, it must be improved. As soon as something is proved, a new hypothesis can try to disprove it (non-ending cycle). What we prove with research then becomes our thesis.


  5. Every article is a potential argument, I need to dig deeper into each word or phrase to find the purpose or truth of it.

    Art can vary from an item used daily, a useless sculpture to just a picture with color on it.

    Bariatric surgry is to cure overweight humans. Even kids around the age of 13 get the surgery as well.

    I’m Belgium, euthanization on kids is legal.

    The September 13, 2018 tab on the left goes in depth with the topic of counterintuitivity.


  6. To start class we tried solving the riddle about the cards where the answer was A and D, as the question only asked for one way of thinking, with no heed to any other thing about the cards. This lead to the point of being critical to the way things are written, as with questions, it taught the lesson to ask for what you are questioned, and nothing more or that could lead to the wrong answer when it comes to topics that need to be thought about critically and with scrutiny. Arguments are any documents that push ones point, be it a stop sign, shopping list or diary. If it serves the purpose to thrust a subject on someone, it is considered an argument. We discussed how a man who painted a replica even though he was not an artist, more of an “inventor”, brought to light that depending on the way things are said it can still have different meanings. The painting was obviously from a talented person, but due to his belief of himself as an inventor can help the argument that depending on the words that we use in day to day lives, can that either define or subject who people really are, at the very least what describes them. Using the dots on the dog, it brought to mind that even with something “out in the open”, once brought up in a well enough written way it is difficult to unsee. When applied to writing it leads one to think of ways of how to captivate an audience that will lead their very knowledge and belief of a subject to fit yours, as that is an effective way to bring your topic across and have backing from readers. We discussed how our hypothesis should be formed by next week, with a subject that is interesting and something that the writer wants to prove or prove a statement regarding it, and the work leading up to a reputable hypothesis.


  7. Notes: A grocery list can be demonstrated as an argument. It’s a recommendation if someone else is doing the shopping. Some things may already be in your household. Some products may be cheaper than others.
    How do we know a diary is 100% true? The owner of a diary is usually the person who writes in it and reads it, unless passed along. You can tell a story within a diary, like Anne Frank did. Her story was then passed and read all over the world.
    We think of art as an experience. Artists all come together to experience each others work (Suicide art). Marcel Duchamp. Recognized sculpture and signed it (glass rack). Tim Jenison was an inventor who had an idea how Vermeer accomplished his achievement. Jenison used the pinhole camera to project images to help him accomplish a job to see if it was considered art.
    18 month to 3 year old kids are getting bariatric surgery. The reason they are overweight can be because they have a horrible medical condition, their genes, or in my opinion maybe even because they’re being overfed by their parents.
    Belgian lawmakers gave approval to a measure that would allow euthanasia for incurably ill children enduring insufferable pain. No matter what age you are you are older than everyone if you have less time to live.
    Hypothesis due one week from today.


    1. We will craft our Hypothesis by midnight Tuesday. It will also be our first post on the blog. We touched on some counterintuitive thoughts of religion. “We created God in an image of the questions we cannot answer.” Because we cannot comprehend eternity, we call eternity God. We cannot comprehend infinite space without bounds. We can’t accept the injustice on earth, so we imagine heaven where the scales are all balanced.

      Facebook came out with choices for gender a couple years back or so. But limiting the choice of gender to certain things is insensitive to people so now you can either put male, female, or custom.

      Gender ambiguity has been a thing that has divided the Olympics for decades. Chinese girls (not women) were given hormones to delay development into womanhood. Russian women who were genetic men or steroid-fed women whose physiques are actually masculine have competed for ages.

      Every written document is an argument. If Professor Hodges posted a class cancelled sign on the classroom door. The idea that class is cancelled is the argument and we draw a conclusion based on the premise not to go to class.

      A shopping list is an argument. Your credibility is your own. Things on the shopping list could be questioned.

      Diaries are just as manipulative and artificial as any other piece of writing. Your audience is you in the future.

      A broken down bike is not art. A bike that is intentionally broken and stripped of use is art.

      Tim Jenison was a pioneer for the camera obscura which is where you sit in a black room with a pinhole on the other side so that an image is projected to the other side.

      What rules do people apply for adults that are different from kids. What category is appropriate for some people may not be appropriate for others.

      Euthanasia for adults vs Euthanasia for kids
      Bariatric surgery for adults vs Bariatric surgery for kids


  8. • Consider all documents to be arguments themselves.
    • One uses messages as a way to approach an audience; analyze the audience prior to composing a message.
    • It is simply marvelous to realize that artists and writers have the potential to compose pieces that allow the audience to interpret the world in unique ways. For example, paintings are arguments, each person has a different interpretation about a single painting.
    • A hypothesis is often tested in order to prove them wrong or not. Writing a hypothesis is just a step on the way to create a well-stablished thesis.


  9. •Hypothesis never end. As soon as the conclusion is drown for a hypothesis people tend to stay satisfied for a short period of time, than we start to question ourselves again.
    • Every written document is an argument.


  10. •Hypothesis never end. As soon as the conclusion is drown for a hypothesis people tend to stay satisfied for a short period of time, than we start to question ourselves again.
    • Every written document is an argument.


  11. -Facebook has added the option to make your gender a custom, meaning that you can write in a text box whatever gender you wish
    -Every written document is an argument, for example, a biography or an autobiography may not be as accurate as you think because it would be edited to be a better story for readers while something like a diary that is only meant for the eyes of the author is bound to be much more accurate
    -Art is meant to be something that is appreciated not something with a practical purpose


  12. On the card hypothesis you have to think about what isn’t said. Each reading is a potential argument and you’ll have to dig deeper into your words to find the truth behind it. Anything that can’t be used is called Art. Counterintuitivty happens when the reader interprets the argument differently than it was displayed.


  13. All writing/messages are arguments.
    The label of “art” can be applied to anything, and as such is fairly meaningless. But that itself is meaningful. And then recursion in some form of strange loop. Art is weird and incomprehensible. I prefer artisanry.
    Both of these concepts share the same root. Meaning is a nebulous concept that can be applied to anything in any way for any reason. The value of said meaning is up for debate, but is what most strive for.


  14. One week (9/20) to come up with our counterintuitive hypothesis, it will serve as our first post to the blog. Our hypothesis should be open to improvement.
    Have a hypothesis that is narrow enough for a 3000 word paper
    For all assignments we will be given a week
    “The things that I cannot begin to answer or comprehend are the things I am okay with being scrutinized” Hodges.
    Every written document is an argument.
    Paintings are arguments, each person who views a painting has different interpretation than the person who viewed it before them.
    Counterintuitive arguments were made about Bariatric Surgery for three year olds in Saudi Arabia as well as Euthanasia for kids.


  15. Subjecting a preconceived idea to another point of view is important. Try defining evidence or arguments and cast them into several different categories to better understand it.

    Every piece of writing is an argument. All writing conveys something to a reader. How the reader understands and interprets the writing can change how the reader interacts with the text. Being counter-intuitive is rethinking and reclassifying ideas. Rephrase the argument.

    Hypothesis starts broad then becomes more narrow as more scrutiny is applied.


  16. -Flipping cards A and D for science
    -“Who’s asking?”
    -Either we’re all artists or no one is
    -Why paint on canvas when you can paint people and take a picture?
    -Bariatric Surgery is perfectly fine. Unless you’re 6 years old
    Assisted suicide for terminally ill with extremely low quality of life. But it’s also a 6 year old. Why is one worse than the others? (Bad parenting vs unfortunate situation?)
    -Set up Hypothesis piece


  17. -questions and hypotheses are an ongoing process. Although one experiment may suffice for one hypothesis, there is always more questions and hypotheses to develop and test based upon that answer.
    -language evolves through time, and by extension, pronouns. At some point, I may have a discussion about this.
    -anything can be an argument. Grocery lists, stop signs, or anything that we accept as “truth” may be an argument if we choose to argue against it.
    -anything can be questioned by anyone if deemed necessary
    -Biographies and autobiographies have a tendency to lie to change the truth to more truly reflect what the author thought of the person written about.
    -Diaries are written to future selves, not to simply record the situations that went on that day. Thus, they are written to be a story to communicate, not a true recollection of each individual detail.
    -we commonly regard art as objects that are not meant to be used, which is generally how we separate art and objects.
    -Duchamp thought of this notion and claimed a once functional object is now art, despite never altering it in any way. This is an example of counterintuitive art, or art that goes against what we would have already preconceived.
    -that’s not a violin, professor, that’s a cello. My music knowledge is insulted.
    -The question of what is art and who is an artist is truly a question that can never be answered, or may only be answered as “because I said so”.
    -Trying to think about a topic that may or may not be what we would expect is beginning to think of counterintuitivity.
    -suicide is a very heavy topic for class, even assisted suicide. However, the topic of assisted suicide and “incurable struggle” is very vague. Most mental illness is incurable and sometimes medication does not work. Is that a lifelong struggle that will eventually lead to a painful death?
    -Hypothesis is due Thursday.


  18. There are always thoughts on how to master a hypothesis. There are always many options to choose from, but only one answer can be true. The idea behind counterintuitive is there is always an argument between the author and the reader. Things may change throughout your argument but the idea will never change


  19. 9-13-18

    Make and post research hypothesis by next Thursday

    Counterintuitive Thinking
    “The things I cannot comprehend or answer are the things I am okay with being scrutinized”
    Knowledge on a subject comes from countless generations of unanswerable claims being further questioned

    Definition paper will be based on categories and definitions you define

    Every written document is an argument
    We begin to form our own opinions, behavior, and sense of validity
    Even things such as diaries are not always written truthfully, they could be written in regaurds to a future self

    Can art still be considered art if it serves a separate function?
    Art is an argument. The skills or ideas that are required in order for something to be called art vary among people.


  20. Counterintuitive
    -all written documents are arguments
    -discussed how everything is counterintuitive
    -Diaries, Grocery list, Speeches, etc.
    -process of proving or disproving ideas
    -constantly improving
    -need a hypothesis a week from today(post on blog)


  21. 9/13 notes

    *Counterintuive hypothesis to be posted by 9/20 *

    -Counterinuivity leads to new revelations…
    -Every written document is an argument because everyone interprets and responds differently to text. This can be said for paintings as well.
    -Distance from birth and distance from death are two different things, therefore making some ill children older than you and I. This is counterintuitive to the view of considering euthanasia for the elderly acceptable, but not for children.


  22. – Went over card hypothesis puzzle and tried to prove the hypothesis
    – There is only one rule: must be a vowel on one side and a even number on the opposite side.
    – The answer is A and D. A because there is a vowel on one side, so there must be an even number on the other side. D because we need to prove that our hypothesis is write, so we must pick that one to rule it out and to prove that our hypothesis is right. Cards B and C are completely irrelevant.
    – Every written document is an argument
    – The writers primary goal is to get people to read what they wrote
    – If it is not useful, it is art


  23. -one week to come up with hypothesis
    -people created God, not God created people
    -Facebook has more genders than the Olympics, but the choices were viewed as insensitive, so now the options are male, female, or custom.
    -Every written document is an argument (down to smallest kind of document). If a sign on the classroom door says class is cancelled, we automatically believe it is written by someone with authority and believe it to be true. With a stop sign, you eventually realize that at some intersections, you don’t to stop all the way. With a shopping list, you can argue about the certain items you need, and make adjustments during your time at the store.
    -Diaries are arguments because you are arguing with your future self.
    -You can turn anything into art. You don’t have to make it, but you can alter the object and put your name on it to make it art.
    -Tim Jenison was not an artist, but used a camera obscura, and used mirrors to reflect images onto a canvas to paint.
    -Some rules are different for kids and adults. Why is euthanasia more controversial when it is for a child? If both an adult and child are sick and don’t have much time left to live, why isn’t euthanasia a legitimate option?


  24. 9/13
    Every conclusion/hypothesis we make leads to a new one.

    You can only change your birthday on Facebook once.

    “Every written document is an argument” -Professor Hodges
    Stop signs, diaries, and pretty much every written object is an argument. A stop sign tells us what to do, and eventually we become used to familiar stop signs and we might not listen to them. A diary is written for someone’s future self to read. It is an argument one would have with a future self.

    Art is counter-intuitive because things that are functionable usually aren’t art. Art is usually abstract and not functional. An example of this was the bottle rack that is considered art because an artist put his name on it. Does this make art an argument?

    Assisted suicide in children is counter intuitive. Does he have a whole life ahead of him still, or is the disease incurable, and he’s suffering?


  25. – All documents are arguments
    – We craft our messages depending on our audience
    – We experience art, don’t expect it to have any use
    – You can turn anything into art


  26. The text itself is an argument.
    We carefully craft our messages depending on who is our audience.
    What category does a text belong in? How much truth? How much function it has in it?
    We are seeing flipped images in our head.
    No matter what age you are and you are closer to death, You are the oldest person in the room.
    You should give your readers a perspective they can never un-read.
    We keep on writing to improve.
    Thesis comes at the end of the semester. Discovers what you cannot prove
    Hypothesis cannot be proved but you can prove something else


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