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Yılmaz, and Başar. “Investigation of Marine Pollution Caused by Ship Operations with DEMATEL Method.” Home – Transport Research International Documentation – TRID, 31 May 2016,

Background: A study to show how much pollution is added to the ocean from commercial and exportation vessels.

How I Used It: I used this article to show how pollution can be added to the ocean, even from people hoping to clear the seas from pollution. I hoped to show how counterintuitive the entire process of cleaning the ocean can be, even though it is a necessity.


“Causes and Effects of Ocean Pollution.” Conserve Energy Future, 20 Jan. 2017,

Background: Explains the various ways of how pollution can be introduced into the ocean.

How I Used It: I used it to emphasis that with so many ways of how polution can enter the ocean, there needs to be more conscious efforts to rid said waste from the seas in order to bring the ocean to a state free from pollution.


Chow, Denise. “How Are Oil Spills Cleaned?” LiveScience, Purch, 5 Apr. 2010,

Background: Describes the four main ways as to how oil spills are cleaned.

How I Used It: I explained how dispersants are generally shown in a positive light such as in this article, although there still are other ways to go about oil spills. I focused mainly on the dispersants due to the focus of my essay being centered around how dispersants cause more harm than good, and how it can be detrimental if people are blind to how damaging they can be.


“Blog.” Lessening the Harmful Environmental Effects of the Clothing Industry – Planet Aid, Inc.,

Background: Describes how pollution in the ocean can effect humans.

How I Used It: I used it to stress how it is important to humans and marine life that pollution gets removed from the ocean.


“Plastics in the Ocean Affecting Human Health.” Examples, 3 Aug. 2018,

Background: Talks exclusively about the causes and effects of plastics entering the ocean.

How I Used It: Used it to describe how damaging plastics can be in the ocean, which in turn helps my point that pollution should be removed although ways to do so can be harmful in their own way, which is a backing topic to how dispersants can cause more good. Although that is my focus, I believe that talking about other ways to clean the oceans pollution and how it can harm it will be useful in the sense that the reader knows how harmful any attempt can be to clean the ocean without harming it.


“Beachapedia.” Climate Change – Beachapedia,

Background: Talks about dispersants and how horrible they are to the environment

How I Used It: I used this article to back my case that dispersants cause more harm than good in the cleaning of oil spills in the ocean


Exxon Valdez Oil Spill,

Background: Discusses how harmful dispersants are when used in the proximity of coral reefs

How I Used It: I used it to show that even though dispersants are viewed to people as helpful (even though they aren’t), they still accept that there are dangers involved with using them. Sadly, the whole scope of how bad they are for the ocean isn’t as widely covered as it should be.


“The Weird Way Cleaning Up Oil Spills Can Actually Harm Animals.” One Green Planet, 17 Dec. 2014,

Background:Talks about how dispersants simply push the oil throughout the ocean, furthering the harm of the oil.

How I Used It: Used it to support my overall claim that dispersants cause more harm than good in cleaning the ocean.


“Pressure Swing Adsorption.” ACS Publications,

Background: Showed how dispersants are actually harmful by themselves, let alone how they disperse the oil throughout the ocean.

How I Used It: I used it to talk about how not only are they bad for distributing the oil that is floating on the surface, but also about how they are harmful to the ecosystems due to the fact that they are harmful chemicals on their own.


Anish. “Different Types of Dispersants Used in an Oil Spill.” Marine Insight, Marine Insight, 20 Nov. 2017,

Background: Talks about how “good” dispersants are, and how they make the oceans appear cleaner.

How I Used It: I used this article to show that people commonly view dispersants as beneficial to the environment because it makes the oil disperse, thus making people unable to see it. Although it is out of sight, the damage it causes is greater than simply making it disperse. I talked about the harm dispersants cause even though it spreads the oil out.


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