Grammar Excercise–NamasteBean

Children who are abused by their primary caretaker/s have a much higher risk of developing hostile behavior towards others, as well as harming themselves as they grow up. These negative behaviors are the result from the inability to understand appropriate coping techniques, due to growing up in such environments. Without proper  coping techniques, the odds of acting irrationally in a stressful situation are much more likely. The effect of poor parenting, as reported by Dr. Geoffrey Dahmer in “The Bully Papers,” is that all parents get the child they raised.

5 thoughts on “Grammar Excercise–NamasteBean”

  1. If a primary caretaker has a negative attitude toward their child, it increases the risk that their child will grow up hostile towards others.
    —This contains a number disagreement error. (Singular) A caretaker / (Plural) their child / (Plural) their child.

    It is not just aggression toward others that results from child abuse; a large amount of children raised by abusive parents also harm themselves.
    —This makes the Count/Noncount error. Children can be counted. There can NEVER be a LARGE AMOUNT of children.

    The reason for this negative behavior is that these children do not learn appropriate techniques for handling lifes disappointments.
    —This fails to correct the possessive problem.

    If you aren’t raised with coping skills, you’re much more likely to act “inappropriately” than if you had developed more reasonable approaches.
    —This contains three(!) FFG examples of the banned 2nd person.

    The effect of poor parenting, as reported by Dr. Geoffrey Dahmer in “The Bully Papers,” is that all parents get the child they raised.
    —This, unlike any other post I’ve seen, CORRECTLY inserts a comma after parenting.


  2. You new version is quite lovely in its own behalf and so different from the original that I’m no longer looking for corrections of the original errors, NB. I will say a couple things I hope will be useful.

    —It’s hard to imagine anyone “experiencing” self-harm. The equivalent would be to say, “I experienced throwing myself on the floor.” You could just say “developing hostile behaviors” and “harming themselves.”
    —EITHER: “These negative behaviors are THE result OF the inability,” OR: “These negative behaviors RESULT from the inability.”

    Thank you for spending so much time on this exercise.

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