Visual Rewrite- muggastackz

0:01: The clip starts off in the daytime as a Caucasian hand turns on the car. The person turns the key clockwise to start the engine of the vehicle. As we can see she is heading to her destination.

0:02-0:04: As the hand finishes turning the key until the car starts, a flashback footage of a red-haired Caucasian baby smiling. As we move forward, we can see that they could be remembering someone.

0:05-0:06: 6:24 March 30th on a Friday, the scene flashes back to the driver as she receives an imessage from Kenzie asking the driver “Wanna hang out tonight”.

0:07-0:10: The message fades out and transitions back to the red hair little girl opening gifts on Christmas Day with vibrant happiness but we aren’t aware of the relationship between the little girl and the driver. The driver begins to grab the phone to look or respond to the text before she starts driving.

0:11-0:13: As we can see that, it transitions back to a teenage girl who is smiling while playing the piano with an older woman who could be her piano teacher.

0:14-0:16: She is driving through her neighborhood focusing on both the road and the text. Another transition shows that it is her graduation. She is pleased while her family is taking pictures in her backyard. Graduation day is an accomplishment to the girl and her family. We can see that this is present day for the teenager.

0:17-0:18: The scene is back to the young teenager driving. Looking at the phone her phone for a spilt-second and returning her eyes to the road she gasps and jumps as she is startled by what happened as she was driving.

0:19-0:22: A black screen appears on the screen that says “Don’t end your life with a text.” We can conclude that she has been in an accident due to texting and driving.

0:23-0:30: The black screen continues to stay up as another phrase pops up. The phrase says, ” Drive distraction-free.” The website pops up along with organizations that helped with the no texting ad.



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