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The only person in the whole world that can match Michael Jackson’s steps and his legacy is Michael Jackson himself. Although he departed from this planet to some other world, he managed to imprint himself in the hearts of people. Just like your shadow never leaves you, the same way Michael Jackson never left us. He is still relevant in today’s world of music and entertainment. His music and his style is evergreen and he is setting example for the current and next generations to come. Whenever music, dance or entertainment is mentioned, his name will never fail to be cited. He is also known in history as a triple threat. The multitalented superstar, had a unique knack for composing music, singing and choreographing his own dance. Starting from an early age, he gave up his childhood, to live his dream by entertaining people. Now, he is the world’s biggest superstar.

Even at a young age, Michael was able to captivate millions of people’s hearts all around the world.  When he started singing with his 4 brothers in the Jackson 5 Band, many people always thought he stood out from the rest with his unique dance style, his fun energy, and ability to entertain. His popularity lead to his fans committing suicide when he passed away. His funeral had been witnessed more times than the 9/11 incident on the news channels and social media. It caused the Internet to crash and many search engines to stop working. Popular singers in this generation, incorporate his dance style and fashion into their own music and fans remember him through new singers in this way. The rhythm and tunes in his music is also used in new music and has inspired a new generation of artists.

Even though, Michael Jackson was a legend of his time, others may say that he was just as famous as other stars. But that’s not true. At some point he was diminished from his stardom and earning potentials. This these was due to the drug and the sex abuse charges on him. And by that people were considering him as a characterless man and a rapist. And to justify that statement, according to CNN, Jackson’s collections deals dropped strongly from his top and his “likability” rating turned drastically negative after the significant negative news about the accusations of consumption of drugs and sex abuse. And that’s not it, he was also found guilty for making small boys “drink alcohol.” And if he was a legend, which means that he supposed to have all the ‘hit albums.’ Rather that he had many about 6-7 failed albums such as invincible, Ben, Music and Me, Got to be There, etc. and apart from that he was bankrupted and not granted any loans. And at some point he didn’t even had money to perform shows. And gradually his stardom got faded with time. And by the above point it clearly states that if he was a ‘Mega Star’ then he wouldn’t have faced such hardships and money problems.

Although he might be seen as an average celebrity by some people, he was a legendary singer with the sweetest heart in the world. He stood out from all the singers because he was different from dancing, singing, to entertaining and helping many people who were in need. He was not like others because he donated a large amount of money, like no other celebrity, to many poor people and the African American. Jackson dedicated his life to the joy of children and inspired them to live their dream. He had the most incredible and supportive fans that no other celebrity experienced before. He has been a savior to the African American community and raised millions of dollars with the song, We Are the World, and donated all the money to them. He visited many Medical Centers for leukemia and other cancer research and donated a 19 bed unit to the hospital with his own money. He donated 1.5 million dollars from his Pepsi Commercial when he founded the Michael Jackson Burn Center. Towards the end of his life, he setup the Michael Jackson United Negro College Fund for education for poor people who could not afford an education. He always knew the importance of education and accomplishing their dreams. He set up this outlet for young children to find a purpose in their lives with his own money. It is very rare that any celebrity would do this much for people in need. Most celebrities would spend the money for themselves or to small charities, but all his money and earnings went towards people who were in need. The amount of lives he has helped with those foundations and charity work, is something that sets him apart from others. His heart was like no other celebrity or human being and gave instead of gaining. Michael was extra ordinary when it came to his achievements. He sold close to 750 million copies of his album. Compared to modern day celebrity, Beyoncé has sold close to 150 million. Michael Jackson has surpassed great expectations. Even though he lived a short life, he has achieved the goals of a life time that no other person can achieve.

Looking back at all the things Michael has done for the world of entertainment and music, there is no doubt that he stands out from the other singers.  He has helped so many people in need and personally visited sick people and even donated his hard earned money to them. Jackson has donated a lot towards education, hospitals, research centers for the happiness and health of people. There are no tabloids or articles that can make anyone forget all that he has done for people. Michael Jackson was not only a legend in music, but also became a legend in the hearts of people around the world. Even though, he is not this world with us, his charity work continues to help the poor and his music is still played to this day.


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One thought on “Rebuttal Rewrite-Baahubali”

  1. Baahubali, your essay is not a Rebuttal Argument because it does not establish the credibility of arguments contrary to your own. The point of a Rebuttal (I’ve tried hard in several classes to make this point very clear) is to confront the strongest possible refutation to your own thesis. That requires finding a recognized authority whose contrary point of view threatens your own.

    You do not identify such a source in your essay here. The first two paragraphs don’t offer any contrary positions. In your third paragraph, where you address negative perceptions about MJ, you don’t give any other author a chance to make a compelling case. Instead, you dismiss other opinions even as you present them. You say:

    Even though, Michael Jackson was a legend of his time, others may say that he was just as famous as other stars. But that’s not true.

    That mention of what “others may say” and your quick dismissal that “that’s not true” do not meet the standards of Rebuttal.

    I would say they’re not even accurate. No serious person would say, after Jackson’s string of hit records and worldwide dominance, that he was never “just another star.” Maybe you can’t cite an authority because there is no authority who would make such a claim. If that’s the case, your rebuttal fails for lack of a real opponent.

    The evidence you name in the rest of the paragraph—about his excessive lifestyle choices that led to bankruptcy, his legal troubles facing allegations of child abuse, his drug use—would not refute his period of world domination. It’s all true, but it FOLLOWED a period during which he was the undisputed king of pop. The bottom line is you don’t have a reputable source for Refutation, and if you did, your rebuttal wouldn’t refute it.

    The essay is a charming fan appreciation of a remarkable creative artist whose life was superlative in countless ways both good and bad. I’m happy to accept it as that, but as I’ve said elsewhere, that doesn’t make it an academic essay that presents and defends a counterintuitive premise.

    (Your original hypothesis certainly DID. You promised to prove that Michael Jackson was still alive, perhaps on another planet but somewhere other than earth, and that he would return when earth needed him again.)


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